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2+1 Gooseneck 3 Horse Straight Load Trailer

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Enjoy a Show Day “Box Stall” and Side Entry

The 2+1 Straight Load Gooseneck Horse Trailer is a popular model with several attractive features.  It comes with two straight load stalls and a third box stall towards the front that works well as a show day prep area. 

Although we will happily build this model to suit your needs, we also recommend you check out our patented SafeTack 3 Slant Load Horse Trailer.  It provides many of the same conveniences as the 2+1 model while providing several safety upgrades.

Top Features on the 2+1 Straight Load Gooseneck Horse Trailer:

  • This Trailer is Ideal if You Want a 3 Horse Straight Load Trailer.  If you are determined to buy a straight load trailer, then your 3 horse trailer options are a bit limited.  This configuration lets you load three horses with the use of two traditional straight load stalls and a third “box” stall in the front. 
  • Box Stall for Show Day or “Hang Out.”  The box stall can be used as a show day prep area or a place to let your horse just hang out rather than being tied to the outside of the trailer.
  • Top Safety Features.  Like most of our trailers, this model comes with our standard safety features like Z-Frame construction, insulated horse area for temperature control, Rumber flooring option, tubular head dividers, easy open windows, SafeBump roof, and SafeKick walls.

There are a few drawbacks to this 2+1 gooseneck model listed below.  You may want to consider our patented SafeTack 3 Horse Slant Load Trailer as an alternative.

2+1 horse trailer

Some Considerations with the 2+1 Straight Load Gooseneck Horse Trailer:

  • 2+1 horse trailer

    Longer Trailer Length.  The 2+1 gooseneck horse trailer is going to be around 22 feet in length.  For some people, this length trailer is harder to drive and maneuver.  For comparison, our SafeTack 3 Horse trailer is around 18 feet in length.
  • Front Box Stall Safety Concerns.  As with all 2+1 trailers, the front box stall horse is going to be standing without close fitting dividers to use for balance and bracing.  Our slant load trailer designs solve this problem by creating an individual stall for every single horse.

  • Horses Can Bother Each Other.  When you purchase your 2+1 trailer, we will suggest that you include a full height horse barrier between the front horse and the two rear horses.  Without this barrier, the horses may nip and kick at each other.
  • 2+1 horse trailerTack Storage Limitations.  The 2+1 trailer only has tack storage in the forward dressing room located near the gooseneck portion of the trailer.  Some of our other trailer models have space for a completely separate “mid-tack storage area.”  Or, our SafeTack models have an additional tack compartment that swings out like a second door in the rear corner of the trailer.
  • Box Stall is Not Always Ideal for Larger Items. If you have visions of using the front box stall for storing large items like carts, motorcycles or even ATVs, then we want to give you an even better option.  We’ve built several trailers with specially designed modifications to fit things like carriages, motor vehicles, and even a canoe!
  • Stall Size Consideration.  The front box stall can be a bit limiting on space, so a larger breed horse may not fit comfortably.  As a better option, we’ve designed several Warmblood horse trailers that work well for larger breeds.

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Weight (without added options) 6200
Overall Box Length 22 feet
Overall Trailer Length with Gooseneck 28 feet 6 inches
Trailer Box Width 80"
Dress Size 4' x 6'
Inside Height 7'6"
Stall Length 7' for horse body and 3' for head
Stall Width 36"
Coupler 2 5/16" adjustable height coupler
Wheels Powder coated gray, optional aluminum
Tire and axle Size 235/80R16 (E)  with 12,000 lb suspension
Brakes 4 wheel
LED Turn Signal Lights on Rear (2) Standard up high
Windows in Gooseneck
(2 - sliding with screens)
Windows in Stall Area
(2 - sliders per stall)
Windows on Rear Door
Saddle Racks 3
Bridle Hooks 3
Custom Hand Made Padding on
Dividers and Bulk Head Wall
2" Standard
Interior Tie Rings per Stall 1
Exterior Tie Rings per horse 1
Lights in Horse Area on Remote Switch 2
Lights in Dress Area 2


  • Z Frame Construction Technology
  • 2”x 8” Pressure Treated Pine Flooring on 16” Cross Members
  • 60" wide x 46" tall side ramp with single top swing door, swings towards rear
  • EZ Lube Durable Never Adjust Brakes 12,000 lb suspension system
  • Split rear doors with aluminum lockable cam latch on each door
  • 24” Diamond Plate Gravel Guard at Nose
  • Running Board Steps Down Dressing Room Side
  • Carpet in Dressing Room Floor
  • Single speed Drop Leg Jack
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • Spare Tire under gooseneck
  • Z-Frame divider with handmade padding
  • Horse Area Roof Vents, one per stall aluminum
  • Custom hand made padding on dividers and slant wall
  • 30” Dress Door Factory Built Door 
  • SafeKick® Wall System
  • Self Insulating SafeBump® Roof System with Fiber Composite One Piece, No Leak Molded Panel
  • Insulated side walls and roof in horse area for maximum temperature protection and safe, quiet ride
  • Floor Mats in Horse Area
  • Horse Area Roof Vents (One Per Horse)
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug


  • (8) Year on Structure
  • (2) Year bumper to bumper
  • (1) Year on non-Double D Manufactured parts


  • Overall trailer length 22 floor
  • 7' 6" gooseneck; 10' (7' stall with 3' head area);
  • 4' long dressing room,
  • Height 7'6";
  • 80 inch wide standard
  • 2x8 pressure treated pine flooring front to rear in horse area
  • Safebump Fiber Composite roof system (one piece no leak)
  • Safekick interior wall system
  • (4) Dual Opening Aluminum Roof Vent one at each horse head area, per plan
  • Running board step under dressing room door and side escape door
  • Z-Frame tubing Horse divider with barred head divider (swinging)
  • Z-Frame barred shoulder divider
  • Padded breast bar at escape door
  • Running boards at all doors



  • Bulldog 2 5/16* adjustable height
  • Spring loaded drop leg jack


Axle and Tire Info:

  • Two 6,000 lbs independent suspension axles
  • ST235/80R16 (E) tires/silver Mod w/chrome cap
  • Spare tire mounted underneath gooseneck



  • Dressing room door with window
  • Rear  ramp with top doors that fold around
  • (1) 30* left hinge side escape door with camper door latch and exterior bar safety
  • latch with RV plunger style door tie backs.
  • 60* wide x 48" tall side ramp with single top swing door, swings towards rear
  • (OPTIONAL unless specified): Walk through door to horse area



  • (2) 20* x 24* with bars in rear doors
  • (2) 20* x 51* with bars each side of horse rear stall
  • (2) 20" x 24" drop down feed one at each horse head.
  • (OPTIONAL unless specified): (1) 20* x 24* window with bars in walk thru door
  • (1) 20* x 24* window with bars in side escape door
  • (1) 20* x 24* with bars in side top door over ramp
  • (1) 20* x 24* without bars in dress door
  • (2) 20* x 51* without bars in goose nose



  • Insulate entire trailer front to rear including partition wall



  • Safekick wall system in horse area
  • 16 Gauge Galvalite interior skin for strength and safety
  • Aluminum exterior skin
  • Diamond plate across front


Trim Exterior Features:

  • Aluminum lockable ramp latches
  • (1) exterior tie rings per horse
  • (1) LED Turn Signal/Brake Light each side * located upper rear
  • DOT required exterior LED running lights including one fender light
  • Brake-a-way battery mounted underneath gooseneck
  • Door hold backs on all doors


Interior Trim Features:

  • Custom factory Pads on butt and breast bars, rear horse stall walls and dividers
  • no pads on front horse area
  • (3) interior lay flat tie rings per stall
  • (2) Single RV dome light dressing area wired to remote switch
  • (2) lights in horse area wired to remote switch
  • Padded chain at side ramp
  • Brush Tray mounted on dress door
  • (1) set of 6 bridle hooks mounted in dress
  • (OPTIONAL unless specified): Blanket Bar and Clothes bar
  • One Saddle post with three Saddle Racks in Dressing Room
  • carpet in dress floor
  • Carpeted bridle/bulk head wall, jack sheet wall and gooseneck nose
  • Mat in horse area unless gets rumber

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a photo below to view its larger version.

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Click on a video below to view its larger version.

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Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

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