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$5,000 Scholarship Award

Student Eligibility

The Double D Trailers annual $5,000 scholarship is accessible to students attending a high school, college or university within the United States and Canada, who are pursuing an engineering design and degree of study as an undergraduate and graduate with a Bachelor's Degree.

Submit Your Entry with the Following Information

Create an engineering design for either a completely new horse trailer or an improvement to an existing horse trailer.

  • Include a statement of the problem identified and a statement of your research.
  • Provide a conceptual drawing and a statement about the feasibility of your design.
  • State clearly your design requirements arrived at after deciding on the feasibility of your design.
  • Develop a detailed design and include it with your submission.
  • Provide a production plan and necessary custom tool designs that are not readily available to purchase.
  • Your submitted design and all associated material documents sent to us with your entry must be patentable and written in the manner and style as one would use to file a patent with the US Patent and Trade Office. Resources and guidance about preparing materials for design patent applications can be found here and utility patent applications here.
  • Where to send your application and what to include? 


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