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Iberian Horse Rescue - Ellensburg, Washington

A Facebook Networking Group Transforms Into a Rescue for Iberian Horses

iberian horse rescueLorrie Fox loves Iberian horses.  She loves them so much that she started a Facebook page in 2013 to see if there was a need to rescue this breed anywhere in the country.  As it turns out, the greatest need was actually just five miles from her own horses, so the Iberian Horse Rescue was born.  She shared, "I started the hands-on rescue just over a year ago, February, 2015, to try to address the needs of the horses in my local area directly, and it grew from there."

This is a very young organization with limited resources.  Lorrie explained that their greatest need is for a facility where they can house their rescued horses until they can be adopted out or sent to foster homes.  Lorrie explained,  "Currently, our horses are housed with members or friends of members throughout locations in WA and one in ID.  It makes it difficult to show horses to potential adopters."

So far, all of their rescued horses have come from the kill pens, which comes with some risks.  " Taking horses from kill pens is one of the highest risks there are when working with horses.  We have taken in horses with laminitis and other lameness issues, as well as horses with little to no handling, or have had negative handling or training experiences with people."

Luckily, these once hopeless horses are embraced by a loving community.  "We have a strong network of volunteers within the Iberian horse lover communities, locally and interstate.  They work with their local veterinarians and with us."

The retraining program at the IHR is still developing.  Lorrie would like to offer more in the way of retraining but this is dependant on them finding a new facility.  Currently, they rely on volunteers to offer their free time.

"We will try to help any Iberian horse no matter its location. Iberian horses lovers are a certain kind of horse people as well.  We tend toward animated, expressive and some would say "spiritual" horses."\

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Iberian Horse Rescue
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