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  • For hauling cattle, sheep, goats or other livestock, as well as horses
  • Open interior with a single gate to separate front and back areas
  • Z-Frame Technology on 16" centers for durability (Learn More)
  • Safebump insulated heat reflective roof to protect during hauling
  • 16 Gauge Galvalite heavy duty interior lining
  • Your choice of rear door configuration as one piece or two piece swing
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4H Bumper Pull Stock Trailer with Open Interior for Livestock

bumper pull horse trailerWhen it comes to trailers, horses shouldn’t have all the fun! 

That’s because many of our clients own horses along with sheep, goats, cattle, and other livestock. If this sounds like you, then this 4 horse bumper pull stock trailer may be your perfect option. (You may also be interested in our 4 horse straight load bumper pull trailer.)

As the name implies this “livestock” trailer has a traditional open interior with one kick gate separating the front and rear sections. It has open slated sides and is ideal for hauling some (or all) of your animals to and from the farm show or fair.  And yes, horses are more than welcome to join in the fun.

Top Safety Features in This 4 Horse Bumper Pull Stock Trailer

Regardless of what animals you decide to haul, it’s important they are kept safe and comfortable during their trip.  That’s why we’ve filled this trailer with all of our most popular safety features. This trailer comes with:

  • Z-Frame technology for a lightweight and strong design
  • Optional front walk through door to the exterior.
  • 16-gauge strong Gavalite interior skin and exterior aluminum for an insulated wall
  • Fiber Composite leak-proof SafeBump roofing system
  • Treated pine or Rumber flooring to minimize heat, vibration and noise transfer from road.
  • Rivet-free construction for strength and noise reduction

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

All trailers built here at Double D Trailers are fully customizable.  This means you can adjust the size of the trailer to match your particular animals.  This model comes standard at 80” width and 7’4” height, but can be increased if you need to haul large breeds. Choose between a rear door configuration of one piece or two piece swinging door.

The exterior of the trailer can be painted to match your farm or tow vehicle’s colors. This is a great way to express your personality and create a trailer you’re proud to show off to others.

SafeBump Roof Keeps Your Trailer Cooler on the Hottest of Days

One feature we are especially proud of is our SafeBump roof.  This single-piece fiber-composite structure is built to create a flexible reinforced dome over your animals’ heads.  Evenly spaced Z-Frame supports within the roof create a cage of protection around your animals.

As the name implies, the SafeBump roof will flex if an animal were to bump its head during a rear.  (We’re assuming any rearing animal would be a horse, not your favorite goat…)

Most importantly, this white roofing system is designed to keep the interior of your trailer cool.  Some single-layered mill-finished aluminum roofs will heat up to extreme temperatures during the summer. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor – so it’s not long until an aluminum trailer is acting like an animal oven!

In comparison, our SafeBump roof keeps your trailer a safe temperature, so your animals do not become stressed or dehydrated from excess sweating.  It’s a much safer and more comfortable experience all around.

Ready to Start Designing Your Own Livestock Trailer?

There’s no reason to wait. Our “Customize Your Trailer” tool is easy to use and lets you select and deselect features for an accurate pricing estimate. Once ordered, your trailer will be specially built to match your requests – then delivered directly to your home or farm for a low flat rate fee.  Contact Brad if you have any questions.


Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Weight (without added options) 3420 lbs
Skin 16 Gauge Heavy duty Zinc Sheets with light gray color, aluminum exterior
Overall Box Length 19'
Inside Height 7'4"
Stall Length Two 9' Stalls
Stall Width 80"
Coupler 2 5/16" Ball
Wheels Powder coated gray, optional aluminum
Tire Size 225/75R15 (D) Radial
Brakes 4 wheel
LED Turn Signal Lights on Rear (2) Standard Up High
Interior Tie Rings per Stall Optional
Exterior Tie Rings per Horse Optional
Lights in stock area on rear remote switch 2


  • Z Frame Technology
  • 2"x8" pressure treated pine flooring on 16" crossmembers
  • Optional Escape Door in Front Area
  • EZ Lube durable never adjust brakes with 9,900 lb capacity suspension system
  • One piece rear door with cam latch or twin swing doors
  • 18” Diamond Plate Gravel Guard at Nose
  • Mats in Stock Area
  • Side Wind Jack
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • Z-Frame contructed center gate 
  • Spare Tire
  • Optional Rubber Wall Lining
  • Heat reflective Fiber composite Safebump Roof system
  • Insulated side walls for maximum temperature protection and safe, quiet ride
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug


  • (6) Year on Structure
  • (2) Year bumper to bumper
  • (1) Year on non-Double D Manufactured parts

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a photo below to view its larger version.

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a video below to view its larger version.

Customize Your Trailer

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Choose your colour from our Color Guide (PDF) and enter the name of it in the text field below.

061 Black - Free
015 Cardinal Red - Free
083 Sapphire Blue - Free
All others - $125 upcharge

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

  • Aluminum Wheels
    Want to really have an eye catching trailer? Add aluminum wheels in place of the standard gray painted wheel. Not only do they look sharp but you will have a wheel that doesnt rust and looks great for years to come. Pricing includes five aluminum wheels and a spare tire cover on your spare.
  • Axle 12000 lb
    Upgrade from combined 10400 lb capacity axles to 12000 lb, recommended when adding footage to trailer on Gooseneck models or bumper pull models. Pricing includes upgrade to 16 inch D rated tires also in place of standard 15 inch D rated tires.
  • Tire 16 Inch upgrade
    Your trailer comes standard with a 15 inch tire size, Upgrade to a larger 16 inch tire and wheel for greater capacity. Suggestion: Thicker tires means less chance of a blow out while traveling!
  • Auxiliary battery
    Battery—Interior deep cell 12 Volt wired to charge from your tow vehicle. This is installed inside the dressing room and powers your interior lights, fans, and load lights, without being plugged into your truck. It is wired so that your tow vehicle will trickle charge it when driving. NOTE: You may elect to have your battery installed on the tongue.
  • Pewter Exterior Color
    Choose this option in place of standard white.
  • Escape door stock ($664)
    Add a side entrance door to a location of your choice.
  • Grab Handle
    RV grab handle on outside to assist with getting in and out of trailer
  • Footage ($756)
    Add footage to your trailer (adding footage may require tire and axle upgrade)
  • Height 7 ft. 6 in.
    Additional height can serve several purposes. It will allow more head room when hauling larger horses such as 16 Hand and taller. It can make your trailer feel larger for your horse and cause less stress during loading. 7ft 4in is standard, add 2 inches additional which raises the roof on the entire trailer
  • Electric Jack
    Add an electric jack in place of the standard. This is a great feature and allows you to raise and lower your trailer quickly with the press of a button. (requires the auxiliary battery option)
  • kick rubber on wall
    your trailer comes standard with a 16 gauge insulated galvalite interior wall. Add rubber kick lining on all walls with this feature.
  • Gooseneck Hook up light
    mounted underneath the gooseneck, works well when hooking up at nigh), includes a separate remote switch located on the side of the trailer for easy operation
  • Exterior Porch Light
    Add a light beside your dressing room door. Includes a remote switch mounted inside your dressing room
  • Load Light ($165)
    55 Watt Halogen Load light on separate switch mounted up high.
  • Ramp Door
    Ramp Fold up door spring assist covered with black matting, mounts outside full height rear doors. Ramps are safer for loading for your horses and offer more protection in case you have a rear end collision.
  • Ramp Door
    Use this feature to replace your full height rear doors with a ramp at the bottom and folding dutch style doors at the top.
  • Fan in Horse Stall ($159)
    Add a fan per stall for additional comfort for your horses while traveling. Priced each.
  • Plexiglass
    Enclose the left and right side of your trailer with plexiglass
  • Remote switch for fans
    If you add fans for the comfort of your horses, add a rear remote switch which allows you to operate all of your fans from a common outside switch.
  • Remote Switch for Light
    Your dressing room comes standard with one light over the dress door inside. Add a wall mount light switch to easily turn your light off or on. Otherwise, there is a switch on the light itself
  • Running board bumper
    Add running board steps full length down both sides of your trailer
  • Saddle Post in dressing room
    Your new Safetack comes standard with saddle racks in the rear of your trailer. Add this feature to add a saddle post inside your dressing room, allowing you to move your racks from the rear to your dress. You will be able to store your saddles in either place. Pricing does not include additional saddle racks.
  • Extra Saddle Racks ($160)
    One saddle rack comes standard per horse. Example: if you are looking at a 3 Horse model, 3 saddle racks are included. This feature allows you to add an extra saddle rack to your saddle tree, or front dress if saddles are located there.
  • Side Ramp Stock
    Add a side ramp to your trailer to load or unload
  • Sliding Gate ($785)
    Your stock trailer comes standard with a one piece swinging door or twin rear doors with one latch. Change your swinging door to include a sliding gate if you plan to load livestock such as sheep, goats or cattle.
  • Tie Ring Exterior ($50)
    Extra exterior tie ring specify location of additional rings when you order.
  • Tie Ring Interior ($43)
    Extra interior tie ring (one is standard per horse, add a second for tying hay bays -- specify quantity)
  • Weight Distribution
    These are installed on your trailer for use with a weight distribution tow system (often referred to as anti-sway bars).

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

  • Rumber
    2 x 8 in. pressure pine flooring with mats is a standard feature. You may change to Rumber which is a rubber and made from recycled tires. The dimensions of each board is 2 x 8 in and it is tongue and groove interlocking, solid rubber material. It is a soft ride with minimal noise and vibration. The neat thing about Rumber is it doesnt require any stall mats which makes it super easy to clean and maintain. Plus it has a lifetime warranty, virtually indestructable.
    Video ($1817)

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