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Is a Bumper Pull Trailer Right for You?

Every horse eventually gets retired and put out to pasture, but so do horse trailers -- after years of wear and tear, old horse trailers have to be replaced.  When you’re ready to look for your next horse hauler, you’ll have lots to choose between, but one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go with a gooseneck or a bumper pull horse trailer.


Why Choose a Bumper Pull Horse Trailer?

Bumper pull trailers offer a number of advantages for horse owners who have just a few horses and don’t travel extensively with them.  Although goosenecks are far more flexible when it comes to adding living quarters and other comfort features for long trips with your horse, not everybody needs or wants to spend the extra money when their horses only travel to the vet or the farrier every once in a while.  

Cost can be a big barrier for horse owners, and along with being more affordable to purchase right out, bumper pull horse trailers don’t require you to purchase a beefy truck just to move them around.  But like gooseneck trailers, you can easily customize your bumper pull trailer for up to four horses, with either slant load or straight load options. 

Tack rooms are another popular feature that makes a bumper pull horse trailer much more flexible for horse owners.  Short trips to trail ride with friends are easier if you’ve got a designated place to keep your tack, blankets and saddles.  Just like a bigger gooseneck trailer, your custom bumper pull horse trailer can double as a traveling horse gear storage area, freeing up space in your home or barn.


Hauling a Bumper Pull Trailer

There’s a reason bumper pull trailers have been nick-named “tag alongs,” like a lost puppy, they’ll follow you anywhere you want to go.  Unlike a gooseneck, which can be difficult to turn and maneuver if you don’t haul much, once you hitch your bumper pull trailer to your truck, all you have to do is drive.  The turn radius of these models is usually tighter, making them easier to pull. 

An easier pulling experience is good for you and your horse -- after all, they’ll be calmer if you drive more confidently, squeezing the gas and the brake slowly.  A bumper pull trailer instills that kind of confidence in horse owners much more quickly than big, intimidating goosenecks.  Even if you’re not the one who usually pulls the trailer, it can be a huge relief knowing that you could if you needed to get your horse to the vet in an emergency. 

When you’re researching bumper pull horse trailers for sale, check out our wide selection of customizable models, with features to fit the needs of your horses, no matter how big or small.  Our trailers are built with your horses in mind at every step, from our SafeTack systems that allow more space for loading and unloading to our SafeKick Wall Systems that keep nervous horses from hurting themselves when they kick or paw at the trailer.

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