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Protect Your Horse Trailer with a Cover

At this time of year, a horse trailer cover is probably the last thing on your mind. Most people cover their trailer to protect it from bad weather, especially the type that involves snow or ice.

But actually, Old Man Winter isn’t the only problem facing your horse trailer’s exterior. Summer sun and heat along with dry conditions can take a toll on it too. Spring rains coupled with tree pollen can coat your trailer, leaving it covered with all sorts of stuff.

Or maybe recently you just washed and waxed your entire trailer and want to keep it looking good. Unless you have a garage or covered area to park it in, your clean and shiny trailer may soon be a distant memory.

Or maybe not. That is, if you have a trailer cover to put over it to protect your hard work.

You can choose between the economical Universal trailer cover and a custom one. Universal covers are reasonably priced and fit most trailers on the market today. Their sized to fit horse trailers up to 7’ high and 7’ wide.

If you’re spending top dollar on a brand new living quarter horse trailer, you may want to splurge on a custom-fitted trailer cover to protect your investment.

Both trailer cover styles are easy to put on and have zipper entry doors so if you need to get inside the trailer while it’s covered, you don’t have to remove the cover. 

Whatever reason you have for protecting your horse trailer, take a look at Bevery Bay Covers for direct ordering. 

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