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  • 100% insulated Horse Area Standard
  • Safetack Saddle compartment included
  • 6' short wall
  • Available in 8 ft to 10 ft short wall configuration
  • Customize from a 2 Horse up to a 4 horse layout.
  • Slide out available
  • Only available in an 80 inch width.
  • View a similar trailer model in your local area.

Quality Constructed and Value Priced

Safety Features Your Horses Deserve

If you are looking for a safe and affordable living quarters horse trailer, the EquiCraft will exceed your expectations. We have over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing sturdy and safe horse trailers. 

So, we are confident that you will love the quality construction, SafeTack design, interior living space, and horse safety features available on this living quarters horse trailer.

What Makes the EquiCraft Living Quarters Horse Trailer So Special?  

Well, we’re glad you asked!

This model is built on a Safe Frame Chassis and has a 12-year proven track record for success.  Even better, our customers have been delighted with the quality and durability of this model.

"Ok, tell me more...I am curious."  

The key to building a strong trailer frame that will endure the test of time is to prevent moisture build up.  You may not realize it, but on an aluminum-framed trailer, the gooseneck coupler, gooseneck A-Frame and even the jack sheet wall are all built of steel for additional strength.  

In addition, the entire axle section is built with a steel box framed tubing and then bolted to the aluminum on all-aluminum trailers.  Today more steel is being utilized in trailers due to the increased awareness in the industry that aluminum can be dangerous in an accident and crack over time.  It's important to use aluminum only where strength isn't an issue.

(Check out the crack in the aluminum weld on the photo here. YIKES!  This will not happen with your Safe Frame construction process.)

EquiCraft Construction from Start to Finish

Once your new EquiCraft leaves the weld shop, the entire frame is thoroughly cleaned and then completely sprayed with an etching paint manufactured by Diamond Volgel.  Next, the trailer is "skinned" inside and out with insulation in between.  Not only does this provide for a quiet ride for your horses, it insures temperature control during hot or cold climates.  You always want to insure your horse area is 100% insulated.  

By using the 3M chemical bonding system, all bolts, screws and rivets are eliminated from the exterior which provides a water tight barrier.  This prevents moisture from reaching your vertical uprights inside the walls.  

For areas not protected by a water tight barrier, (such as the gooseneck and jack) your EquiCraft utilizes a durable automotive bed liner material similar to what you would use in the bed of your tow vehicle.  We have found this treatment to be extremely effective. 

Finally, the entire underside (including your cross members and fender areas) has an additional treatment to prevent moisture and corrosion.  

Horse Safety Features on the EquiCraft Living Quarters Horse Trailer

SafeTack Design – This forward facing slant load horse trailer comes with the SafeTack storage compartment in the rear corner of the trailer.  This enclosed tack storage space swings out fully like a second door to allow for a wide open area for loading and unloading.  This set-up is much safer and less stressful for both the horse and his human handler. 

Extra Rear Divider – For many of our customers, this is their absolute favorite feature! Rather than having a butt bar or chain behind the rear-most horse, we’ve included an additional full-sized divider.  This allows you to approach your horse’s head safely to attach a lead line before unloading.

Treated Pine or Rumber Flooring – Use the standard treated pine lumber floor or upgrade to a synthetic Rumber floor for easier upkeep.  Regardless, you will be choosing a safe and strong material that helps minimize vibration and heat transfer up into your horse’s legs. (In sharp contrast, aluminum floors with rubber mats can corrode over time due to moisture build up.  Eventually, weak spots and even holes can develop resulting in disastrous accidents on the road.)

Horse Friendly Interior – Horses are naturally claustrophobic animals, so it’s vital that a trailer be designed to be open, airy, and horse-friendly.  Our interior is painted white to reflect heat and light and there are tubular head dividers so that your horse can see his surroundings and travel buddies.  Rubber kick wall lining, large windows, and padded dividers finish off the stalls.

Stall Sizes to Fit Horses Up to 16.2 H in Size – The EquiCraft slant load horse trailer works well for ponies and horses up to 16.2H in size.  Ask us about our special options if you have a large breed horse that exceeds this size.

What Makes this Model So Affordable?

Streamlined manufacturing processes and the elimination of highly customized units allows our team to focus on repetitive tasks which increases efficiency and reduces labor cost. 

This results in more trailer for less money.

While this model does not have quite the customization options as our Trail Blazer and SafeTack Reverse living quarters horse trailers, it can certainly still be made to match your individual style and preferences.  The proof is in the photos! 

Check out this article to learn about the differences between our living quarters horse trailers for sale.

The Living Quarters on Your EquiCraft Trailer

Designing your new living quarter is fun and easy.  You may choose your interior colors and add or delete features you may or may not need.  To save on weight and cost, your new EquiCraft features vinyl wrapped cabinets and moldings with matching color real wood doors.  Choose from a 6, 8, or 10-foot short wall layout with an 80” width and optional “slide-out” wall.

We have included more standard features than ever on the EquiCraft so you can purchase the "basic" model filled with features at an affordable price.  Since your living quarters are built "in house", it isn't an issue to focus on specific details you may need to fit your individual style and taste. 

Read to get started?  Great!

Click on “Customize Your Trailer” below to begin selecting some options on your new EquiCraft Living Quarters Trailer.  If you have any questions, simply let us know.

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Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Weight (approximate without added options) 6,300lbs Base Trailer 2 Horse
Skin Interior and Exterior Aluminum 
Overall Box Length 16.83
Overall Trailer Length with Gooseneck 24.33'
Dress Side 72" short wall x 122" long wall
Inside Height 7'3", optional 7'6"
Stall Length 117" diagonal, 91" divider length
Stall Width 40" measured at windows, 31" at padding
Coupler 2 5/16" adjustable height coupler
Independent Suspension

10,400 lb suspension system with 15" tire

12,000lb  and 14K suspension system on larger models

Wheels Powder coated gray, optional aluminum
Brakes 4 wheel
LED Turn Signal Lights on Rear (2) Standard up high
Windows in Gooseneck (1) Sliding with screens, (1) E-Gress Kickout
Picture window in dressing room on long wall
(8' and 10' model)
Windows in Stall Area
(1 - per horse drop down with bars on head side. Windows and bars fold independent)
20" x 24"
Windows on Butt Side
(1- per horse)
20"x 24"
Safetack Saddle Compartment with one rack per horse Yes
Fully Insulated Horse Area Yes
Padded Dividers Yes
Interior Tie Rings per Stall 1
Exterior Tie Rings per horse 1
Lights in Horse Area on Remote Switch


Trailer Features


  • 2”x 8” Pressure Treated Pine Flooring 
  • Walk Thru Door to Horse Area from Living Quarters
  • Full Height Rear Doors with SafeTack Design
  • Bedliner Gravel Guard at Jack sheet area
  • SafeTack® Slant Load Design
  • Drop Leg Jack
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • Extra divider on rear stall to prevent horses from backing out when rear doors are opened
  • Spare Tire
  • Tubular see through Slant dividers with pads
  • Horse Area Roof Vents, one per stall 
  • RV Camper door with Screen
  • Rubber kick wall lining head and butt side
  • One piece roof insulated in horse area
  • Insulated side walls in horse area for maximum temperature protection and safe, quiet ride
  • Floor Mats in Horse Area
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug
  • Pull Out Step

Living Quarters Features

Standard Features:

  • Vinyl wrapped Cabinets, choose from various wood styles
  • Matching vinyl wrapped molding
  • Drop down dinette or fold out sofa bed 
  • Decor lights and light fixtures
  • Your Choice of Vinyl flooring with carpeted bedroom area
  • Mini blinds covering each window
  • 25' 30 amp power cord with 15 amp adapter
  • Ceiling Lights with wall switches
  • LP Gas leak detector
  • Approved E-gress window
  • Grab Handle Outside
  • Soft Touch Walls
  • Fold Out Sofa (8' and 10' model)
  • Queen Mattress Included
  • Front Wardrobe


  • 13,500 BTU A/C with heat
  • 16,500 BTU Furnace (optional on 6', standard on 8' and 10')
  • 3 CU. Ft. RV Gas/electric refrigerator w/ freezer (standard  on 6' and 8')
  • 6 CU. Ft. RV Gas/electric refrigerator w/ freezer (standard on 10' layout)
  • Single kitchen style sink
  • RV Style microwave 1.0 (optional on 6', standard on 8' and 10')
  • 6 gal. propane hot water heater, direct spark ignition
  • 2 burner cook-top with lid (optional on 6', standard on 8' and 10')
  • 12V deep cycle battery and disconnect switch
  • 40 amp power converter with battery charger
  • Outlets thru out the trailer
  • Stereo with Inside and outside speakers (8' and 10' model)

Bath & Plumbing:

  • 30 Ga. Freshwater supply tank with 12-volt demand water pump super quiet pump
  • 30 Ga. Dual wastewater holding tanks
  • City water hook up
  • (2) 20-lb. LP tank with cover
  • Separate shower and toilet
  • 6-gal. gas water heater quick recovery, direct spark ignition
  • Storage cabinets
  • Linen and storage closet
  • Tank Monitors Panel
  • Full height stand up shower with curtain
  • Pleated fabric privacy door to bathroom 


  • (8) Year on Chassis 
  • (2) Year bumper to bumper
  • (1) Year on non-Double D Manufactured parts

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a photo below to view its larger version.

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a video below to view it's larger version.

Customize Your Trailer

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Choose your colour from our Color Guide (PDF) and enter the name of it in the text field below.

061 Black - Free
015 Cardinal Red - Free
083 Sapphire Blue - Free
All others - $125 upcharge

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

  • EquiCraft 2 Horse (Standard)
    Select this option if you want to haul two horses in your new Living Quarter Trailer
  • EquiCraft 3 Horse (click for drawing)
    Select this option if you would like to haul three horses in your new Living Quarter trailer
  • EquiCraft 4 Horse (click for drawing)
    Select this option if you would like to haul Four horses. Includes necessary axle and wheel upgrade to 14,000 lb capacity.
  • Camera System
    Being able to monitor your horses while traveling as well as see what is behind your trailer can be beneficial. Add this feature which includes two cameras (one for your horses, one back up or rear view camera). Includes a wireless monitor which you plug in to your 12V supply inside your tow vehicle. Operates wireless.
  • Footage Horse Area ($756)
    Add 1 ft. to one horse stall to accomodate larger horses. Recommended on slant loads for horses 16 Hands. Select how many stalls you wish to add footage to. For example, when pricing a 3 Horse slant, you may only want to add footage to only one stall, or all three.
  • Rear ramp in place of Step up
    Add a ramp to the back of your trailer in place of step up.
  • Front Stall Escape door
    NOTE: Walk thru door is standard from the horse area to the dressing room. Use this option if you want a door on the front stall, typically used in conjuction with a stud gate for storage (other than the horse)
  • Front Stall Storage Partition
    Front Stall Partition used for Storage. Often times this is referred to as a Stud Gate. It works well for separating horses that may try to kick each other. It also works well such as on a 3 Horse slant load using the front stall for a storage area.
    Video ($664)
  • Fan in Horse Stall ($159)
    Add a fan per stall for additional comfort for your horses while traveling. Priced each.
  • Remote switch for fans
    If you add fans for the comfort of your horses, add a rear remote switch which allows you to operate all of your fans from a common outside switch.
  • Window Screen ($101)
    All sliding windows include a screen. And the sliding portion of your drop down is screened as well. However, when you fold down your window and leave the bars in the folded up position, there is not a screen to protect your horses eyes from debris and bugs. Select this option to add a screen for your drop down feed windows. It includes a zipper so you can unzip for feeding if needed. Priced per window.
  • Rear Door Window with bars
    Add a window in the rear door of your trailer for additional light and air flow while traveling

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

  • 6 ft short wall standard
    Your new Living Quarters comes standard with a 6 ft short wall. Choose this option if you would like to keep the standard length.
  • 8 ft Short Wall In Place of 6 ft
    Your new Living Quarters comes standard with a 6 ft short wall. Increase the size of your space to an 8 ft layout for more room to accommodate your family.
  • 10 ft short wall in place of 6 ft
    Your new Living Quarters comes standard with a 6 ft short wall. Increase the size of your space by adding an additional four feet for more room to accommodate your family. This does increase the overall trailer length by 4 feet.
  • Microwave (standard on 8ft and 10ft)
    Add an RV style Microwave to your living quarters. These are designed for the abuse and movement of the road and are properly vented to avoid overheating by being mounted inside of a cabinet. Available in Black, white and gray (stainless looking color upgrade) NOTE: Standard in the 8ft and 10ft layouts
  • Microwave Convection Oven
    Want to be able to brown food in your microwave. Add a convection microwave oven in place of the standard.
  • Two Burner Range (std on 8ft and 10ft)
    Two-burner cook top black or white. This is included on the 8ft and 10 ft versions.
  • Furnace
    Your EquiCraft 6 foot short wall comes standard with a roof mount air conditioner which includes a heat strip. Heat strips work well in mild climates and it is necessary that you have a power source (electricity) to operate heat strips. In colder climates, a furnace is an nice option to have. It operates using propane and battery power and will quickly warmp up your interior even in cold weather. If you are doing cold weather camping, a furnace is not a bad thing to have. NOTE: This is Standard on the 8 ft and 10 ft layouts.
  • Slide out
    Add this feature to allow your sofa or dinette to slide out. Available on 8 ft and 10 ft short wall only. NOTE: you may want to add 1 foot additional to your living quarters layout to allow for slide out bracing. Otherwise your dinette or sofa will be only 5 ft in length with the slide but 6 ft if you add footage.
  • Solar Panel
    Used to keep battery charged while in remote areas.
  • Footage Living Quarters
    When adding a slide out, you may increase the overall footage of your living quarters by one foot. The extra footage compensates for the space lost from the slide out bracing, will maintain enough room to sleep on your sofa or dinette in the slide, and provides more cabinets on the wall opposite your slide.
  • Outside Grill
    Add a grill to the outside of your trailer
  • Stereo CD and DVD (std n 8ft and 10ft)
    Includes cabinet mounted radio, DVD and CD player with speakers inside and outside. (this is included on the 8ft and 10 ft versions as standard) Only optional on the 6 ft short wall.
  • TV Antenna for Local Air Stations
    Includes antenna with power booster and cable hook-up.
  • Height 7 ft. 6 in.
    Increase from the standard 7ft 3 in Height to 7ft 6 in
  • Vent with 12V Fan
    add a 14 inch vent with fan inside your dressing room
  • Dinette In Place of Sofa
    A Fold out sleeper sofa is standard in your new trailer. Some folks prefer to have a dinette rather than the Sofa. If you are looking a hang out place to kick back, and comfortable for sleeping, the Sofa is the way to go. If sitting in a booth sipping coffee in the morning is more your style, you may prefer the dinette. Comes with cushions and folds down into a bed. We typically raise the dinette off the floor about 10 inches to allow for the larger water tank to be stored underneath. You will have some storage underneath the seats.
  • Flip up Counter Extension
    Add additional counter space in your new trailer with this handmade flip up counter extension. Made to match remainder of cabinet.
  • Glass shower door
    Add a swinging glass shower door in place of the curtain on your stall.
  • Dual Batteries
    Several items operate off of the on board trailer battery including your water pump and interior lights. Your battery can be charged from your tow vehicle while traveling, but having an extra back up battery works very well while camping in remote areas. Pricing includes extra battery plus upgrading to the aluminum enclosure rather than a plastic case.
  • Ducted Roof Air In Place of Forced Air
    Your living quarter has a 13,500 BTU Air Conditioning system with a heat strip. The air blows directly from the unit (sort of like a window unit in a home except in the roof). This current method blows constantly and the fan never cuts off. Plus it will freeze you since the air blows on the mattress area. By adding the ducted system, ductwork is installed in the ceiling of your trailer allowing the air to be equally distributed throughout your trailer evenly and with less force. This includes a wall mount thermostat so your unit will completely turn off and on when it reaches your desired temperature.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

  • Awning
    Add a patio awning to your living quarters. Works well when at shows with long waits or if you simply want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the day while camping. If you decide to get this feature, definitely opt for the two step upgrade for more convenience. This option required first if you want to add the electric feature or the two step upgrade.
  • Two Step awning
    Add the Two step awning upgrade in place of the standard. This option changes from the A&E Sunchaser series manual awning to the A&E by Dometic Two step awning which has a thicker fabric and is super easy to operate. Highly recommended if you can swing the extra dollars.
    Video ($790)
  • Bridle Hooks ($24)
    Add extra bridle hooks to your trailer. Sold individually, add up to as many as you may need. (specify location when place order)
  • Brush Tray
    Brush Tray on dress door or Tack door.(If you are purchasing a slant load, there is plenty of space to throw in brushes in the rear Safetack. Use this option to add a brush tray on your dressing room door up front or tack door NOTE: Cant be used with screen door option) Brush tray design may vary from photo.
  • Aluminum Wheels
    Want to really have an eye catching trailer? Add aluminum wheels in place of the standard gray painted wheel. Not only do they look sharp but you will have a wheel that doesnt rust and looks great for years to come. Pricing includes five aluminum wheels and a spare tire cover on your spare.
  • Feed Bag ($82)
    Feed bag works great for feeding while trailering (priced per stall)
  • Hay Rack
    Add an aluminum hay rack with side ladder (design may vary slightly from photo)
  • Hydraulic Jack
    Add a hydraulic jack in place of the standard Jack. These systems are very reliable and you can raise and lower your trailer at the touch of a button. Note the video shows dual batteries which are optional. Single battery is standard.
    Video ($1958)
  • Two Speed Jack
    Used in place of a standard gooseneck jack, two speed jacks work well as an alternative to a hydraulic jack and can be used for lifting heavy loads. By offering two gear ratios, lighter loads are faster to lift and heavier loads take more revolutions. You can add on an electric motor in the future with this feature. (note: the spring loaded feature on the jack foot is not available on a two speed jack)
  • Electric Jack
    If you want to upgrade from your standard hand crank jack, and you do not want to spend the extra money for the hydraulic jack, the electric jack may be a good fit for you. They do operate slower than the hydraulic but will get the job done. (requires battery feature if on a non-living quarter trailer)
  • Gooseneck Hook up light
    mounted underneath the gooseneck, works well when hooking up at nigh), includes a separate remote switch located on the side of the trailer for easy operation
  • Load Light ($165)
    55 Watt Halogen Load light on separate switch mounted up high.
  • Exterior Porch Light
    Add a light beside your dressing room door. Includes a remote switch mounted inside your dressing room
  • Water Spigot
    Add an outside water spigot so you can fill buckets for your horses if needed.
  • Stainless Nose Sheet
    Added to V portion of trailer (NOTE: this option has a mirror effect on the front of your trailer, much easier to clean bugs and really adds to the look of the trailer
  • Vent with Thermostat control and rain sensor
    These vents move a lot of air and are great for camping when you do not want to use the air conditioner. Ideal for inside your living area. Features a thermostat control and rain sensor.
  • Power Cord
    Your trailer comes with a 25 ft. cord and electrical hatch for access to your cord. Some folks prefer to have a plug on the side of the trailer and a detachable cord. Add this option to make your cord detachable.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

  • Rumber Flooring 2 Horse
    2 x 8 in. pressure pine flooring with mats is a standard feature. You may change to Rumber which is a rubber and made from recycled tires. The dimensions of each board is 2 x 8 in and it is tongue and groove interlocking, solid rubber material. It is a soft ride with minimal noise and vibration. The neat thing about Rumber is it doesnt require any stall mats which makes it super easy to clean and maintain. Plus it has a lifetime warranty, virtually indestructible. Check out the video
    Video ($1084)
  • Rumber Flooring 3 Horse
    2 x 8 in. pressure pine flooring with mats is a standard feature. You may change to Rumber which is a rubber and made from recycled tires. The dimensions of each board is 2 x 8 in and it is tongue and groove interlocking, solid rubber material. It is a soft ride with minimal noise and vibration. The neat thing about Rumber is it doesnt require mats which have to normally be removed to keep your trailer clean. Check out the video
    Video ($1419)
  • Rumber Flooring 4 Horse
    2 x 8 in. pressure pine flooring with mats is a standard feature. You may change to Rumber which is a rubber and made from recycled tires. The dimensions of each board is 2 x 8 in and it is tongue and groove interlocking, solid rubber material. It is a soft ride with minimal noise and vibration. The neat thing about Rumber is it doesnt require mats which have to normally be removed to keep your trailer clean. Check out the video
    Video ($1732)

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