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Second Chance Equine Association - Norvelt, PA

More Than 140 Horses Have Been Rehabilitated and Placed in Good Homes

Over a decade ago in Norvelt, PA about a dozen horse enthusiasts realized that while their locale humane society shelters were able to satisfy the needs of small animals, none had the facility, finances, or staff trained to handle horses and other large animals.

Committed to the assistance of abused & neglected equine, Second Chance Equine Association was formed in 2006. To this day, they continue to take horses that have been surrendered to, or seized by, a humane police officer or are in life-threatening situations. The horses are rehabilitated both physically and mentally before they are adopted by a new family.

While they are not a sanctuary, Second Chance Equine Association will help owners in short-term need by providing hay and grain for the horses, rather than seeking surrender to a humane officer.

In the last 10 years Second Chance Equine Association has accomplished a great deal. More than 140 horses have been rehabilitated and placed in good homes. Monthly educational opportunities for horse owners are offered. Consultation and help for unintentional horse neglectors is provided to help them avoid seizure and prosecution. A quarantine barn and property have been leased and improvements and planning are ongoing.

As with all animal charities, they cannot continue without the support of those that want to give back. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved with the life-saving work Second Chance Equine Association does, visit their website - https://www.scearescue.com

Get Involved: 

Second Chance Equine Association

P.O. Box 193 • Norvelt, PA 15674

Phone: (724) 635-5549

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