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Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue - Kalispell, Montana

This spirit of compassion has fueled Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue since 2013.

For the team at Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue it all began with one mare, one mule and a lot of word of mouth. After bringing the two equines home to save them from slaughter, people in the community began to talk and the inquiries started rolling in. “When people heard what we had done, they began asking us if we wanted their retired or injured equines. Who could turn them down when we knew what the outcome would be if we didn’t,” says Ramona. This spirit of compassion has fueled Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue since 2013.

When the rescue first began, most of the equines that came into their care were malnourished or injured from abuse or neglect. However, it soon became apparent that there were many members of the local community that were simply having a hard time keeping their beloved horses. At that point, Jeweled Heart began taking in all types of equines, even healthy horses that just needed a more stable home.

Each horse at Jeweled Heart is immediately given a thorough check up to determine what it needs to be happy and healthy. Once they are deemed ready, horses start training at their own pace. “Retraining begins with winning the trust of these beautiful animals. Some come in abused, sometimes it takes a lot of patience, but in the end you are given one of the greatest rewards, their friendship,” says Ramona.

The staff at Jeweled Heart has found great results by following the approach of Joe Camp. “He teaches that you must look into the heart and soul of a horse, let the horse accept you of its own free choice before you charge in and try to train them,” explains Ramona. This approach teaches respect, understanding and patience to both the humans and the horses alike at the facility. These qualities have helped Ramona and the staff at Jeweled Heart when they’ve faced heartbreaking realities, which through perseverance, become some their greatest successes.

When the 30-year old Thoroughbred arrived at Jeweled Ranch, it was not necessarily for a chance at a new life. “The owner said that the vet told her to put her down, but I said that if we could give her more time, let’s try it,” remembers Ramona. The horse was so weak and emaciated that she could barely stand when she came out of the trailer, but that didn’t prepare anyone for what came when they removed the blanket to evaluate her. “We were all standing there stunned as we were watching her hair move. She was so full of lice that her body could not heal itself,” she says. However, with Jeweled Heart’s trademark patience and perseverance, she loved life for another 4 years. “There’s no more joy than to see a horse at the age of 30 gallop out in the pasture,” remarks Ramona.

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Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue

Kalispell, Montana



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