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Double D Trailer Review posted on May 13th, 2024

Carol Peat
Flagstaff, AZ
May 13, 2024
Overall Rating:

Double D Horse Trailer Review March 7th 2023

Linda Stout
Fredericktown, Ohio
March 7, 2023
Overall Rating:

I researched most new and used "light weight trailers". During Covid, people wanted a fortune for their trailers that were falling apart...

Safetack Reverse 3 Horse Gooseneck Review

Billie McNealey
Windsor, CT
March 13, 2020
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 12 Dec 2019

Laura Sells
Foley Alabama
December 10, 2019
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 20 Apr 2018

Katie Schaeffer
Goodyear, AZ
April 18, 2018
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 9 Mar 2018

Bonnie Siegel
Pilot Point, TX
March 6, 2018
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 25 Sep 2017

Marianne Hayden
Tucson Arizona
September 13, 2017
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 23 Aug 2017

Joe Gliori
Willow, Alaska
August 21, 2017
Overall Rating:

Considering the fact that I spent $35,000 dollars in faith that your trailer was everything you said it was

Double D Trailer Review posted on 10 Jul 2017

Clarke Barton
Oxford, Mississippi
July 10, 2017
Overall Rating:

I liked the zframe and safetack. Also felt like they go above and beyond for the safety of the horse

Double D Trailer Review posted on 19 Jun 2017

Carol Peat
Flagstaff, Az
June 17, 2017
Overall Rating:

Horse Trailers for Sale in Alabama

Pat Budny
Montgomery Alabama
April 24, 2017
Overall Rating:

Researched the advantages of reverse slant trailers- Double D seemed to offer the best options and value

Double D Trailer Review posted on 14 Jan 2019

Carol Hassebroek
Sandy, Or.
April 1, 2017
Overall Rating:

Horse Trailers for Sale in Idaho

Christine S.
Coeur d Alene, Idaho
December 2, 2016
Overall Rating:

I purchased a two horse trailer and had it changed to a one horse with the extra room I wanted up front. It turned out perfect

Horse Trailers in Utah

Nancy E.
Cedar City Utah
October 4, 2016
Overall Rating:

Nothing to criticize , just want to say how wonderful the delivery system was as well. Driver kept

Horse Trailers in Michigan

samie L
Grand Junction, Michigan
September 9, 2016
Overall Rating:

Working with Double D Trailers I never felt pressured to buy their trailer. I was just given information (and lots of it!)

Double D Trailer Review posted on 31 Aug 2016

Christi I
Atlanta, GA
August 31, 2016
Overall Rating:

I had previously owned a Sundowner and while I had been pleased with their product at that time, I was unaware of all of the safety features that were now available for trailers. After deciding to pur

Double D Trailer Review posted on 30 Jun 2016

Mayna Taylor
Deridder, LA
June 30, 2016
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 20 Jun 2016

Curt A Doucette
Abilene, KS
June 20, 2016
Overall Rating:

The excellent customer service right from the beginning was incredible. We were kept updated constantly, and our needs were the priority

Double D Trailer Review posted on 1 Jun 2016

Cathy McShera
Wales ma
June 1, 2016
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 21 Apr 2016

Mickie Jesse
April 21, 2016
Overall Rating:

As I use my trailer more, I continue to be comfortable with the ease of it. The rumber floor is a plus. The whole trailer is easy to clean up after hauling and traveling on dirt roads. Well ventilated

Double D Trailer Review posted on 14 Apr 2016

Patrick Gaylor
Bastrop, TX
April 14, 2016
Overall Rating:

It's solid, roomy, hauls wonderfully (with a Dodge Ram 1500 5.7hemi), and so many little extras I wasn't expecting! The carpeted wall in the tack room. The bumper pad around the top of the rear exi

Double D Trailer Review posted on 10 Mar 2016

Lory Hopkins
Pilot Hill, CA
March 10, 2016
Overall Rating:

This trailer never ceases to turn heads and it gets compliments wherever I go. The abundance of windows makes it very light and

Double D Trailer Review posted on 17 Feb 2016

Patty Neal
Makwao, Hawaii
February 17, 2016
Overall Rating:

I looked at several used trailers here in the islands and contacted others on-line and left telephone messages. Some dealers did not respond at all. Featherlite, I learned,

Double D Trailer Review posted on 1 Feb 2016

Carol Gordon
Norton, MA
February 1, 2016
Overall Rating:

It's incredibly well made, with lots of thought in the details.

Double D Trailer Review posted on 14 Jan 2016

Kathryn Kneeland
Wimauma, Fl
January 14, 2016
Overall Rating:

This trailer exceeded all my expectations. All the extras that I ordered were done. Having to trust in this day in age is not easy but everything went exactly as Brad describes. All my questions were

Double D Trailer Review posted on 4 Nov 2015

Labelle, FL
November 4, 2015
Overall Rating:

I purchased a used Double D trailer after many hours of dedicated research. It took almost 15 months to locate a bumper pull 3 horse made by Double D Trailers. Now that I own it, I have not been disap

Double D Trailer Review posted on 2 Oct 2015

Janet Wallace
Elbert, CO
October 2, 2015
Overall Rating:

I love this trailer. The horses are very comfortable in it. The variable load/unload options are extremely handy. Many trailheads I trailer to have non trailer friendly parking lots. Being able to

Double D Trailer Review posted on 4 Sep 2015

Tony & Annette Allen
Santa Rosa California
September 4, 2015
Overall Rating:

I bought mine used. Best trailer ever. Always, always getting compliments. It is so well made. Every time I go in it I don't want to leave. My bathroom is huge. People come in and think it is a pop ou

Double D Trailer Review posted on 23 Apr 2015

Catherine Dmochowski
Apison, Tennessee
April 23, 2015
Overall Rating:

This was my first new trailer experience (as in brand spanking new, not new to me) and Brad was so helpful and patient with my questions and changes (and there were a few). I added 1 foot to the dress

Double D Trailer Review posted on 10 Sep 2014

Karen Jones
Newnan, GA
September 10, 2014
Overall Rating:

I love my new Double D Trailer... First and foremost, I have never experienced personalized customer service of this caliber ....ever, for any product I have purchased. Brad made it so easy and al

Double D Trailer Review posted on 6 Aug 2014

Barb and Joe Pedoto
Oxford, OHIO
August 6, 2014
Overall Rating:

We love our new Double D Trailer! We get compliments everywhere we go and people are amazed at the Safetack compartment. The inside has such an open feel to it that even my horse that has refused to

Double D Trailer Review posted on 30 May 2014

Terry and Nancy Jennings
Dunlap, TN
May 30, 2014
Overall Rating:

Our “problem loader” walked onto the trailer the first time and every time since. I think the step up for him makes him commit to getting on, but the openness of the trailer is really what convinces

Horse Trailers For Sale Canada

Jan Bagot
Alberta Canada
May 8, 2014
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 1 May 2014

T Short
Stamping Ground, KY
May 1, 2014
Overall Rating:

My second Double D trailer. The first was a gooseneck/camper made to order; I hated to see it go but things changed so I ordered a BP. It got here quicker than expected and I have just gotten back f

Double D Trailer Review posted on 25 Apr 2014

Harry and Cathy Wildgen
Kettle Falls, Washington
April 25, 2014
Overall Rating:

Cathy used the custom made trailer only once last year for a clinic down south by Spokane. It was everything she expected and the systems performed flawlessly. We are both so very pleased with what

Double D Trailer Review posted on 11 Apr 2014

susan albrie
chester, new hampshire
April 11, 2014
Overall Rating:

great trailer ! love the safety features. was scared to order online but they made it very easy . was one of the best trailers i've ever seen. love that the last stall wall completely swings out s

Double D Trailer Review posted on 10 Apr 2014

Jane Woodward
Enfield, NH
April 10, 2014
Overall Rating:

My trailer hauls like a dream!

Double D Trailer Review posted on 7 Apr 2014

Peoria, IL
April 7, 2014
Overall Rating:

I chose this trailer specifically for the well-being of my horses. The rumber floors, bright interior, padded and slatted dividers, insulation, ventilation, and hay feeders all contribute to a safe a

Double D Trailer Review posted on 5 Apr 2014

Joseph DiBetta
Bluffton, SC
April 5, 2014
Overall Rating:

This is our first horse trailer and it is simply great. Love it. Perfect for hauling our two horses. Has all the features we need. DDs customer service is also very exceptional. I would recommend this

Double D Trailer Review posted on 3 Apr 2014

Terri Jennings
Davie, Florida
April 3, 2014
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 3 Apr 2014

Jeannie Bruton
Cedar Creek, Texas
April 3, 2014
Overall Rating:

Now I wish I'd ordered a three horse trailer since I bought another horse. Only thing I would change is possibly spend a little more on the windows and maybe even an AC unit since it gets so hot in T

Double D Trailer Review posted on 3 Apr 2014

Nathalie Koch
Reisterstown, Maryland
April 3, 2014
Overall Rating:

I absolutely love my trailer!

Double D Trailer Review posted on 2 Apr 2014

Darlene C Hohensee
Poplarville, MS
April 2, 2014
Overall Rating:

Great service from beginning throughout and still ! ! !

Double D Trailer Review posted on 2 Apr 2014

Stephanie Young
Phoenix, AZ
April 2, 2014
Overall Rating:

Double D Trailer Review posted on 1 Apr 2014

Sandy Branham
anderson, indiana
April 1, 2014
Overall Rating:

Compared to my old Sundowner 2hr straight load w/ dressing rm, this is very nice. It does take a little getting used to as I am a creature of habit and had my old one for 25 yrs. This pulls nicely beh

Double D Trailer Review posted on 1 Apr 2014

Wanda Mcalister
Collinsville, MS
April 1, 2014
Overall Rating:

Will definitely do business again when need another trailer.

Double D Trailer Review posted on 1 Apr 2014

tom bennett
Argyle , TX
April 1, 2014
Overall Rating:

Love the trailer....easily get 4 and sometimes even 5 horses in a bumper pull....hardly know there is a traiiler connected to the truck...Great deal on a great trailer

Double D Trailer Review posted on 28 Mar 2014

Kelly Scheerger
Madison, Nebraska
March 28, 2014
Overall Rating:

My first attraction to this trailer company was their innovative 'SafeTack' design. As I started working with them I found that they were very knowledgeable about trailers and hauling our beloved equ

Double D Trailer Review posted on 26 Mar 2014

Cindy Coe
Cody, WY
March 26, 2014
Overall Rating:

I would not hesitate to recommend Double D horse trailers to anyone interested in getting a well built, functional and safe trailer for your best friends! And it's beautiful to boot!!

Rawhide EX Living Quarter Review

Chris Imler-Drake
Duncansville PA
May 8, 2007
Overall Rating:

Checked them out, in person, at MULE DAYS in Benson, NC


Hi Brad-

I wanted you to know Brian was here today and made the repairs to the trailer. He is a heck of a nice guy and did a good job in fixing the trim. I feel badly now that I know how far out of his way he drove to take care of this for me. I really do appreciate him doing that and you standing by your word that you were going to make this right. Needless to say my wife is very happy and loves her trailer. We both are satified customers and would not hestitate to recommend Double D Trailers to our friends. Take care.

Best regards,

Joe and Brittany, Bluffton South Carolina

RESPONE from Double D Trailers: 

Joe and Brittany,

I am glad we were able to resolve this trim detail for you. Although the repairs could have been performed local, we felt more comfortable in having one of our factory technicians make the repairs on site at your barn to insure it was done properly. 

Thanks for being such great customers, we appreciate your business and support.



horse trailer illinois

After a long (and I mean long) winter, my husband and I were thrilled when the time rolled around for that first horse camping trip.  I can't tell you how good it felt to watch the horses load so easily and happily into our new Double D trailer.  As you can see, our horses like to relax when we get away just as much as we do, and it is very important to us to provide a good travel experience for our fantastic trail partners. 

We chose this Safetack trailer for our horses much more than for us, but we love it as much as they do!  The rumber floors are a dream, they can see each other through the barred dividers, and the second slam gate is something I never want to live without again.  It is so great to be able to load the horses and not have to shut up the back because the last horse isn't secured with a gate. The RV latches on the doors are wonderful also.   We can leave the doors open to the breeze while we finish packing up camp, something we could not do with our previous trailer.

Also, we trailered our young Friesian mare a couple of times over the winter.  With our previous slant-load trailer, this horse who will do anything the first time we ask was absolutely terrified to back out of that trailer, even though it was a well known brand aluminum trailer.  It was dark, high off the ground, had a solid stall divider, and we had to try to get her to angle around the rear tack to unload.  She got to the point where she was really worried in that trailer.  I was concerned that her negative trailer experiences would cause a long-term problem that would be difficult to help her get over.  I am so happy to say that she loves "her" new trailer!  She loads and backs off like a dream, and travels quietly - mission accomplished.  

I am happy I got the hay bags; I have never used them before, but I think they add to the overall pleasant trailering experience for the horses, particularly the young ones.

We are also really happy we got the second battery and rear load light options.  It is great to be able to run out to check on or get things out of the trailer and have lights even when it isn't hooked up.  My husband was right to add those on at the last minute!  The aluminum wheels are so nice looking, and the color-match trim paint is a wonderful bonus. We are clearly very happy with our trailer. 

Thank you for designing such an excellent product with the well-being of horses in mind.

Carl and Sandy
Peoria, IL


best affordable horse trailer


"Greetings to Double D Trailers...

My brand new Townsmand trailer arrived today and it's exactly how I imagined it to be. The workmanship is flawless. The trailer itself is tight as a drum. One of the features that I truly appreciate is the fold-down ramp that sits behind double doors. The ramp can be lifted with a pinky finger. The other feature that is superb is the Rumbar flooring which means less heat from the road, far less work when cleaning out the trailer after a long ride and no worrying about rot and replacement down the line.

The Townsmand is much better insulated compared to other trailers I inspected. I spent many weeks on trailer lots and on the internet in an effort to find the perfect trailer for my needs. There are a number of things that eventually finalized my decision....The on-line videos showcasing Double D Trailers' workmanship...same or next day responses to my questions....

no-hassles...no paperwork problems...no "up-selling" on "extras". And, there were no "surprises" when I was notified the trailer was scheduled for delivery.

The delivery driver remained in contact and had the trailer at my door exactly when he said it would.
I would not hesitate to recommend Double D Trailers, no matter the model. It is a superb product that I believe will offer many years of quality performance. 

Thanks....   J. Philips, Florida"


Hi Brad,

We wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave us in ordering our next Double D horse trailer. After selling our last Double D Living Quarter trailer, because we wanted to downsize, we realized how sought after a well built horse trailer was. We sold our 2007 Cheyenne in less than a week and for the asking price. However, before deciding on our next horse trailer, we spent months looking and researching other brands, but quality and the unique feature of the safe-tack design helped us to decide on purchasing another and our 4th Double D Trailer. We have owned Double D stock trailers to LQs, and now with our new purchase of a 2013 2H slant with dressing room, we are thrilled with our selection and feel our horses will ride safely in the best built horse trailer on the road. Also, we are huge fans of the safe-tack feature.

Very satisfied customers in MO

The Kerins


Hi Brad,

Thanks for the update on the estimated time of completion of our new Double D.

As for my statement pertaining "getting back to a Double D Trailer for our horses' sake"....We found our horse rode better in our past Double D Trailers, because they seemed to be more calm about the whole trailering experience.  Most of the time we used our Double D for day rides, but occasionally had a weekend ride planned, and when reaching our destination the horses did not look exhausted or nervous after riding in the Double D.  However, in comparison, our non-Double D aluminum horse trailer seemed to create stress related issues in our horses that we never saw in them when we trailered them in a Double D.

Stress-like signs included:  1) our horses seemed to hesitate in wanting to load; maybe it was because there were more rattling and shaking of the trailer sounds during the loading process. 2) Our horses did not eat while traveling, and 3) when arriving most every time we had loose manure to clean-up. 

Luckily, we noticed the visible signs in our horses that indicated they were not comfortable with the hauling process, or we may not of thought too much about how negatively the trailering experience was impacting them.  We think the combined factors of hearing more  rattling sounds and road noise, and stepping into a lighter weight type structure, made the trailering experience unpleasant for our horses.  

We are pleased to say when we trailered our horses in a Double D, the stress type signs were not present so it was easy to make the decision to purchase another, and come back to the Double D Trailer for our horse hauling needs.  Certainly the Double D Tailers not only look, feel, and tow more structurally stronger, they provide a more secure trailering experience for our horses.  We like that Double D Trailers have safety features built into the contruction process, this type of dedication makes the quality of construction of the Double D Trailer a well constructed trailer that gives our horses the best chance for a good trailering experience each and everytime they are in a horse trailer.  A must for us and our horses.       

Also, I would say from a horse owners point of view, the added attention to safety that goes into a Double D and the great design of the safe-tack are huge selling points.   Teaching our young horses to load with the wide-open back to the Double D, has made their loading and unloading experience much better.  We have experienced the attention to detail, quality of structure, and the safety features that go into a Double D has a focus on horse and owner's well being combined, vs. other trailers seem to focus only on owner "convenience" features and the horse's traveling experience is at best an after thought.

I do think horses in general ride better in a slant, and although we have loaded our horses in both, we personally prefer using a slant for any long hauls.  As you know we are believers in the ramp too.  Since our horses trailering experiences were mostly in a Double D, until we moved to MO where we purchased our first aluminum trailer for what we thought would be good for our quick daily trips.  But to our surprise our horses trailering attitudes were different when traveling in our "daily" trailer, even within a short distance.  Here in MO most of our rides are within a 10-15 mile radius, so the trailer ride is relatively short for the horses, but even a short haul was impacting our horses in ways we had not experienced when we put them in our Double D trailers.  One of our horses has trailered in our original Double D stock horse and through the other Double D we purchased up to the LQ, and he never stopped eating or had loose manure during the trailering experience, until we quit using a Double D.   

We soon realized by using our alternate everyday horse trailer for our trailering needs would be subjecting our horses to more stress than we wanted.  So it was easy to decide to downsize from the Double D LQ and purchase a Double D for everyday usage while providing a safer trailering experience for our horses for all our trailering needs.  With our new Double D, we are anxious to get back into the mode of trailering to more places a further distance than nearby trail heads.  We are planning trail riding excursions to IL, KY, and OK, and all are within a one-day road trip experience.     

I don't think we are much different than most horse-lovers in the way that we want safety and the best for our horses.  So I would agree that brand of aluminum trailer could play a difference, but we noticed even with our friends' brands of trailers (from Sooners to Exciss) that our Double D LQ and now our recently purchased downsized Double D are better built trailers with horse friendly features not offered in other brands.  My husband always said he did not like the aluminum trailer because he thought it rattled too much when the horses were just loading or moving around inside.  I wish I could eloquently pin-point why we disliked what we thought was a good everyday horse trailer, but I think it is just better to say, we trust the quality of the Double D and our past experiences with trailering our horses in one has always been good.  To own a Double D Trailer makes a true believer of the quality and horse-friendly ride it provides.    

Thanks so much,

Linnea Kerins
Dora, MO


Thank you Brad! I'm sure I'll have some questions down the road. For now, once I get my new mount and ball I just need to practice driving with it and backing it up before I put my horse in it. Going to wait for these roads to get a bit better too- they're really icy at present from our recent snowstorm and icy temps.

Thought you'd get a kick out of the fact that I've posted pics of the trailer to the horse forum I regularly post on. It's called Parelli Connect which is a natural horsemanship social media site very similar to Facebook but for us horse geeks. I've had a few folks ask me about the 'why' of choosing a Double D trailer and my answer has been "after alot of research, I'm convinced they are building the best and safest built trailers on the market, with alot of thought and attention to detail put into their trailers. In addition, Brad offered the best customer service by far in comparison to folks I talked with both at Sundowner and Featherlite trailers. You all are the best and I think you're trailers are too!
Can't wait to really get to use it!

DeeDee (Livingston, Montana)


Hello Brad,

This past Saturday we had a small paint mare arrive to the barn for training. When they opened the back doors to their trailer the mare had gotten her front legs over the manger, crossed her front legs and her left front leg had crosses over her head tie rope. A horrible scene, then she fell down and was stuck under the divider of their 2 horse straight load.

The men removed the middle divider and all would have been fine and the little mare should have been able to get up and walk out of the now open box as partition had been removed. BUT....  That trailer had the thing you and I hate, their trailer had that gosh darn metal stationary post to the entrance to the trailer. So the mare had only that single horse slot to exit. 
All turned out well only because she was a smart little mare!  Just a few minor scrapes and a little stiffness.

The man swore he would never use that type trailer again, so that was my opportunity to speak to him  and I told him to research Double D trailers.

I spoke of the safe tack system and the the two partitions to the slant, and how important it is to have that second partition for the second load horse. 

Brad, if you have a few business cards, or a few pamphlets you could mail  me, I can put it on the cork board. No one really gets it until a tragic scene happens.  


Virginia Beach, VA

Click below to watch short video 
horse trailers russia
Thank you Double D Trailers

Mikhail Lebedev and Family


luxury horse trailer


We received the trailer today and were very impressed. Greg was very helpful, walking me through everything and taking the time to help me get it sized for our truck. I took it for a short tow and its a perfect height combo for the truck. The finish work is excellent and the amenities are great. We cant wait to take it on our first trip. Attached are a few pics of it hooked up.

Paul and Kim Gardin, Hampton, VA


horse trailer texas
Hi Brad, 

The trailer is wonderful and just what I wanted. I'm so glad I spent many, many months -a couple of years on the wish list- deciding what exactly I needed and wanted. The blue color is so handsome, the doors and locks all operate so smoothly, and I'm really liking that Rumber. What a great invention! I'm so sick of mats!

It was riding a little high in front, so we're going to flip the ball on the mount so it will tow a little more level. Dan delivered it around 1:00pm, and I had to work that day, so he went over everything with our teenaged daughters. Needless to say about that is that I'm looking forward to the manual coming in the mail, haha! He was very nice to them and helpful and patient, but they're teenaged girls and I think some of the more important points went in one ear and out the other. 

I'm so sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you, but honestly we've just been using it and enjoying it so much I didn't make the time! It's getting quite hot here in Central Texas, but the Adventurer stays cool inside relative to the heat outside making it a much more appealing ride for my mare.  I can barely feel heat up at the ceiling. The ride is so smooth, I almost forget it's there! Thank you again for a very fine and well built product. Happy Trails!

Martha Rowand
Wimberley, Tx.


purple horse trailer 
(photo above of Susan and Jessica's trailer with Purple accents!)

Hi Brad,

I am so impressed with the quality of our new trailer.  It is beautiful!  I am not particular about appearance, but our tailer is so amazing.  Your driver was very informative and walked Jessica through everything.  All of the additional upgrades you added at no charge made a huge difference.  Brad,  your service and planning for our new trailer was exceptional.  I have dreamed of owning a trailer like this for many years and It arrived above and beyond my expectations.

I can't wait to trailer train Jessica's horse and move him to our new facility. 

One thing I should have had you put in the trailer and didn't was an electric plug.  I am asssuming I can have an electrician do that for me? 

Cowboy,  Jessica's horse will be the real test for our new trailer.  He just has to see a trailer in the driveway and starts backing up ready to run the other way.  LOL  I'll let you know how it goes.

Thank you again for eveything.  You have made a huge dream become a reality!

Susan and Jessica
Muskegon, Michigan

Hi Guys!

First of all I'd like to THANK YOU for all your information that you have sent me for the last couple of years.  I have learned so much not only about a great product that you make but tips about safe horse trailering.  I read your emails every time in full over and over.

Being that we live in a third world country has had many challenges for us.  To import the Double D trailer of my dreams that would be over twice the cost of the unit and knowing that getting thru customs would/could triple the cost.  So I kept looking for something here in the Dominican Republic.

After almost two years of searching we found a 9 year old BP straight load for over 3 times the price in the U.S. for the same used trailer. 

I've had to:  New tires.  New rims.  COMPLETELY rewire  (only two colors here, no proper connectors and.... ) New emergency brake system.  New brake controller.  Several new lights.  New fans.  New elec. junctionbox.  New temp. ramp system.  Re-do much to the interior pads.  Replace lots of fuses while working on the electrical.  (Lot's ordered from the States)

My horses are now self loading after over a month with the trailer "parked" to work on it.  We have NOT been able to move the trailer with them in it yet.  But working with my boys to load and unload has been very rewarding.

I wish I could say the same about the trailer.  Granted that I can not just run to the corner store a get what I need.  I order on line and wait a week for a simple small thing that costs $5.00 a lb. to ship and customs taxes.

As a final note.  The company that built/builds the trailer is still doing so.  They NEVER responded to my questions to help me.

So I screwed up.  I should have bought a Double D trailer and have it shipped.  Double D had already proved that they have a good product, would work with me and..... they are there to help.

Publish as you wish Double D.  True story.

Bruce J. Sherburne   Dominican Republic

Sept 30, 2011

I bought my 3H Buffalo Living Quarter trailer November, 2010. I have waited  until now to write this review as I don't take something like this lightly.  Someone may make a major financial decision based on what I say here. The  trailer is by far the "best bang for the buck" that I have seen!

This is not to say it is on the same level as some of the trailers that  are out there but...  you won't spend 40-45 K for it either! My wife and I  wanted something to use for trail riding. We have been on a weeklong outing  and a great number of long weekends and day rides. This trailer really does  fit the bill! It is big enough for a comfortable week long ride and is  easy enough to pull, etc. just for a day ride. Brad and the folks at Double D  have been excellent in responding to questions etc. even though I hedged on  writing a review when Brad mentioned it. He did not know if I would write one  or not and that I take my time on something like this. He could not have been  nicer or more helpful!

The workmanship has some deficiencies but nothing by any means major. Remember this is NOT a 45K trailer. It IS well put together  and structurally very sound. The design of the living quarters is tight but  VERY efficient and everything has worked very well. I have been very pleased  with this trailer and I would indeed recommend it to anyone as what I believe  to be the best buy out there. I bought the trailer sight unseen and have not  been disappointed in the slightest.

If you are looking for a trailer, at the very least give Double D a look. I   think you will be surprise at what you see and will eventually be the owner of  a Double D trailer!"


  Doug Brown


Sept 27, 2011

We love, love, love our trailer!!! It is perfect for us. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I mean that. As a surgeon, my life is always serious and kind of stressful. People like you and your company make all of it worth it. You put up with all my questions and went above and beyon to do a great job for us. We will definitely be ordering another bigger trailer as our boys grow and need more room.

Tim, Sueh, Hunter and Luke Parsons

South Carolina

Hi Brad

Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how happy I am with my trailer.  It has worked out beautifully and it pulls like a dream.  Everywhere I go I get people coming over to check out the Safe Tack design.  At one ACTHA ride, my daughter and I were sitting under the awning (love the awning) relaxing after our ride and waiting for the awards ceremony I heard "voices" behind my trailer.  I had left the back open and two women had wandered over to see the set up and they were discussing how much they loved the design.  It has become a familiar sound- hearing someone at the back of the trailer looking at the Safe Tack part of the trailer.

I love the fact that I was able to get certain features added to the trailer.  One of the best things I decided on was the additional tie rings on both sides.  Sure enough I have had a situation of someone pulling too close to my trailer and I had to switch sides that I was tying on for safety's sake, and having the high tie rings for hay bags is fantastic.  My daughter is enjoying the extra large dressing room when we are camping.  She calls it her "apartment" LOL.  I am going to have to wait until she doesn't come camping with me to use it myself.

I also have had a chance to see how the insulation does with all the brutal heat we have had already.  I opened up the back of the trailer the other day to get something, fully expecting the same "whoosh" of hot air that I get when I open the closed truck.  Nothing.  It was actually a bit cooler in the trailer than it was outside.  And the horses seem to love the trailer, we have to hold them back and make them wait their turn to get on.

So another happy customer.   And the two step awning is definitely worth the extra money.  My husband was so impressed he went and bought an awning for the house- only its not a two step!  Mine is soooo much easier to operate than the new one on the house. : )


Tappahannock Va. 22560

best horse trailer brand

(photo of Rosemary's truck and Trailer, short bed truck 1/2 ton with offset hitch)

July 25th, 2011

(this is an email sent from Rosie to a potential buyer)

"Hi Leslie,

Brian Craft from Double D trailers asked me to email you about my recent experience purchasing a trailer from them.  To cut straight to the chase - I enthusiastically recommend Double D!   Both Brian and Brad Heath - and the whole team, really - are wonderful to work with, polite, patient, organized and knowledgeable.  And I have only good things to say about my new trailer.

In making my trailer decision I was hampered somewhat by my tow vehicle.  I have a 2004 F150.  Ideally, I'd like a stronger truck - but I needed to replace my very old tag-along trailer this year and could not afford to up-grade both at the same time.  Brad assured me I could use my truck.  As insurance before ordering, I also checked with the local trailer repair place I've used for years and they agreed with Brad.  So I ordered the trailer.  For a number of reasons I was not able to take my truck to the local trailer repair shop to have the gooseneck hitch installed until the week before the trailer was due.

That's when the stress began.

About 30 minutes after dropping the truck off the same gentleman who had assured me prior to ordering that the truck and trailer were an acceptable fit was now saying, "Does the trailer manufacturer know what kind of truck you have?  You are not going to have enough clearance between side walls and bottom of the gooseneck.  You won't have but 4 inches.  And you have a short-bed, you're gonna hit the cab with the gooseneck.  I don't want to take your money to install this hitch for a trailer you can't use."  I was thunderstruck!  I reminded him that we'd discussed this, and he hemmed and hawed and said he should have looked harder at the truck.

I called Double D.  I had them get in touch with the trailer shop. They measured and chatted and figured - for almost an hour, I heard. Brian called me and asked what my truck was like, that they'd never had measurements like that on an F150 before.  Had I altered it?  I said no, but that now I was really concerned from a safety aspect to proceed.  I felt horrible, because I knew Double D had been working over time to get my trailer done by the agreed date.  And I was literally nauseous thinking I'd lose my deposit if I backed out.  Brian patiently, politely, respectfully assured me it would work.  He kept saying he just could not understand the measurements he was getting  from the repair shop, he couldn't "wait to see that truck" that was causing such difficulty.  He reassured me, saying this is their whole business - matching trucks and trailers.  They "know" what will work. He asked me to trust him.  Indifferent to my safety fears he suggested changing to an off-set couple - not so much from necessity but more to reassure me about cab clearance.  With my heart in my throat I went back the next day to the shop and gave them the go ahead to do the hitch.

With all the uncertainty, I was afraid to have the trailer delivered to me as originally planned- Double D is in Kinston, NC and I live in Leesburg, VA - about 5 1/2 hours away.  They also had to wait for the
off-set to arrive, setting things back at least a day.   So I made the
decision to drive down to Kinston to pick the trailer up.  So on Thursday, June 9 following a doctor's appointment I drove all the way down.  I'd called to let them know I was close - a few of the team were staying late to help fit it all together - and when I came on to the lot everyone was there just dying to eye-ball my odd truck!  And everyone was like, "That's just a regular truck!  What are they talking about?"

As soon as I approached the trailer I knew it would be ok - there was way more than 4 inches above the sides and we weren't even hitched yet.

They took out tape measures and couldn't figure out how the repair shop even measured - none of the clearance numbers they'd been given were even close to accurate.  There is NO clearance issue!

So after hooking up and checking everything out, Brian and I went into the office and I finished paying for my trailer.  I thanked him over and over for the patience and politeness that he showed, and for all the extra effort the team put in.  I left thinking how it is pretty rare these days to find a business that really understands customer service.  Double D lives and breathes it.

I drove all the way back, getting in about mid-night.  That long trip to pick up was a blessing in disguise.  I got a ton of driving experience with a gooseneck - small roads, highways, gas stations, even one instance of backing up - with no horses!  I felt like a pro by the time I was home.  Which was a very good thing because the very next morning I was throwing my gear in, loading my horse, picking up a friend with her gear and her horse -- and driving 4 hours to Allentown, PA area for a cow working clinic.  My truck handled that load, the roads, the trip, just fine.  The clinic site had camper hook-ups - the two of us felt like we were 12 again on a great adventure.  The Buffalo Living Quarter iscompact, but so well designed that we were quite comfortable.
It was just so much fun.

I've used it several times since, and am enjoying it more and more.
Eventually I will trade to a more powerful truck - but I don't feel an enormous rush.  I have noticed no issues what-so-ever hauling with my F150.

I am, though, on the look-out for a different trailer repair shop.  I mean seriously, if they cannot even measure correctly how likely is it that their repair work is done accurately.  I guess now I know why they were never able to fix the leak in the old trailer that started the whole trailer purchase!  But that mis-repair was another blessing in disguise; I wouldn't have this great rig had they gotten that right.

Here's hoping you and Double D do some business.  Say hi to Brian and Brad for me.  Tell them the picture is coming!  (They'll know what I mean!)

Rosemary Lawler-- Leesburg, VA

June 28th, 2011

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and everyone at Double D for my great trailer.  I know there are bigger rigs out there, but my little Buffalo trailer is absolutely perfect.  I used it for a weekend trip the day after bringing it home, and I felt like I was 12 again on a great adventure.  It was so much fun, and I was completely comfortable.

For such a tiny space, the storage is extensive and exceptionally well designed.  I love the screen door option - one night was blistery hot and I used the AC, but the next night was so pleasant I had the windows open and the screen door closed and it was lovely.

I also want to commend all of you on the patience shown during the last week or so before delivery of the trailer.  I'm the lady with the F150 who was told at the 11th hour by the hitch installer that I couldn't use the truck with the trailer - that the clearances were too small and it would be un-safe etc.  Brian Craft was so calm, polite and reassuring every time I talked with him on the phone.  When I arrived to pick up the trailer - half expecting to leave without it - it was so clear that Brian knew what he was talking about.  The truck and trailer work fine together and there is PLENTY of clearance.

Thank you again, for everything - designing it so well, getting it ready on time, and being so polite and patient every step of the way.  

Please pass my contact info to any customer who wants to know if Double D can be trusted...I'd be pleased to give a positive recommendation.
If anyone in Northern Virginia/DC area wants a look at a Buffalo, send'em my way.


Rosemary Lawler
Leesburg, VA 

June 27th, 2011

Hi Brad! 

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about you! 

I have been busy enjoying my new DD trailer!  I spent 3 nights in it during the Rolex 4 Star event at the Horse Park.  The first night there I invited a friend from St. Louis and her 4 friends to join me for a glass or two of wine.  It was cold out and we were all able to sit in the trailer around the table! We had 3 on the sofa and two in small folding chairs and I sat on the kitchen counter.  I even fed them dinner.  We had a great time and were very comfortable!  The weather was cold and windy the 1st 2 days and then hot the last day.  We used everything from furnace to AC! 

Every time someone saw me near it they would stop and ask about it.  I gave two tours of the LQ!  The comments were, "Very well planned!"  "Great size!"  "Has everything you need in a small space!"  "I've never seen a two horse with a slide out!  Great idea!"  I spent 2 more nights at a clinic up in OH and Saturday I hauled 2 horses to a nearby farm to a schooling show.  It rained the entire day and I did not want to stall them since there has been a case of strangles in town.  I left one horse in the trailer and rode the other.  They took turns standing in the trailer all day.  It was great to be able to latch the doors open and leave the ramp down and they were in the shade with a breeze AND out of the rain!  Though the trailer was not very visible as it was partially hidden by a barn, someone sought me out to ask about it.  Again I gave a tour of the LQ and the response was the same as before- well planned, has everything ...., neat idea, etc..  I love my trailer! 

I would rather have a 7 ft. wide trailer with a slide out than 8 ft. wide. I'm thrilled with my huge closet and tack compartment that I have in leu of another door into the LQ!  The movable head divider is wonderful! John drilled another hole so the divider can be latched at 90 degrees in front of either          horse.  With the horse in the trailer during the rain on Sat., I was able to latch the head divider at 45 degrees and use the LQ door and the horse on the driver's side was still able to reach his hay net.  I am delighted that we are able to have a queen size 'mattress'! I am so glad the trailer isn't any bigger!  It doesn't follow me like my tag along did and it is taking some getting use to! 

I can't think of anything else!  Thank you for a great trailer!

Ivy Loftice, Kentucky

June 20th, 2011

In August our trailer is 10 years old. The living quarters are still in great shape, everything working with little upkeep. I think the only thing we had to do was replace a water heater after 8 years. The horse section has had it’s share of wear and tear but all in all, in great shape. We still love our trailer after 10 years!


Julie and Terry Coats
Gold Hill NC

April 28th, 2011

Ok I am ready to be placed on the website as a VERY SATISFIED customer.

Brad it's so much more than I expected.  Internet shopping is good but you cannot grasp the quality and workman ship of your trailers from pictures or even videos.  Everything is so well made and it's more than I expected.  I did not know the TV antenna would be there - bonus for me!

Neil was wonderful too on delivery.  He explained everything to me and was so understanding.

Double D Trailers get my highest recommendations and an A+++ from me!

Thanks to everyone involved in selling, building and delivering my trailer!

Will keep you up to date with camping pictures later.

Susan Day, SC

November 8th, 2010
durable horse trailer


     I cannot tell you how overjoyed we are with the new trailer  Your attention to detail rivals that of the finest RV trailers.  Your finish and cabinet work is as tight as anything I have seen in the industry.  The fittings are all top class.  These trailers are by far the best value on the market.  The horses travel superbly well and load very easily.  The living quarters are awesome.  GREAT WORK!

Leslie McDonald & Douglas Froh
Full Cry Farm, Ohio

Sept 24, 2010


We wanted you to know that we received our 4-horse Revelation on Thursday and we are very pleased!  Neal delivered on time and was very helpful on the walk-through.  The trailer was obviously made with care and attention to detail.  Thanks to you and Double D for making this the largest, easiest and most satisfying purchase via the web. Simply incredible!

Bill LaPorte, Stafford, VA 


Sept 21, 2010 Happy Virginia Horse Trailer Owner

Hi Brad,

I Wanted to let you all know that I am very happy with my trailer. I have had it for over 1 year and it still looks brand new. I know times are tough and hobbies like horses tend to get hit, but I hope you all are able to stay in business and keep the quality and research going. Your expertise and dedication is truly appreciated. I bought my trailer sight unseen after a lot of research into all Aluminum trailers. I had previously had an all steel trailer that lasted 15 years and which I sold to someone else. I maintained and painted it so even though it did have minor rust it was still useable. When I found out about the zinc coated steel you used I had to have one of your trailers and when I found out you do the interiors it made it all the better.

Take care,
Leslie Wallington
Fort Belvoir, VA

August 13th, 2010

Hi, Brad.  In a nutshell, I love my new trailer.  We hauled to Parker Colorado and back in the blazing heat without a single glitch.  The wooden floor is such a great feature 'cause even in the horrid heat my mare stayed comfortable.  She got off at 10:15 p.m. in ~95 degree heat and was dry, not sweaty.  Her stall is enormous but she still barely fits--she is one honking huge dressage horse!  
We used the living quarters for the week in Parker.  Everything worked perfectly.  I was really impressed by the quality of the craftmanship and the details in the LQ.  The cabinetry is very nice, and the air conditioning is terrific.  
Probably, the best feature of the rig is the swing out tack closet.  Because the entire back end of the trailer is open, my horse simply stepped in with no concerns.  Unloading is so much easier.  She can turn around and walk out without that backing which often makes them so anxious as they wait to step off into the 'grand canyon.'
The woman who rides and competes my mare has ridden nationally for a number of years.  At the end of the week on the drive home, Katie remarked that this is the nicest two horse trailer she has ever seen.
The only job left now is for my mare to win since she has a nice ride for the show season.
My thanks to your crew~!  Terry In Kansas

July 6th, 2010
Australia Double D Trailer Owner

Hi Craig

Sorry – have meant to reply to you ever since the kids got home.  They arrived back Sunday week ago, and they tell me it towed beautifully.  I could not get over how big it is – but I have so happy with it, it is even more beautiful than I expected.  We are going to do some modifications before we put horses in it – our best horse is a rotten traveller and kicks so we have to pad behind him to protect him and the float.

All I can say is thank you for everything – we are absolutely thrilled.
Belinda Knight, Australia

June 29th, 2010
Australia Horse Trailer Owner
Hi all at Double D trailers ,

 I would just love to say a big thankyou for making my family such a beautiful trailer our 3 horse Renegade is the most awesome trailer, the custom design interior plan was exactly what I ordered.

The manufacturing quality is first class my husband Tim and I own a welding company here in Australia and Tim was extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship that is on our Renegade. Our horses seem to love travelling in the Renegade and we love owning it and we have had many positive comments from the numerous amounts of curious people at the many shows we have been to about the finish and workmanship on the trailer.

 I would also like to thank Craig Urand from USCARS  the Double D Trailers rep here in Australia for organising the purchase of our trailer.

  Im sure that many more Aussie’s will be towing a Double D Trailer in the years to come.

  Sandy Tucker
  South Australia
horse trailer for dog



November 2, 2009

Hi Brad, This is another testimonial to you and your entire group at Double D Trailers. As you well know, we ordered and purchased our first Double D trailer from you, a 2007 Trail Blazer. Ordering sight unseen was a scary thing but you were the best and the trailer was the fantastic. We told you then, if we ever need a bigger or different trailer it would be another Double D no matter what. I just wish all the folks looking to buy a new or used trailer would take time to investigate these Double D trailers.

They are the best. I am a person hard to please, I expect perfection and by golly I found something "as close as it gets " in these trailers and this company. As ours needs changed, and I found myself wanting a bigger trailer, the first place I went was to you at Double D. Just as I figured, you had just what I wanted and more, a used 2007 Rawhide EX, which means we did not have to wait to get it. This trailer looked like new.

We purchased the 2007 Rawhide EX. It is just perfect and all that I was looking for (which I knew it would be). No one can tell it is used, so they think it is new. That just shows how well these trailers are made and the quality put into them. Again like last time, you went over and beyond what anyone else would do to help us get that trailer. Being we live in Texas, we met half way in Atlanta Georgia to pick it up, a speedy 33 hours round trip.

It was very sad to see my Trail Blazer go, I did have tears in my eyes. It served me very well and I would still have it until the wheels fell off (I am sure that would have been after I passed away) if my needs hadn't changed. I guarantee you, that who ever gets the Trail Blazer we had will also be very pleased because it was well taken care of and always kept under a metal awning. Well even being exhausted on the way home from Georgia and pulling the Rawhide Ex back, we smiled and were excited all the way.

We couldn't wait to get the new trailer home to it's extended size awning we had enlarged while we were going to pick it up. This trailer will be pampered too. Maybe this will be our last trailer purchase, but if not, it will be back to Double D for the next one. I am sure our neighbors think we are crazy because we sit in that trailer and admire it. I am sure they are wondering why with that big ol house we have, we are sitting in that trailer for an hour or so just about every day. Thank you so very much Brad for all you do and the pride and integrity you put into your trailers. I has been a pleasure dealing with you, your staff and your Christian values. I feel like you are a friend, not just a business associate. We will one day take our time and meet you personally in North Carolina. Thanks again.

Pam and Matt Jordon
Bellmead, TX

July 25, 2009
I decided I was ready to upgrade to a larger trailer for my miniature horses.  The 5' tall, 5' wide trailer I owned was great for short trips with few a horses.  But when I traveled for more than a couple of hours, my horses became fussy and restless.  I also worried about them overheating when I was caught in traffic jams or moving slowly through large cities in the hot summer sun. 
I live in central Kentucky, in the heart of horse country, so I thought finding a suitable trailer would be simple.  I quickly learned I was quite mistaken.  Not only were there virtually no trailers in my area designed for miniature horses, the cost of modifying a "big horse" trailer was unbelievable.  Furthermore, nobody seemed the least bit interested in helping me find or build what I needed.  So I decided to try an internet search and see what I could find in other parts of the country.
That is how I discovered Double D trailers and Brad Heath.  Perusing the website, I really liked what I saw.  Double D trailers not only provided the quality I was hoping for, as safety and comfort for my horses was my biggest priority, the prices were quite reasonable.  I contacted Brad to ask if he was willing to help me design the trailer I needed.  And for the next several months, he patiently put up with my whims, demands, concerns, and needy-ness.  While I am sure there were times Brad did not welcome my telephone calls and e-mails, he was always polite, professional and as helpful as possible.  With my input, and a few pictures of my friend's trailers, Brad created the perfect trailer for me and my horses.
No longer do I worry about hot summer days or traffic jams or fussy horses.  Even my most spoiled gelding does not protest when I stop for gas or a soft drink!  My horses ride in comfort and style.  I bought the three horse slant bumper hitch trailer which Brad modified just for me.  The windows are at miniature horse level so I can feed and water easily, my horses can enjoy the scenery, and they stay cool and happy.  Each of the 6 "mini stalls" is safe, padded, and perfect.  I even have a tack room that doubles as a camper for me!  So no more hotels and being far from my horses when we travel.  And I get tons of compliments and admiration from other miniature horse lovers.
Thanks so much Brad, and DoubleD trailers!!
Joan Raines-Phillips
DreamChaser Miniature Horse Farm
Lawrenceburg, KY

May 14th, 2009

Give yourselves a pat on the back!   Our trailer is perfect for us.  We hauled from Ohio to the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina 
With out a problem.   If a vehicle handles well on the West Virginia Pike...you can say you have a winner!  Our first experience going that far from home and this trailer made it very enjoyable.  Thanks Brad for helping us resolve any small problem we encountered.
We are planning another week away and I am certain we will enjoy that as well!
Barb Matthew
Alliance, OH

April 8, 2009

I recently purchased a 2009 Townsmand 2-horse enclosed trailer from Double D Trailers in North Carolina.  Being unable to travel to North Corolina, the trailer was viewed over the internet prior to being purchased and was delivered to Boone, Colorado.  The photographs on the internet did not do the trailer justice.  I utilized the trailer within a week and was amazed how easily it was pulled.  The streamlined front had little to no drag and I had to constantly keep checking the rear view and side mirrors to insure I was still pulling it.  I have not seen another horse trailer like this except the highend luxury models.  I have looked at other manufactured horse trailers and none can compare to the one I purchased from Double D.  I would recommend Double D trailers to any horse owner.

Katherine, Boone, CO

October 15th, 2008

After looking for a gooseneck trailer for some time, we had seen some second hand ones in New Zealand some of which were bigger, smaller or not the right configuration.  We saw that O.L.P. were importing the Double D trailers and that we could have built exactly what we wanted.  There was great communication and useful suggestions from both O.L.P. and the manufacturer's at Double D, we have been very happy with our purchase of our three horse Experience model trailer.  Although in my business for most of the time it will be carrying saddles, tools and work bench which is when removable partitions are invaluable.

When I had the horses on the trailer for the first time they had no trouble loading and the ride was excellent. Not only does it ride well on the road, we think that it creates a great image for our business. 

Peter Hill
Just Saddles Ltd.
Tirau, New Zealand

October 11th, 2008

The time finally came that we needed a horse trailer and had been looking at 2 horse trailers with a dressing room.  Around the same time, the recent Hurricane had us rethinking our plans.  So we decided on a three horse with a living quarter in order to evacuate my horse and my family in the future.  We contacted three firms, two of which were told to us by other horse people, via the Internet with the same questions.  Brad was the only one who took the time to respond.  Not only did he respond to my numerous questions, he answered Kevin's questions about the items needed for his truck to make everything coincide - Brad has more patience than anyone I know. 
I'm a skeptic when it comes to large purchases over the Internet but Brad continued the dialogue with me and actually called me to further discuss my needs in regards to the trailer.  The final decision on which trailer to purchase was the most difficult part; everything after was as easy as could be.
Neil delivered not only the trailer I ordered but another for a friend who decided to upgrade; even arrived when he said he would.  This being the first trailer we have owned, Neil walked us through everything and made sure the gooseneck was correctly placed and we were familiar with the trailer before he left.
Everyone who has seen the trailer and who have heard us discuss our dealings with Brad have been so impressed by it, including us.  
Kevin & Robin Kennel
Harahan, LA

September 15th, 2008

This was the easiest transaction I have ever had!!  I just bought a used trailer from Double D and it can be pretty nerve racking buying something sight unseen!!  Darron was so easy to work with and was right on with his description of the trailer.  It was even in better shape than I had expected.  I also had a trade in and that was so simple as well.  Just e-mailed pictures and he gave me a really great offer on it.  The day I picked up my trailer I was having some problems with my vehicle's suspension and needed a different hitch.  I would have gladly bought another one from them, but Darron took mine and flipped it for me so I didn't have to shell out any more money.  I really thought that was a nice thing to do.  He took time to show me all about the trailer I bought and had me hooked up and on my way in no time.  He even gave me pointers on loading my very difficult to load horse.

You can really trust  what he says about his trailers.  He will tell you everything (good or bad) about any used trailer you may be looking at so don't be afraid to look at the used inventory.  I couldn't be happier with mine!!
If I ever need another one (which I doubt I will) I will go right back to Pink Hill, NC.
Thanks Darron!!
Kandi Little

September 12th, 2008

Well, if this wasn’t the most satisfying experience of buying something, then I sure missed it.  I am truly please with this transaction completely.  These guys are “A” plus to my wife and I.  This trailer is exactly what we were looking for, Brad and Darron were the best.  I look forward to buying another when this one wears out.  So far everything they said is completely right on.  If you need a trailer then stop here, ain’t no use to look any further.  They are always welcome in my home.  That’s what I think of all the folks at Double D. 

Mike Boan

Robertsdale, Alabama

September 1st, 2008

I have now made three trips in my new Revelation EX, custom built to my specifications, and I am so pleased with the trailer. 
The day it came, I took it to a campground within an hour of home for its "maiden voyage"...no horses.  No problems, at all, with anything and we were there two nights.  The next two weeks I made two trips with my horse, a two night trip and one for three nights...again no problems.
Having ordered this trailer on line and never seen a Double D before, I was definitely concerned about what was going to show up in my driveway.  The first thing I had to do was look into the living quarters that I had so specifically detailed and I was thrilled.  The man (Jimmy, I think) who did the conversion had understood, from directions, pictures, and only one phone conversation, what I wanted.  In an 8 1/2 ft. shortwall, 8 wide space, I have a wonderful efficiency apartment, that, due to the light colors I had picked and the light wood he used in the cabinets, looks even bigger.
Thank you, Darron, for patiently working with me.  And thank you, Jimmy, for understanding what I wanted.  And a big thanks to Neal, the driver, who so kindly helped me get boxes out of my old trailer after having been on the road for almost ten hours.
Teri Short 
Stamping Ground, KY

June 28th, 2008

Hey Darron....I don't know where to begin...This trailer is very impressive/ very well built and designed...We are so  pleased, and feel quite blessed to have found your company.  we will be out enjoying soon, and can't wait to break-it-in !!!

Can't thank you enough for letting us take advantage of the sale at such a late hour...you truly went out of your way to help us on our 4H Rawhide living quarter trailer..God Bless...

Randy & Alisa McGinnity and Family
Wheatland, North Dakota

May 6th, 2008

My trailer arrived last Saturday. It's everything I thought it would be and more. It has been a pleasure dealing with Double D. Had many fun conversations with Darron Tyndall. Would recommend them to everyone. As Darron and Neil the driver know, I had a party to celebrate it's arrival. Showed it off to all my horsey friends, who loved it. Many thanks to you guys. See you at the Horse Expo in Maryland in January!

Marie Churchill

April 23rd, 2008

I am very happy with Double D and all of you there treated me like a queen.  I will be spreading the good word and wish you all the best!

Thank you.

Tina Hall, Virginia

April 16th, 2008

The testimonials I read on your website. 

Jerry arrived this morning just like he said he would.   I am a customer service manager and have been for the past 10 years and your customer service has been impeccable.  I'm pretty sure I'm qualified to make that statement.

I love the trailer and look forward to using it!

Again,  thank you so much for being so easy to do business.   Be sure to tell Jerry how wonderful I think he is.

I'm from Georgia myself and I sure do miss the "southerness" of people like him.    

A Very Satisfied Customer.

Rhonda in Gilbertsville, PA  

Brad,  We got the trailer, it's awesome and just perfect for me!!!  Jimmy Outlaw is awesome as well, nicest people you would ever want to meet.  They were so helpful in showing me things about the trailer and how to hook it up.  We drove it around town and how easy that was!!!  Backing up of course is another thing, however it will take time and I have lots of that.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait for my little horsey to see it.
Double D Trailers is a pleasure to do business with. Will be telling all my friends about you guys.
Leslie in Naples, Florida

March 21, 2008

Hi Brad!

Just thought I'd drop a line to let you know we made it home with the trailer in one piece! Chelsea's dad even had her drive a few hours on the way home...needless to say I was quite nervous, but she did very well!
As I mentioned to Darron as we looked around the lot, I was even more impressed with your trailers in person as I was with the specs online. I can't tell you how many people were concerned that we were buying a trailer, sight unseen and traveling 650 miles to purchase it! If you could only see the raised eyebrows now that most have seen it...they are no longer concerned!
I would like you to extend our appreciation to Darron also...your business should always be a success if he remains with you. He's got the "gift of gab", like my husband, which is always a plus in any business!
It was a pleasure to finally meet both of you and do business with you.
Thanks again for everything!
Corry, PA

Oct. 30, 2007

Just wanted to drop you an email to tell you how satisfied I am with my trailer.  You know, I realize it took me awhile to decide which trailer I wanted, but you did help me decide and I thank you for that.  Darron was especially helpful when I came down to get the trailer and hitch installed.  He took the time to go over everything and just completed the whole package.   
I have had alot of compliments on the trailer and I tell everyone, when you buy a Double D trailer, you get more than the trailer.  You get great service. 
Thanks for all your efforts and I really enjoyed hanging out at your store while they installed my hitch.  Everyone was really nice and helpful. 
Best of Luck to you all! 
Williamsburg, Va.


October 22, 2007

First of all let me start with a big THANK YOU to Brad and everyone associated with Double D trailers.

It has been such an unexpectedly easy and pleasant experience buying a trailer from Double D that I feel compelled to tell as many people as I can.
Brad has to be the most patient man on earth.   He took his time and answered a million questions.  I had been researching buying a trailer for about two years.   I spoke to countless people and looked into several different trailers.  The road just kept leading me back to Brad.  I am so glad that I followed my gut instinct and went with Double D.  It was the best decision I could have made.   The further I got into the  deal the more confident II felt that I had made a good decisions.  Every step of the process was handled with efficiency.   You don't run across that kind of customer service very often anymore.  Not only do you get great customer service during the buying process you get the same customer service after the fact. 
The guys that do the deliveries are great.  Our deliver guy was Moose.  Even though Moose had a rough time during the delivery, he broke down in Jacksonville on the way down to Miami, arrived at our door with a smile on his face.  He took his time to show us all the features of the trailer.  He helped us hook up and adjust the electric brakes.  He even stayed when we took it for a quick spin to make sure all was ok.  We offered him a tip for his trouble and he refused it.  That to me spoke volumes about the integrity of Double D.

We have had the trailer for about a week and we took it out for it's maiden voyage yesterday.  It pulled like a dream.  It stayed right behind the truck with no swaying to speak of.   Not only is it solidly built but it is a good looking trailer as well.  
The trailer was more than I expected it to be and that rarely happens in life.  Anyone who is debating or hesitating about going with Double D... STOP....Debate no more........  Go for it ........you won't be disappointed.  You can count on and believe all the good things you read in the testimonials.  
Thank you to the Double D Team from two very satisfied Customers.  

Arleen and Otto Diaz
Miami, Florida 


August 10th, 2007

After literally years of looking for  a 2 horse gooseneck with LQ's and never finding the one trailer that fit all my needs I came across Double D Trailers..  Where I live is remote and there are no trailer dealers with 150 miles.  Traveling was not cost effective so  I began internet shopping.   It was a slow and time consuming process.
I came across Double D Trailers and found everything I was looking for.  The scary part was buying sight unseen.  I read the other testimonials and was  pleased to read everyone's positive experience with DD. Brad makes the entire experience go smoothly.  He was always available to answer all of my questions, His timeline was accurate with no hidden surprises.
 I live in Washington state and Double D is in NC. How much further away could I get?  Even with the hauling expenses, this trailer was far better priced then anything I have found anywhere else. The shippers that delivered my trailer were exceptional.  They were well informed with the trailer and went over every detail with me once they arrived. They kept in touch during the journey ,and they arrived excatly when they said they would, again no surprises. 
 My business logo and store name will be displayed on my trailer.  The overall impression of Double D Trailer's quality and my logo will yield the professional image that I am looking for.
I highly recommend Double D Trailers. I am so pleased with my trailer.  If you live within driving range, and would like to see a Double D  trailer ,you are more than welcomed to visit .
The construction of the trailer is excellent.  The professionalism and integrity of the company is outstanding. 
Thank you Double D Trailers.
Terri Howard
Wenatchee Washington

July 10th, 2007

I've had my trailer for 10 days now and I cannot say anything negative about the buying experience nor the trailer. From my first contact with Brad, and the contacts with the other people that made it possible to have the trailer (from loan to delivery), they were all professional, efficient and pleasant. 
The trailer is rock solid and is a dream to tow.  My husband, who does not ride, has been looking forward to going with me on an overnight trip just to stay in it.  
I can't say enough about Double D, the people that work with company and the product.  
Pat from Missouri   

June 14, 2007

Thanks Brad, Johnny and the rest of the Double D crew!!!!!
To say that we are happy with our new trailer would be the understatement of the year. When I contacted Brad about purchasing a new trailer I was really in a crunch and only had 10 days to get one. Brad was a great help and Johnny delivered the trailer with 2 days to spare. We were very skeptical about purchasing a trailer sight unseen but with 2 shows already done, we are happy we found Double D. We tell anyone who will listen about the AAA+ rated service and quality you get from Double D. We will recommend your company for years to come and when it's time to buy a larger trailer, we already know where we will be buying it from. Again, thanks for everything!!!
Charlene, Chuck & Samantha Melnick
Holland Patent, NY

June 11, 2007

My husband and I had a Double D trailer made for us back in 2001 and 
to this day we love it as much as we did back then.  When we have had 
"little" problems, Brad and company were there to help us. We hope 
our trailer last forever but when it does come time to look for a new 
one I know we will be driving back to Pink Hill.
Julie and Terry Coats
Mount Pleasant, NC

May 22, 2007

Brad & Staff,
What a pleasure it is to deal with a company that supplies a wonder product with terrific PAINLESS customer services.  We have our own company and pride ourselves on customer care.  It is so refreshing to find a company with our same ethics.  Thank you for helping us pick out a beautiful trailer and bringing ti right to my front door.  This is our second horse trailer we purchased from you and we will gladly refer you to all who inquire.  We needed the larger trailer now since my oldest daughter is competing in English & Western Pleasure.  Your Website is simple and you are always available by phone as well.  God bless you all and thanks again.
The Satcher Family
Christopher, Phyllis, Emily Ann & Olivia


May 4th, 2007

I received my 2 Horse Deluxe gooseneck trailer on April 21, 2007 and took the first road trip with it on April 22.  It is everything I had hoped it would be!  Brad was extremely helpful in answering my questions and helping me know just what model would work best for my needs.  I had previously only owned bumper pull trailers, so I had some trepidation regarding changing to a gooseneck, especially since I would be towing with a short-bed truck.  Again, Brad was very helpful in answering those questions, even talking with the hitch installer regarding placement of the hitch.  Using an off-set hitch on the trailer took care of any problems with clearance.  It is a dream to haul and I fully expect to enjoy using it for many, many years.

Donna Ball
Ellison Bay, WI

January 22nd, 2007

Dear Brad,
    This is Pamela Jordon, from Bellmead, Texas who just purchased the 2007 Trail Blazer.  I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure and wonderful experience it has been doing business with you.  I have never made a purchase sight unseen, especially one so expensive.  I investigated your product for about a year and you always sent me information via e-mail or to my husband, Matt, over the phone.  You have been so patient with all the questions (some very crazy) both negative and positive and when I changed my mind a zillion times.  When asked about other manufacturers, you never said an unkind word about their product, you always said, "They build a good trailer."  Your integrity is rarely found.  All the other trailer manufacturers we called could not wait to cut down others.  You seem to be a very honest and Christian person and needless to say make a superior trailer.  I have never been more pleased with anything in my life (except my grandchildren and horses) as I have been with my new Trail Blazer.  It is everything you said and more.  The quality speaks for itself.  On the day we got the trailer (there was a down pout of rain), we just sat in the trailer for hours just smiling and enjoying the love and quality put in this trailer.  I am a very, very, hard person to please, but you did it.  The little extra things like the lighted pull up handle on the side of the living quarters door made me giggle, its so cute, I didn't expect it.  This trailer is everything I wanted and more. The price is extremely reasonable.  Higher priced, and "bigger" named trailers do not hold a torch to you. Bigger is not always better.  In the entire trailer there was only one thing a little off, this picture window shade is a little crooked, that's it.  I told you I was a perfectionist.  Give a big hand to your employees and yourself for a trailer of high quality, and attractive too. With out good craftsmen, the quality wouldn't be there.  The trailer even arrived a month before I expected it.  Needless to say, I am thrilled.  The delivery man was so nice and informative, Mr. Outlaw was fantastic.  He treated the trailer like it was his own.  I wanted to thank you again for making my little dream trailer come true.  You can use my husband and me for any testimonials about the trailer quality and excellent service.  If I ever get another trailer, it will be a Double D!!  At the barrel races I go to, I will be doing some heavy bragging about my Double D trailer.  Thanks again from an extremely Happy Customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                     horse trailer buyers
                        Pam and Matt Jordon,
                        Bellmead, Texas 1/22/2007


December 12, 2006 

Buying anything for more than a couple hundred dollars without seeing it is daunting.  However, that is exactly what I did when I bought a new Double D Bumper Sport.  I trusted the website and Brad Heath that the trailer would be everything they claimed.  As the boys delivering it pulled up the driveway with my new trailer, I could see from the porch what a great looking trailer it was.  But even better, as I started going over it, I could see the quality that Double D puts into these trailers.  I am extremely satisfied with the rig.  It pulls great, looks great, and the shop doing the Virginia safety inspection said it was solidly built.  Everyone who has seen it comments on it.  Thanks, Brad, for introducing me to your company.  I look forward to many happy miles with my horses in the Double D.
Best Regards,
Mike Wilkins

November 17th, 2006

My Wife And My self Would Like To Thank Brad And All The Team At Double D For Building Such A Fine Trailer Brad Is Understanding And Very Helpful.  This Is Our 2nd Double D Trailer And If We Should Ever Purchase Another One It Would Be A Double D The Delivery Was Right On Time And You Cant Beat Jimmy Outlaw As He Shows You Everything You Need To Know About The Trailer Thanks Again Double D
Don & Sue Dean
Kalkaska Michigan  


November 15th, 2006

To all who may have reservations of buying a trailer online. With Brad and the DoubleD Trailer you cannot go wrong. My husband and I just purchased the Rawhide LQ, 3horse slant. When time came for delivery I had nightmares of having a 31 inch trailer delivered instead of 31 feet. The trailer was delivered on time and was indeed 31 feet:). I had never made such a large purchase sight unseen but was extremely pleased with Brad and the trailer. It was everything that was advertised and is beautiful. We took it for a spin around the area to get the feel of pulling a gooseneck. It tows great. When we got home we put the horses in just to see if they would load in their brand new digs. Napoleon was hesitant but when Maverick the old hand at any kind of trailer went right in without blinking, Napoleon followed. I am sure that we all will have many delightful camping trips to talk about.
Thank you Brad for all of your help.
Lyn and Nick
Chino Valley, Az.


November 1st, 2006

I want to thank Brad and the people from Double D Trailers for the beautiful horse trailer that I just bought.  Everything was just as advertised. I had done a lot of research and couldn't find anything out there that met my needs, then I was the ad from Double D. I knew I didn't want aluminum  and then there was Brad. He answered all my questions both on the phone and my e-mail. It was delivered on time, actually it was delivered before the time given. I got a call from Johnny, one of the drivers, asking if Sun. was an OK day to deliver and that they would be there sometime between 8 am and 12 noon. When I got up Sun morning there they were sitting in front of my house. After showing me how everything worked and helping me hook up, they made sure I didn't have anymore questions before they left again. I have yet to use it but have driven it around the neighborhood, my friends' husband came over, he actually found it on the net for me, and was quite impressed. I love the wrap around tack room. Can't wait to haul my horse in it, it will be quite stylish, as I just bought a new pickup to go with it. Thank you Brad, you made it very easy to own a trailer. 
Mesa, AZ


September 20th, 2006

I purchased my new Trail Blazer from Brad in May of this year.  I had done a lot of research and knew what I wanted.  Since I am from Ontario, Canada where the weather can be pretty nasty, I didn't want aluminum.  When I discoverd Double D,  Brad was there to answer all of my questions and concerns.  I went ahead and bought it,  sight unseen and was reassured by Brad that if I didn't like it, there would be no problem. It was delivered on time and exceeded my expectations.  Chris met us in Buffalo and went over everything to make sure I knew how this new beauty operated.   I have used it several times and it certainly catches peoples attention as they have never seen another like it.  For the quality and the price, it is an awesome unit.  Importing the trailer into Canada was a breeze and I highly recommend these trailers to everyone.  To this date, Brad is always there for me if I have a question about how something works or if something has gone wrong.  Thanks Brad for your exceptional service.  I look forward to many years of enjoyment with my new trailer and promise to return when I am in the market for another.
Kelly Ghikadis
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada


August 1, 2006

My trailer was just delivered.  All my hours of research really paid off.  I have a beautiful trailer, at a great price, at a weight that is not intimidating.  I am proud to have a Double D this far out in the west.  Everything about it is better than I ever imagined, even better than the pictures.  I thank you again and again for always being there to answer my zillions of e-mails and for helping me make a wise decision.  You certainly did beat the "big boys" as far as customer service is concerned and I couldn't be happier with my little trailer.  Maybe sometime I will e-mail you and tell you about the wonderful places I have taken my camper.  Regards, Jean in Utah.


July 28, 2006

Brad, A small token of our sincere thanks for the personal care and attention you gave us during our business dealings with you.  The efforts you made on our behalf were way beyond the "call of duty."  The trailer is great too!

                With Warm Regards,
                Sue and Huang Wen-Cheng and Family
                Taipei, Taiwan


July 12th, 2006

Brad & Donald,

Eric and I purchased our Double D Trailer last October.  We actually drove 9 hours to pick it up.  Once we arrived, Donald Heath helped us into our new trailer, explained how to work all of the amenities and even changed out a faulty plug-in wire, despite a family crisis.  These people are top-notch!
Since October, we have been on several horse camping trips, from Central Georgia to Jamestown, Tennessee.  We have absolutely loved our trailer!  We seem to draw attention from people unfamiliar with the brand.  However, everyone seems very impressed!
Now that we travel more, we have seen other Double D owners and our encouraging our friends with "high-priced models" to sell out and visit Double D.  You definitely get more for the money.  Everyone loves the swing out tack room and wide open rear entry.  Even my hard-to-load 4-year old walks easily in and out.
We just wanted to add to the testimonials.  We are very pleased with our purchase.
Thanks again!
Eric & Amy Miller
The Rock, Georgia



May 29, 2006
We would like to let you and anyone interested in purchasing a Double-D trailer how pleased we are with our Classic II 2 horse slant load trailer, and your personal help.
About 2 hours after we left your facility with a brand new trailer we got caught in a horrific situation with an 18 wheeler tanker that lost it trying to avoid hitting a car that crossed 3 lanes of traffic and ran right in front of the 18 wheeler.  The truck driver locked it down to avoid running over the car and in the process he lost control and ran us off the interstate with nowhere to go except a debris landed inside shoulder with a guardrail.  There was nowhere to go except ride a violently rough ride out and pray that we would live.  The 18 wheeler came so close that it hit our passenger side mirror before he finally started pulling out of it.  We were riding the guardrail with barely an inch between the trailer tandem and the rail on one side the the truck tapping us on the other.
We were in a 2006  F350 with integrated towing package and a Double D trailer that performed flawlessly.  If the trailer had not followed the truck perfectly and expediently then we would not be here today.
Also note that wherever we go with our trailer professional horse trainers have noting but compliments, and as one said yesterday, "Double D got it right on the rear tack, paint quality, sealant, and overall attention to detail.
It was great doing business with you Brad and thanks again for all your help.
Sue and George Harmony
Fort Valley, Georgia


May 8, 2006


Jimmy delivered our trailer this morning!  WOW!  It is beautiful.  Ray kept repeating over and over how he couldn’t believe how much trailer we got for our money!  This being our second new trailer to buy from Double D, we thought we knew all about the features, but Jimmy took the time to go over every feature, set up, etc.  and once again, we were in awe at how knowledgeable and patient he was!  (The awning was fun!  We are going to practice that a little more as a “team.”)  I can’t wait to show my new trailer to my trail riding buddies….that’s all they’ve heard about for the past month!

Thank you, again for all of your help!

Martha Goyet

St. Paul, TX

May 2, 2006

Hi Brad:  I am very impressed with your customer service.  I received my trailer and had a few problems one year after I purchased it.  Living in Florida and you are in the Carolina's I thought OH Boy, I have a problem.  I discussed the problem with you and you had no problem getting it fixed.  This is very rare.  Thank you again and keep up the good customer service.  
Roseanna, St. Could, Florida

April 21,2006

Double D Staff:
We received our 3 horse deluxe trailer yesterday!!  WOW!  We are still showing off to our friends.  It is so much more than expected.  You often see things on the internet, and are disappointed when you receive it because it just doesn't look the same.  That IS NOT the case here!  What you see is what you get!  Chris who delivered our trailer was super!  He made sure to show us everything.  We are ready to travel!  Thanks for all your help!  You made the process fast and easy.
Todd and Amy, MS




Dear Brad and the Crew at Double D,

My wife and I purchased our trailer sight unseen from Brad on the internet. We purchased a 2003 2 horse Sportabout with overnight quarters in the front.  After much thought, I had doubts about quality and was getting cold feet about the purchase.  Brad assured us that if we did not like it for any reason we did not have to take delivery.  When I met their driver to take delivery I was looking for any reason to send it back.  I was very impressed with the look and quality of the trailer.  I went over the trailer with a fine tooth comb and the more I looked the more I was impressed.  We took delivery of the trailer and have been using it ever since.  The quality of the paint and wood work was excellent.  The trailer has even made a trip from Maryland to Strugis South Dakota with my Iron Horse in the back.  It pulls like a dream and still looks as good as the day we bought it in 2003.  Brad you all build a great trailer I am looking forward to doing more business in the future.  I recommend Brad and Double D highly and have told all of my friends about them.  You can't go wrong with Double D. 
Raymond and Lisa Chairs
St. Leonard, MD


March 21, 2006

Hi Brad and the crew at Double D Trailer,
Got our horse trailer this weekend....WOW!!!!  What a great job with the delivery and a beautiful trailer.  We are extremely pleased.  I am especially impressed with your crew as when you were getting ready to do the graphics you weren't sure of the color and you emailed with photos so we could get an idea ourselves.....A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!  We did end up changing our minds, thanks for the heads up on that.  Gai and I can't wait to take "the boys" on their first excursion with the new ride for them!!!!!  And I can't wait to sleep in it as opposed to on the ground.  I would recommend Double D Trailer to anyone and actually already have......so if you have to deliver to the Southwestern part of Colorado it is due to the GREAT HORSE TRAILER BUILT BY DOUBLE D AND ITS CREW!!!!
Gai and Trudy, Colorado

March 16th, 2006

Hi Brad, the trailer arrived tonight. They got here about 10 pm, apparently took a really convoluted route. Arrived in good shape. My goodness, what a huge trailer! We were both really surprised! Bigger than any we looked at, and we looked at quite a few!!! Well, it is well within the specs for hauling for my car, a 2005 Isuzu Ascender. Hard to believe though! We are a little stunned at it, it is really a beautiful trailer, better than any we have seen. We were a little worried about fitting the Belgians in it, but this will work! We plugged it into the outlet on the car just to see it lit up, wow. The outlet on the car is a bit buggered up, but worked, we'll have to fix that. We are both amazed. I think we could make it an RV it's so roomy. A whole lot of trailer for the money, I'll tell you. Eventually we want to get a dually, that will be extra nice with it. Anyway, we are really impressed, it was just more than we expected in every way. Will try it out this weekend and let you know how she drives! Thanks a lot for everything. We'll keep you posted. Thanks again, will talk soon! Will send you some comments for your customer pages! Carolyn and Lyle, and the horses....Lucy , Daphne, Thunder, Thor, Cinnamon, Chance, River, and ???Baby in May, Bethel, Ohio


Dec 6th, 2005

Dear Brad,
I am part of the Lubbock, Texas team that bought  a 4 horse slant load trailer from you this summer. Ingrid  Fry and her husband Charles picked up the trailer at your North Carolina factory.
I am remiss in not having written you sooner. I have thought about writing many times, to tell you how much we have enjoyed the trailer. We took the trailer (and 4 horses) on a shakedown overnight trip to Caprock State Canyon --about  3 hours from here- and took it to a horse event in Dallas (an eventing schooling) in Dallas. We actually showed Rainbow at her first eventing trial in October, (also in Dallas--different course) and took a couple of the other horses along to school.  In addition, we have trailered the horses several times over to ride with friends, and have been to local shows. For our annual appearance in the Cowboy Symposium Parade, it was sheer luxury to be able to load 4 horses at once and not have to make two trips. We LOVE this trailer. Our favorite part is the swing-out tack compartment, because it makes the inside so much more open and inviting when loading horses, but the ramp is a close second. We have loaded a couple of "problem" loaders for friends, and their horses have walked right in the Double D. We have camped in the living quarters part--it snugly sleeps 3--on both the trips to Caprock and the trips to Dallas. For Ingrid, and for me, after having horses most of our lives, but never having our own trailer, it is a dream come true.

Jan and Richard Norton

Charles and Ingrid Fry
Lubbock, TX

Dec 5th, 2005


Thought I would finally drop a line regarding our 2005 Rawhide EX we purchased a few months ago.  Just wanted to let you know that the trailer is as expected with great looks, overall great quality and nice fit and finish.  Everything works and nothing came loose on its 2500 mile journey across country.  My Ford Super Duty pulls it with ease and is smooth and stable at speed.  We looked at a lot of trailers and were leery of buying one without seeing it first, but everything turned out great and it met our expectations.  I’ve had it to a couple events and have shown it to several people who have never seen a Double D trailer way out here in Arizona.  All had positive comments!  I’d be happy to show it to anyone for you.  Thanks to all at Double D for making the experience positive from answering questions, setting up financing and for an on time delivery!

Jeff and Dawn Wilson
Phoenix, Arizona

Oct.21, 2005 
   I LOVE my trailer!  As you know, I researched and studied for over a year till I finally decided on the “trailer for me”.  I couldn’t be happier – Double D certainly provided the most trailer for the money that I found!      It was even worth driving 1,300 miles (one way) to pick it up!   The Experience model that I got is absolutely perfect for me!  It looks beautiful with my truck and I am proud to be driving down the road with my rig.
     Everything works great and even my “hard to load” mare practically jumps right in!  Thank you so much for everything you did to help me with my decision and for all your patience and the millions of e-mails you answered!
    I am a totally satisfied customer and whole-heartedly recommend Double D trailers to everyone who’ll listen!!

            Dori Blesh Goldthwaite, TX

September 6, 2005

We received the new 2006 Bumper Sport this past weekend. Just have to say Thank you! and What a Great trailer this is. Everything we had hoped for and more.  Just want to Thank everyone  that was involved, 

Brad: for all the time & effort that you put into getting this trailer ready for me from all the pre-sale questions to paperwork to setting up the delivery. Thanx! Again for all that you have done.

Marie: for making sure we had all the paperwork necessary so that all went smoothly.

Chris: (and his family) for the delivery of this trailer (almost 1900 miles) and for showing all the features of the trailer when they got here. Great People!! 

And to Everyone else that was involved Thanx!! For this Great trailer.

I hope the next one will be a custom one to match truck!

Cyndi Reed      Rapid City SD 57703



I would like to thank you and your organization for the excellent service you have provided in building my new trailer.  My wife and I have had horses for over 35 years and decided that now was the time to splurge and buy a “new” trailer.  Since we both drive, we needed something that would allow us to carry our various buggies and carts to shows, in addition to our horses.  In order to do that, we contacted many of the various trailer manufacturers and discussed our needs and hopefully proposed solution.  In almost every case they could not accommodate us, and even if they could the cost would be prohibitive.  However, when we contacted you the attitude was totally positive.  Your attitude was that we could do it, but would have to work out the details. 

The result was exceptional.  I have sent you pictures of the trailer with our 2 wheeled cart in it.  The form, fit and function of the trailer you designed for us is exceptional.  We are more than satisfied with the result. 

Since I had to have a hitch installed, I took the time and walked through your facility.  I was able to see a number of trailers in various stages of completion and to observe your crews at work.  I was impressed with all of it.  You can be proud of your operation.

I stand at your service.  If for some reason you need to show a trailer to someone up here in the Northeastern Tier of states, feel free to send them to me.  I will sing your praises and gladly let them see your great work.

George W. King, Westport, NY    8/24/05  




took the new trailer to a polocrosse clinic for the weekend. Boy what a change from the old trailer!! there was a lot of oo's and ah's from the people there. that awning was a life saver in all of the heat this weekend. by the way that stain that was on the floor mats...... our Percheron cross took care of that as soon as she stepped in the trailer the first time, what i had to clean was a lot worse than a little water stain. thanks for all of the help, the trailer is all we hoped for and more.
Harvey and Laura Webb, Providence, NC 7/28/05


6:58:12 PM
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Purchased a 16' stock trailer, it's GREAT. Brad was great to deal with. Jimmy delivered the trailer and went over everything with me, including putting the awning up and down 3 times until I had it right!! I'd recommend these folks and their product to anyone looking for a trailer.

Gail Hendrix, 8744 Lodi Covert Townline Road, Interlaken, NY 14847; brewster67@juno.com

1:17:46 PM
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hey brad, just wanted to let you know that my trip from n.c. back to maine went well. we drove back in 16 hours. i love the trailer, it hauls well, and my horse loves it too- needed that approval! thanks again for all the pre-arrangements that you made for me before my arrival, as well as the loaner vehicle that you gave us to drive for the day! it was much appreciated. talk to you sometime! -nicole hamner, maine

2:54:56 PM
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I hope this note finds all well with you and yours (especially Turner)!

I want to tell you and Brad how pleased and happy I am with the 2001, Titan Renegade, two horse, slant load, 2001 my husband and I purchased April 9. It perfectly met my expectations and then some. I spent three days spit shining it and doing some touch up painting. When I'm finished adding all my personal touches, hitch it, and load it for one of my week-end rides with my 50 something girlfriends, I'll have Ron take a picture and send it to you.

Thank-you so much for being so helpful, honest, and facilitating a remarkably pleasant purchase.

Much love,

Lilla (and Ron) McClendon, Watkinsville, GA

p.s. My only regret is that I didn't get to meet all of you in person!

10:54:03 AM
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I bought a 2002 DD gooseneck trailer and have LOVED this trailer for the past 3 years. I love everything about it. Unfortunately, I have made the decision to get out of horses. I listed my DoubleD online and sold it within 3 days....and got my asking price. Can't say enough good things about these trailers....and now I have firsthand experience at how well they hold their resale value. Once again, I am amazed!!! Brad - thank you so much for all of your help for the past 3 years. You never failed to answer my emails...you guys are FANTASTIC.

Barbara LeMay New Kent, Virginia

11:19:37 PM
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Just bought an Experience model 3 horse SL. Staff was excellent, see Jimmy. Pulled back to SC like a dream.

These guys are excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buck Turbeville TNT Stables 5810 Salem Road New Zion, S.C. 29111


Date: 1/18/2005 Time: 4:47:20 PM Remote User:


Double D trailers are top of the line trailers at competitive prices. The customer service has been outstanding and their staff has been extrememly helpful. I would recomend them to anyone looking for a high quality trailer.

I took their motorcycle trailer and converted it into a portabe show room with living quarters. It worked really well for me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my trailer, Double D's service or thier high quality product. Chad Raymon Nashville, TN raymonchad@aol.com

1:10:53 PM
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In April, we bought a new 2 horse Slant load. Naturally we were excited, and even more so when we learned that the trailer was done 1 week earlier than expected. Unfortunately we hit a (let's call it a)vacational snag. Neither my fiance, or myself could get matching days off to travel down and take posession of our newest toy. After talking with our salesman, "Brad" we found out they would be more than willing to hold the trailer until we could make it down in two weeks. Being from the North East we were especially grateful for the fact that they were not interested in charging a storage fee. So end result, after driving 12 hours straight through, and finding out that they stayed late to meet us, as they knew we were on our way. We happily pulled away with our brand spankin' new 2004 Double D 2 horse Slant load. Excellent service, awesome people to do business with. Would I do business with them again? Sure, but they built the trailer so damn well, I doubt it will be anytime soon. <g> We do horse transportation, and have placed a link on out website. Believe me, if I didn't appreciate everything they did for us, I wouldn't waste my bandwith suggesting them! Great trailer Guys We love it.

~Stacy & Patrick jhaes.us

10:11:33 AM
Remote User:


Hi Brad,

I have had a chance to transport horses and use the trailer for a weekend. We are really enjoying it. I consider the unit to be well worth the money. It tows well and the systems function well.

I am what you would call the backyard horse owner with a limited income. I could not afford a bigger truck and I certainly could not afford the money for some of the big name trailers that did not provide the amenities that your Experience Trailer does in its price range. Thank you for the help and for providing the affordable alternative to me in buying a horse trailer with very reasonable weekend living quarters.

Regards, Craig Beachler, Church View, VA

8:36:20 AM
Remote User:



I have told several people about your stolen horse trailer. We are all keeping an eye out for it. I wish I could tell you some clue of it's where abouts, but so far nothing.

I hope you find it, and prosecute the people who stole it. Please let me know if you get any news, or where abouts of the trailer. Good Luck Brad. By the way...I absolutely LOVE the horse trailer I bought from you. I definately made the right choice...Sherri..Wooster, Ohio

10:02:44 PM
Remote User:


I bought an Experience 3-H October 4,2004. I just made my first trip to The PKC World hunt in Western Kentucky, this weekend 14 - 17 with it. I stayed at the Wranglers campground in The Land between the lakes. You would not believe the number of questions I answered about the great looks and the TACK-A-Round feature. I drove 815 miles oneway to get my new trailer(I live in Indiana)and to meet Brad Heath. He is one of the nicest fellows you will ever deal with. This trailer pulls super nice and sleeps good too. I highly recommend this trailer to everyone. Thanks to you Brad and the gang! Thom Hacker pthacker@ccrtc.com Cloverdale, IN

4:16:37 PM
Remote User:


Hey Brad, It's been almost a year since you delivered my 10' bumper-pull. Couldn't be happier! Pull with a 2004 Ford Explorer and you don't know the trailer is back there. This trailer was purchased and delivered sight unseen. You delivered everything promised and on time. A great quality trailer at a fair price........Thanks

Tom Metzler, Fair Lawn, NJ

10:14:36 PM
Remote User:


We are extremely pleased with our new Double D Horse Trailer...Brad was awesome to work with and Jimmy did an incredible job building our trailer to our specifications....I would highly recommend anyone who may be looking for a well built custom made trailer to contact Double D Distributors in Pink Hill NC...We couldn't be more satisfied with the whole experience. Sonja Dean and Ken Hicks 2685 Mt Pleasant Rd Willow Spring NC 27592

9:10:17 AM
Remote User:



4:19:03 PM
Remote User:


I searched for a Gooseneck Trailer for over a year. After looking at several differnt brands and comparing quality and prices I purchased a Double D. In my opinion they are the best trailer on the market for the money. The quality and craftsmanship are second to none. My 16 footer pulls like a dream and turns heads at every trail head and show. Thanks Brad for all your help. I am a very satisfied customer.

Tim Boyd Bluefield, VA

10:11:58 PM
Remote User:


Date: 6-1-04 We purchased our first DD gooseneck trailer with living quarters in 2001. Brad custom made it to our needs. We enjoyed it tremendously and pulled it across several states never with any problems.

In 2004 we sold it at a good price the first week it was on the market.Then we purchased our 2nd DD. This one even bigger and better than the first! As usual, Brad worked with us to ensure every detail we wanted. He and his staff are the greatest to work with. From the guys in the work shop to the girls in the office. The beauty,quality, workmanship and PRICE can't be beat. Believe us... we drove from Texas to N. Carolina to buy DD.. not once but twice! The trailer pulls so nice you hardly know it's there.

At trail rides we pull right next to the Sooners and Sundowners who are amazed at the DD trailer inside and out!

We recommend DD to everyone. It is well worth it and the road trip there is great!

Johnny & Malissa Scarborough- Waco, Texas

1:27:24 PM
Remote User:


While we had some confusion initially on the trailer specs we required, Brad and the team at Double D went out of their way to ensure at the final delivery we were happy campers. Great customer service! Bob Cummings, Owner, True North Farm, Versailles KY

1:30:51 PM
Remote User:


WOW!!! Love our new trailer and have had lots of comments from people at horse shows. Brad was great to work with. I liked the idea of getting to deal directly with the manufacturer. We purchased a 20' bumper pull trailer and DD did a really nice job building it. When it was delivered it looked better than we dreamed of and the tack closet mounted on the door is awesome. Keep up the good work Brad and DD. Marc Elder, Downs, Illinois.

3:55:53 PM
Remote User:


Hi Brad i want to thank you for taking the time with me on buying this trailer you were so much help you were fast helpful and polite all though i never met you i feel ive knowed you all my life also brad jimmi outlaw and his helper are the most helpful people ive ever met even though it was very late and they had come a long way and were tired they still took the time to show me around the trailer these two guys are very very good people all though we will probley never see each other again i will never forget them please tell them thanks again for me thanks again brad Don Dean (Kalkaska, MI) P.S My wife and i love the trailer

12:37:57 PM
Remote User:


1ST Purchase: July 2004

I bought a two horse bumper pull trailer...it is the most beautifully designed trailer I've seen. It is so functional with the inside tack area for my saddles and bridles and it is actually large enough for me to use as a dressing area. The swinging divider gives you extra space for your horse. The exterior is simply gorgeous with graphics and chrome wheels. I love it and most importantly...my HORSE loves it!!! She goes in and out easily...My sincere thanks to Brad and my peronal delivery person...Jimmy Outlaw. Betty-Ann Pjura...Shelton, CT bapjura2002@yahoo.com

2nd Purchase: December 2007

Hi. I live in CT and I am very happy with the Double D Trailer Distributors. I have recently traded my trailer in to Double D for the 2007 model...same type of trailer but a newer model. I needed the 2007 model because the back door lock was much more secure than my 2004 model.
The owner of the company, Brad Heath, provides outstanding customer service. He has fully guaranteed his product and is truly concerned with satisfying his customers and their safety. I cannot compare his level of service with anyone I've ever dealt with.
The delivery of the trailer to my home is another excellent service. They drove the new trailer right to my house and picked up my 2004. The persons driving the trailer back and forth are the nicest people the deliver the product in perfect condition.
Please let me know if you have any other questions. You will certainly be satisfied. The way this company stands behind its products is very impressive.
Betty-Ann Pjura...Shelton, CT. bapjura2002@yahoo.com

9:39:12 PM
Remote User:


WE LOVE our new Double D gooseneck 3 horse trailer. The trailer pulls great. We really like the swing out tack area! We've had so many people comment on the swing out tack area, and of course we let everyone know where we got this great trailer.

We also received exceptional service! Thanks AGAIN Brad

Susan & JR Laughinghouse Ferrum, Virginia



10:18:15 PM
Remote User:


We at JBarS Ranch and Total Control Training Center purchased a DD Trailer about 3months ago and have never pulled any trailer that pulls easier than the DD.Wa would recommend DD and Brad Heath to any one who is looking for a new trailer. We have had a lot of compliments on the quality and the swing out tack room. Thanks Brad and DD trailers.

Raymond and Susan Laughinghouse Ferrum ,Va.

10:37:56 PM
Remote User:


We bought a two-horse gooseneck with living quarters, back in January. I found Double D on the internet, as there was no one in our area that carried a two-horse gooseneck...they all pushed the three-horse! We absolutely love it! It is easy to haul, and the extra room in the side-by-side has allowed me even to trailer a 2400 lb Belgian draft horse! We were at a weekend trail ride in Tynan, TX and had several people come up to us to ask where we had found our trailer...and Texas Trail Riders are hard to impress!!!!!! Brad was wonderful to line up delivery in our area, and we recommend him to everyone! Martha Goyet St. Paul, Texas

10:59:21 AM
Remote User:


I bought the 2 Horse Gooseneck Deluxe with Living Quarters. I absolutely LOVE this trailer - and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. The paint job on the Double D trailers is THE BEST that I have seen on any steel trailer anywhere. The LQ work was fantastic and was done almost 2 full weeks ahead of schedule.

I received a very fair trade-in price on my old trailer, and Brad was willing to work with me. I drove all the way from Richmond, VA to the dealership in NC to get my trailer...TWICE....so that goes to show how much I thought of these trailers and this dealer.

The sales process was great and having the ability to get pre-approved for financing online was an added bonus they have over other dealers. I can't say enough about how happy I am with the entire deal. Those guys are AWESOME!!!

Barbara LeMay Richmond, VA

1:05:59 PM
Remote User:


My wife and I purchased our new trailer back in June of 2002.With the first time pulling it home I could feel that the 4-horse trailer was lite.The van we use pulls it overdrive. I would highly recommend a close look at the Double D Trailers you have. Douglas & Cynthia DeMurry-Cumbo Hubert,NC

11:49:47 AM
Remote User:



We have really enjoyed our new horse trailer. The Double D trailer that we selected more than met the needs and requirements of the "overnight-campers" that we have become. The two-horse slant deluxe model has plenty of room for our big Walking Horses; the tack is all enclosed in a separate place where it stays safe (locked if desired) and dry. All the room in the LQ's section is slowly becoming more efficient as we keep adding little ideas that we see from some of our friends. Oh, yeah, and they love our new trailer, too. We have showed it to some strangers as well that just come by and notice that we own a Double D trailer. We are more than happy to show-off our new toy, and let them see what a well built product that you guys are producing. Now all we need is a web-page to introduce your customers to some of the places we've visited.

Happy To Enjoy The Trails AND Retirement...

The Kirby's, Winfred and Susan, Kirby Hill Farm, Ballard, WV


8:25:53 PM
Remote User:


My husband and I bought a Double D trailer thru Brad. He was a wonderful help in customizing a trailer to our specifications. We love our 3 horse slant stock bumper pull with dressing/tack area! It hauls wonderfully! They even met me halfway for delivery!! A lot of people here in PA comment on our trailer and how nice it is. Thanks so much! We will always have a Double D Angie and Jim Itterly

8:36:51 PM
Remote User:


We purchased a used PROLITE from Brad at Double D and we can't say enough about the way the trailer was represented. Purchasing from Brad was like buying from a family member. Thanks Again.

Linda & Gordon Ford, Rypplemeade Stables,Petersburg,VA

10:37:29 AM
Remote User:


Double D is by far the best trailer I have used and pulled. I bought the 3 Horse Gooseneck Deluxe with living quarters. I have received so many positive comments from various horse people. The pull out tack compartment is by far the best I have ever seen on any trailer. I would and have recommended Double D to a lot of people. Brad; Thanks again for all your assistance. Terry (Chigger Hill Farm, Fort Valley , VA)

3:12:18 PM
Remote User:


Double D helped me design a custom layout,and then built my trailer,an oversize bumper pull, very quickly.The paint and detail finish work is equal to that of the most expensive trailers.The service when I arrived to pick up the trailer was excellent. Ray O'Donohue/Palmyra,Va.

10:40:49 AM
Remote User:


I absolutely LOVE my new Double D trailer! Brad was very patient with me (continuosly answering my many e-mails) while I shopped and shopped...and then shopped some more in MD, DEL, NJ,PA, and VA to find what he was offering for the best price around. After close to a year, I finally made the 8 hour trip, and am I glad I did !Double D had the best workmanship, service, and even the best price anywhere around. I have recommended them to everybody in PA! Thanks, again, Brad! Terry Thomas, York, PA

2:52:04 PM
Remote User:


We camp for weeks at a time and our Double D has made the trips much more enjoyable. I love my sink and shower and my husband loves the ac. It pulls like a dream and the horses never hesitate to jump right in. Thanks Brad for helping us come up with the design for our trailer. We highly recommend them to anyone.

Terry and Julie Coats Raleigh, NC

1:41:04 PM
Remote User:


My wife and I purchased Brad's 3 Horse Deluxe this past spring to do 1,2,& 3 day trail rides in PA and VA. We are extremely pleased with all the features of this trailer. Our trail ride friends have noticed the added safety bonus the swing out tack gives us when loading or unloading horses.

We had searched for months for a used trailer, but couldn't find one that would work for us, then we found Brad's web site and his three horse trailer that had every feature we were looking for and it fit our budget. We worked out all of the details by E'mail and when the trailer was ready, made the trip to Pink Hill to pick it up.

Want to see our trailer? Just click on the 3 Horse Deluxe and that fancy white trailer with the red graphics is the exact trailer we have enjoyed for over 2500 miles of trail ride travel this summer. Sam and Jo Ann King Berryville Virginia

10:35:54 PM
Remote User:


We were in need of a two horse tag along to pull behind our motor home. We called Brad and let him know what we needed and in a short while, he found us a very nice and affordable used Kodiak tag along with a large tack room for our hay and tack when we were on trail rides. All we had to do was let Double D know what we wanted and wait for our E- mail to ring. Thanks (Brad) Double D Distributors Jesse, Vanessa and Brandon Hansley Jacksonville, N.C. 28540

2:35:54 PM
Remote User:


Just a quick note . I am the proud owner of a 1977 two horse Double D  trailer and I love it. It pulls great . Being a female I know where ever the truck is on the road the trailer I am pulling is in the same spot and not all on the road or off.. I love my trailer and it looks as good now  as when it was built. Next year I plan to give her a new paint job. i do a lot of trail riding and she maneuvers well in tight spots. Just wanted to let you know  what a quality product you are selling and I am glad to know if I need replacement parts you might be able to help. Beverly Cochran. HC 69, Box 1995 Mathews, Va. 23109


11:59:20 AM
Remote User:


I purchased my 3-horse Deluxe gooseneck in April of 2002. I researched for almost a year before making this decision. Double D trailers are absolutely the best trailer for the money. I still love my trailer 8 months later. I definitely made the right choice. It is easy to haul, looks great and designed very well. It is a joy to use. It gets a lot of attention at the horse shows, especially the tack around compartment. I've hauled it all the way to Memphis Tenn. and it did wonderful. Dealing with Double D has also been great. They are an honest company who really care about pleasing their customers. Can't praise them enough. They met me halfway to pick up my new trailer. They have answered all my e-mails quickly. I recommend them to everyone.

Charla Tyers Dark Horse Riding Club Weems, Va. 22576

10:31:08 AM
Remote User:


We purchased a Double D July of 2001 . We have really enjoyed it. It Pulls Real Good.

Eddy Williford JR. 130 JR. Wilson Lane Dunn, North Carolina,28334 910-897-6068


8:44:17 PM
Remote User:


I bought the 2-Horse Sportabout with finished dressing room. I was totally happy with my old trailer and was just going to get it painted until I visited Brad to get an estimate. After looking at all the trailers and pondering over what to do, I finally decided that Double D had a lot to offer. I had one built the way I wanted it with extra drop down windows and a few other little things. You certainly could not ask for finer workmanship or a company more dedicated to helping you take home the best trailer for your money. Thank you Brad, for answering all my e-mails, and telephone calls. I can't wait for show season to show off my new trailer. If anyone wants a reference....I would be more than happy to answer questions... Virginia Court, Jacksonville, NC E-mail: hoofbeatsvc@yahoo.com.

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