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  • Z-Frame Technology
  • Two straight load horse stalls with open stock area in back for 1 or 2 more horses
  • One feed manger and half-height tack storage area in front
  • Z-Frame Tubular see through head divider standard (more air flow, less stress on your horses)
  • V-Nose in the front walk in tack room
  • One piece self insulating fiber composite Safebump Roof® and SafeKick® Wall System
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Hybrid Bumper Pull Livestock Trailer with Two Straight Load Stalls

This is not your typical bumper pull stock trailer.

From the outside, it looks like what you’d expect -- slated open sides and a sharp exterior finish.  But when you peer into this unique model, you’ll find a few extra amenities for a more useful and versatile stock trailer than you’ve ever seen before!

The front of this bumper pull stock trailer has two individual straight load stalls -- hence the "hybrid" name.  One of the stalls has a manger for feeding with a half-height tack storage area beneath. After the kick gate behind these two straight load stalls, you’ll see a more traditional open area that will fit one or two more additional horses.

This area is also idea if you have livestock animals like cattle, goats, hogs, or sheep that you need to transport along with your horses.  Or, you could use this area to load a golf cart or buggy. 

The entire trailer is filled with many of our top safety features including a SafeBump roof, SafeKick walls, and customizable design. This layout works well for horse owners who may want both the stall and open concept design all in one trailer.

If you’d prefer a more traditional open stock trailer, then you should check out our other four horse bumper pull stock trailer.

Manger and Tack Storage for Convenience

4 horse bumper pull trailerUnlike most other stock horse trailers, this model has a manger in front of one of the straight load stalls.  This provides a great place to feed your horse grain while on a long trip. 

As an added benefit, the empty space beneath this manger has been converted into a tack storage area.  Rather than throwing your tack and horse supplies into an already crowded tow vehicle, this compartment will provide a great place to store your gear.

Safety Features for a Horse Friendly Interior

As with all of our trailers, we prioritize safety above everything else. 

This model comes with our Z-Frame technology, which uses zinc-impregnated metal rather than steel for the main structural elements of the trailer.  This lightweight material is much stronger than aluminum and very durable for long lasting quality.

Inside the trailer, we use tubular head dividers to separate the front two straight load stalls.  This helps horses see their surroundings and allows for the flow of more air and light.  The padded butt and chest bars are accompanied by 2” handmade padding on the center Z-Frame divider.

The interior skin of this trailer is made of 16-guage Gavalite metal with a second layer of aluminum on the outside for a more temperature-controlled environment.  Obviously, the open slates on this stock trailer will also let large amounts of air flow throughout the horse area.

We use a single piece fiber-composite roofing system known as SafeBump for the ceiling.  Besides helping with temperature control, this leak-proof roof also flexes slightly if impacted by your horse during a rear.

Finally, we use treated pine lumber or synthetic Rumber flooring to minimize the transfer of heat, vibration and noise up from the roadway.

Customize Your Stock Trailer However You Like!

Here at Double D Trailers, all of our trailers are fully-customizable.  This means you can make design choices that will better fit your preferences… and better fit your horses! 

4 horse stock trailerFor instance, if you have large breed horses, you may choose to increase the size of this trailer.  It comes standard with a 72” width and 7’4” height that will fit most 16.2 hand horses.  If your horse is 17+ hands, we can increase these dimensions.

The exterior of your trailer is also customizable with various trim and exterior color options. Yup! Purple, red, pink – we’ve seen it all. 

Since we use a rivet-free design – for added strength and noise reduction – any color selections or decals will look really sharp and attract the eyes of others wherever you go!

All of our trailers are custom built-to-order and will be delivered directly to your home or farm.  Since we sell our trailers online (using the customization tool below), you will enjoy factory-direct savings that give you the most “bang for your buck.”

If you have any question about this Hybrid Bumper Pull Livestock trailer with two straight load stalls, please reach out to Brad. Go ahead and try the “Customize Your Trailer” button below!


Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Weight (without added options) 3840 lbs
Skin 16 Gauge Interior Galvalite strong and safe, aluminum exterior
Overall box length on front stalls 10’ apx.
Stall Length 7' apx.
Head Area 3' apx.
Inside Height 7'4", optional 7'6"
Coupler 2 5/16" Ball size
Wheels Powder coated gray, optional aluminum
Tire Size 225/75R15 (D) Radial
Brakes 4 wheel
LED Turn Signal Lights on Rear (2) Standard Up High
Saddle Racks 2
Bridle Hooks 4
Interior Tie Rings per Stall 1
Exterior Tie Rings per horse 1
Lights in Horse Area and Saddle Compartment 3


  • Z Frame Technology
  • EZ Lube durable never adjust brakes
  • Single rear stock style gate
  • 18” Diamond Plate Gravel Guard at Nose
  • Side Wind Jack
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • One Piece butt and breast bar pins with safety holder
  • Spare Tire
  • Durable safety latch on 30" side exit door
  • Z-Frame center divider with handmade padding
  • Butt and Breast Bars with handmade padding
  • Tubular See through head divider 
  • SafeKick® Wall System
  • One piece fiber composite self insulating Safebump roof
  • Insulated side walls and to provide maximum safety, quiet ride and temperature control
  • Floor Mats in horse area
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug


  • (6) Year on Structure
  • (2) Year bumper to bumper
  • (1) Year on non-Double D Manufactured parts

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a photo below to view its larger version.

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a video below to view its larger version.

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Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

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