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Horse Trailer Towing: Make Sure Your Trailer is Level

Smart Trailering: Keep your Rig Level

You’ve probably heard that when you connect your truck and trailer, they should be level. And in your travels, you’ve probably seen rigs that weren’t level. In any case, not having a level rig can make for an uncomfortable and unsafe ride for you and your horses. Let me tell you why.

bumper pull horse trailerIf your horse trailer is unlevel and the front end is higher than the back, your horse’s hindquarters will work extra hard while traveling. Horses naturally carry more of their body weight on the front end. Riding in a trailer that’s higher in the front forces your horse to bear more weight on his hind end. A horse’s hindquarters are his engine, not designed to support a lot of weight. If your horse travels like this for an extended period, he’s going to be tired at the end of your trip.

The opposite occurs to horses riding in trailers that are too low in the front. Although they normally bear more weight on their forehands, this position forces them to carry even more, which can leave them stressed and tired.

A level horse trailer provides your horse with the most comfortable ride, regardless if he’s riding in a straight-load, slant-load, bumper pull or gooseneck.

And what about the tow vehicle?

Typically, the rear of a truck is higher than the front end. When you add weight to the bed or place a trailer on the hitch, the rear of the truck lowers. When the front and rear ends level, you’ve reached maximum payload capacity. Any additional weight will cause the front end to become higher.

When the front end of your vehicle becomes lighter, you compromise the vehicle’s steering ability as well as the front tires’ traction. This can lead to a variety of problems. In addition, the vehicle’s higher front end means that headlights are not pointing in the proper direction (the ground), which impedes safety when driving in darkness.

Next time you hitch up, step back and take a look at your rig. Or keep this in mind as you shop for a new horse trailer.

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