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Spring Creek Horse Rescue - Durango, Colorado

A Rescue Celebrating 40 Years of Operation in Colorado!

spring creek horse rescueThe Spring Creek Horse Rescue in Durango, Colorado is celebrating its 40th anniversary of rescue work! With so much experience, it is clear that they doing something very right in maintaining a successful operation. Founder Diane explained how they got started. "They just started bringing me horses- before it was the 'thing to do.'"

They began to take in horses from feed lots, court abuse cases, and owner surrenders. Each rehabilitation case is different. Diane prescribes, "Teeth, worm, and lots of TLC!"  She continued, "Some of our incoming horses are in such bad shape when we get them that the change we see, with a little love, care, feed, and water, is AMAZING!" 

Once they are ready for training, they start slow. "When they are ready and we know them better personally after caring for them, we start with ground work to see what they know and go from there," she shared. "We do a lot of babies, so much of this is done by the time they are old enough."

spring creek horse rescue pic 2One of these babies was a four-week-old filly named Bonus. She was found laying in a pen with a stallion who was trying to protect her from a bull who was also in the pen. Bonus couldn't raise her head and all of her natural sucking mechanism was gone. Diane insisted that she come home to at least die in a loving home.

After 10 days of feeding her goats milk and putting salve on her blistered nose, it was clear she wanted to live. Today, Diane explained, "Bottle babies form an attachment with what they think is their mother and she did just that. She is up for adoption if the right person with enough attitude to match hers comes along. Until then, she can be sweet, she can be rotten, and she can be both at the same time."

Like many rescues, the Spring Creek Horse Rescue is always in need of funds. Diane said, "We have just moved to a new property and need EVERYTHING - fencing/ gravel/ shelters/ waterers...everything!" To help this longtime rescue operation, check out their contact information below.

Get Involved:

Spring Creek Horse Rescue - Durango, Colorado
Location: Durango, Colorado
Donate: 2888 CR 234, Durango, CO 81301
Trailer:  NOT NEEDED

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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