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Hearts for Hooves - Toddville, Iowa


By Amber Naill

Our rescue was formed from our passion for animals. We have be raising quarter horses since 2000. Beth has been training, raising and helping animals since a young girl. As I got older and was able to help more with training and raising the animals, we found a need for people to care and help others love those animals that others had forgotten about! We became official in 2011 and have helped save over 300 horses/donkeys/mules/cows and goats. We have been involved in sheriff seizures, taken owner surrenders and on occasion have even paid to save an animal from the kill pen. We do it because we love it! There is no profit other than a huge reward when one of our sickly animals has reached full health and recovery and finally meets the person they have been waiting for and gets adopted!! This is our profit LOVE!

We take in all horses/donkeys/mules or anything with a hoof. Several come in with a body condition of 1 and when they have left our home are in perfect health. We try desperately to never turn an animal in need away.

Every horse has different needs from learning to be halter broke to being ridden. We work with each horse individually and meet each horse’s needs. Our goal is that every animal is friendly, halter broke and will stand nicely for the farrier to be adopted out. If they continue to be here after listed we proceed to train them to ride on trails, down roads and they become a trail partner with possibilities of advancing with right owner. Pasture pets only have to be manageable and safe for others to be around and same goes for our babies that come into the rescue. They are started halter breaking and if able (before adopted) learn basic lunging..

Our biggest challenges are monetary. Financially the rescue does not get in enough donations to cover all costs of rehabilitating the animals, but we pay for it out of our pockets and go on!

What are your greatest successes? We have two that come to mind.  A quarter mare named Jinx that didn’t even score a .5 and is now living with us permanently! She is our mascot. The vet did not think she would make it home on the trailer and now she goes to several of our animal awareness events, trail rides, used as a lesson horse and companion.

Second is Hope. Quarter pony mare scored a .5. This poor girl went down on the trailer coming home. Got her up and strength built back up only to have her get bastard strangles and had to have iv meds. She lived in a sling for 3 days before able to hold herself up. We spent night and day with her and several friends came to help take shifts to be with her. Our vet came out several times to change ivs and give more medications to her. She finally pulled thru against all odds and now lives with a family of 5, where she is absolutely adored and rode by two young kids. 

Here at Heart for Hooves Rescue Inc. we like to keep things simple and real. We will tell you the good, the bad, and give our opinion on potential. We want to make every adoption very positive for the adopter and the animal being adopted. We work hard at knowing the abilities and attitudes of each animal. We fall in love with each animal that comes here to be healed and find a new home/family. Don't be afraid to ask us questions, we will give you the most honest answer we have. It doesn't do you, us, or the animal any good to try to white wash reality. Our adoption agreements are simple but have grown to spell out what adequate care is. We are continuously growing, changing, tweaking our operations to be the best at what we do. Rescue animals are just like all other animals, they need love and care, but most of all they need family! Our motto #savingliveswithnovoiceoftheirown

It is the mission of Heart For Hooves Rescue Inc. to provide a place of healing and rehabilitation for abandoned, neglected, and abused hooved animals. We are dedicated to bringing people who love animals together with the hooved animals.


3561 Alive Rd. Toddville, Iowa 52341

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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