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Horse Trailer Flooring

Why Buy a Horse Trailer with a Wood Floor?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a horse trailer, one detail to consider is the horse trailer’s floor.

The construction of a horse trailer floor is important, but for more reasons than you might think. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of horse trailers with wood floors.

Many of our horse trailers, such as our Z-Line models offer wood floors. We use 2x8 pressure treated pine. Pine doesn’t curl like other wood (for instance, oak) which means no warping. The pressure-treated process stops the natural fungal decay of wood, thereby extending its life significantly.

Aluminum horse trailers are a great conductor of heat

it was our intention to produce an all aluminum horse trailer including the floor. One of the unique properties noticed while working with aluminum was it's ability for transferring heat. While this application works well for building solar panels, it isn't an "ideal" material to surround and protect your horse with.  Initial testing showed that on a typical summer day, driving a horse trailer down the road with an aluminum floor produced a significantly higher temperature in the horse area than driving down the same road with a trailer having a wood floor installed.  The results were astounding.  The aluminum floor was literally "pulling" the heat from the hot asphalt, transferring it to the horse area.  In an ongoing effort to provide the safest trailer on the road for you and your horse, we elected to stop using aluminum floors and promote materials that are more "horse friendly", such as wood or rumber.

Learn what happens to aluminum floors over time

Horse trailers with wood flooring offer several benefits

  • Wood floors are softer, which gives your horse and more importantly, your horse’s legs, a softer ride.
  • Wood floors are quieter (no vibration) than their “all aluminum” counterparts.
  • Wood floors don’t conduct heat from the road, keeping the inside of the horse trailer cooler.
  • Wood floors insulate from the cold.
  • Wood floors provide better ventilation inside the horse trailer.
  • Wood floors provide better drainage. Urine and water just drain through the cracks between the boards.
  • Wood floors don’t oxidize.
  • Wood is a renewable resource. By extending the life of wood through pressure treating, replacement trees have time to grow.

So as you can see, a wood floor offers many benefits and provides a comfortable environment for your horse to travel in. For these reasons, coupled with the low maintenance a wood floor requires, a horse trailer with a wood floor may be just what you’re looking for. Do your horse a favor, and stop baking your horse while driving during.

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