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Wyandot County Humane Society - Upper Sandusky, Ohio

“We never turn any animal away, regardless of the kind of animal."

Wyandot County Equine Rescue OhioThe Wyandot County Humane Society began in 1985 to act as an animal protection organization whose primary mission is to prevent and relieve animal suffering and cruelty. They strive to foster an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion for all beings through education and public advocacy.

At the time of its founding, there was no agency in the Upper Sandusky area dedicated to the care of animals in need. The dog pound that functioned in the area disposed of animals that ended up at their facility by selling them for research purposes or euthanizing them inhumanely, often by suffocation.

The co-founders of WCHS began by taking in stray dogs, utilizing three kennels in their garage, spaying and neutering them and finding new forever homes. Their hard work and dedication has grown into a multi-building facility which houses a wide variety of animals. “We never turn any animal away, regardless of the kind of animal (domestic, wildlife, livestock and exotics), what county it is from or the reason it has to be surrendered,” says WCHS staff. They now house more than 250 animals at any given time.

WCHS has been able to offer vital equine rescue services to their community thanks to the efforts of their dedicated volunteers. In 2017 alone, they were able to take in 51 equines. There is no charge for surrendering a horse to their shelter farm, which is equipped to take in any equine that needs a safe place. Upon arrival, all horses are placed in quarantine and brought up to date on immunizations. Nutritional status is evaluated for each horse and they are started on an individualized feeding plan.

Wyandot County Equine Rescue OhioWCHS has three full-time live-in caretakers that are able to work with each horse, ensuring that they receive all of the care and attention they need. “Most horses are good horses, they were just never taught what they needed to know, or the owner was not skilled enough to solve the problem,” says David. “Some know a lot and others know nothing, but most of the time there are gaps in the horse’s training and we fix those. We do a lot of remedial work with them.”

As many of the horses go on to participate in 4H, trail riding programs or dressage, learning where each horse is best suited allows for the best outcome. This is why WCHS evaluates each horse’s aptitude individually during training, to ensure the best long-term fit for both horse and human alike.

WCHS utilizes a lifetime lease placement system in order to track and protect all of the horses that come through their facility for the rest of their lives. A yearly report on the care and condition of the horse is required and the owners must return the horse to WCHS if circumstances do not allow them to care for their horse any longer.

WCHS has been able to accomplish incredible things since its founding, all thanks to volunteers and donations from supporters. Please use the information below to help WCHS continue to grow and flourish for further decades to come.

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Wyandot County Humane Society

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