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Trail Blazer 2 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters For Sale

Trail Blazer 2 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters For Sale

  • 7' short wall, available up to a 9' short wall
  • Vinl wrapped cabinets
  • Customizeable in a reverse load option
  • Layout may be customized to fit your specific need
  • Standard 80 inch width (no wheel wells in horse area), optional 8 ft width.
  • Z-Frame technology and Safetack Fiber-composite "no leak" roof system
  • Fold out sleeper sofa standard
$ 66,970.00 USD
View and Customize
Safetack Reverse LQ

Safetack Reverse LQ

  • 3 Horse model, available for 2-6 horses
  • Standard combination forward and rear facing layout
  • Side entry or exit ramp
  • Perfect for large breed 17+ hand horses like Warmbloods with a 8 ft standard width.
  • 7 ft 8 in height standard for Warmbloods
  • 10 ft short wall standard, available up to a 13 ft short wall
  • Real wood cabinets with matching wood crown moldings
  • Choose your wood type and wall material.
  • Fold out sleeper sofa standard
  • Slide out available
  • Can change horse area size and change layout if needed such as which side your LQ door is located on. 
$ 105,948.00 USD
View and Customize

Last Updated 20 May 2022

There are many different types of horse trailers on the market today. Deciding which model will be the right fit for both you and your horses can seem like an impossible task. Choosing a horse trailer with living quarters has many benefits for both horse and handler. With this type of trailer, you really are able to get the best of both worlds.

In this article...

Is a Living Quarters Horse Trailer Right for Me?

Designing a horse trailer with living quarters is like designing two trailers in one...

One for horses, and one for humans. 

Both are independent of each other and serve a dual purpose. The horse trailer protects your horses during travel and becomes a ‘home away from home’ for your family.

A custom trailer will provide your horses with the most innovative safety features in the industry. It can also include a smartly designed living area with all of those personal little touches that will transform a space.

Our team will help you find the best layout and finishes that will match your wants and needs.

Click here to start designing your own custom horse trailer with living quarters now.

Types of Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

The best living quarters horse trailers models will perfectly combine features that provide a comfortable and safe trailer environment to meet your needs, as well as the needs of your horse. The trailer will need to be safe for the loading and unloading process, as well as a good space for when you’re camping in it. 

There are many living quarters trailers out there that will be a ‘good’ option, but when you’re planning to invest so much time and money in your trailer; you want it to be the ‘best’ option. 

Let’s take a look at the different types of living quarters trailers that are available.

Gooseneck Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

The most popular type of horse trailer with living quarters will come in a gooseneck configuration. The primary reason behind this is simply that gooseneck trailers are bigger, so there is more room for your living quarters area. 

Any living quarters horse trailer needs to play the dual role of horse trailer and a home-away-from-home.  It needs to provide the top safety features that will keep your horses safe and comfortable while traveling.  Plus, it needs to provide a comfortable living space that will allow you to relax and recover after a long day in the saddle. 

You may be wondering, what are my options when it comes to a gooseneck horse trailer with living quarters?

2 Horse Gooseneck with Living Quarters

Option #1 – Trail Blazer

The Trail Blazer living quarters horse trailer is a very popular model to choose. This horse trailer option features all of the top safety options, and is fully customizable. 

The Trail Blazer comes standard as a 2 horse option. The standard short wall is 7-foot. As we mentioned, since it’s able to be customized to your wants and needs - it can easily be made with a 3-horse version, reverse facing design, bigger LQ, and more. The possibilities are endless. 

Some of the top  features on this model include:

            • No Leak Fiber Composite Safe Bump Roof System

            • Z-Frame Technology

            • Galvalite Skin

            • Bonus Rear Safety Divider

            • Patented Swing Out Safetack Storage Compartment

            • Pick-and-Choose Upgrades

            • Rear-Facing Orientation Option

            • 96” Width for Larger Breeds

            • RV Grade Living Quarter Features 

            • Vinyl Wrapped Cabinets 

The 2 Horse Gooseneck with Living Quarters Trail Blazer model from Double D Trailers will be an ideal option for you if you are wanting to haul 2 or 3 horses up to 16.2 hands. The living quarters area is mid-sized, and the short wall options range from 7 to 9 feet in length. Remember, this trailer is able to be customized to your liking. If you have 17+ hand horses, the width and height can be customized to fit your horses. 

Shop the Trail Blazer Living Quarters Trailer now

Option #2 – Safetack Reverse Living Quarters

The Safetack Reverse Living Quarters model is patented and only available from Double D Trailers. This trailer has all of the best features we have to offer with the ability to customize for two to six horses.

The Safetack Reverse LQ comes standard with an extra wide 96”, perfect for large breed horses. The spacious 10-13’ short wall customizable living quarters come standard with hardwood cabinets, wooden crown moldings, and Soft Touch Walls. Cabinetry in this model will meet the same quality and finish as custom cabinets in your home. It has a corner shower stall in the bathroom that is going to feel luxurious after a long day in the saddle. Research suggests horses haul with less stress in a rear facing configuration. Our patented design allows you to haul forward or reverse facing depending on your preference. This model comes standard with a side door and ramp that will make a world of difference for your loading and unloading safety. The horse area is equipped with all the safety features you would expect. 

Both of these top models are highly customizable.

Shop the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer now

Trail Blazer vs. Safetack Reverse LQ: What’s the Difference? 

There are a few key differences between the Trail Blazer and the Safetack Reverse LQ. The Safetack Reverse LQ model is the upgraded living quarters model from the Trail Blazer. A few key things that come standard with the Safetack Reverse LQ include:

            • High quality interior amenities

            • Side ramp and door

            • Combo forward or reverse facing design

            • 96” width for large breed horses

            • Wooden crown molding 

            • Larger LQ area

A lot of these features can be added on to the Trail Blazer model. If you need all of the cream of the crop features so to speak, the Safetack Reverse LQ is really the way to go. However, if you need something on a smaller scale and want to pick-and-choose your upgrades, the Trail Blazer will likely be the best option for you. 

Bumper Pull Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

Why Do People Want Bumper Pull Living Quarters Trailers?

So, what’s the appeal anyway? A bumper pull horse trailer with living quarters can be attractive to buyers who like the idea of a quick ‘hook and go’ trailer that doesn’t require the expense of a gooseneck hitch.  Brad explained, “A lot of clients may feel overwhelmed with a gooseneck so a bumper pull just ‘seems’ easier.” 

It combines the convenience of a bumper pull hook-up with the luxuries of on-board areas for sleeping, cooking, and bathing.  Unfortunately, these living quarters add a great deal of weight to the front portion of the horse trailer which cases all of the problems you’ll see below.

“While a bumper pull with living quarters may serve the horse and handler with comforts, finding a tow vehicle that is rated to safely tow the trailer is a huge concern,” Brad shared.  “At Double D Trailers, we’ve known for years that larger bumper pull trailers with living quarters greatly exceed the manufacturer’s tow ratings on most trucks.”

This leads up to our reasons why traditional bumper pull trailers with living quarters are unsafe… 

2 Horse Bumper Pull with Living Quarters 

A multi-horse bumper pull with living quarters (like 2 horse and 3 horse) are probably the most sought out bumper pull with LQ options. However, we do not offer these trailers here at Double D Trailers. There are several reasons why.

1. They have an extremely heavy vertical tongue weight.

To put it in the simplest terms: Bumper pull horse trailers with living quarters are not safe to tow because the vertical tongue weight of these trailers is often extremely heavy.  It exceeds the hitch capacity on most tow vehicles.

Since, the front of the trailer is loaded with features like a kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping quarters.  This means the living quarters horse trailer has a much heavier front end than a regular bumper pull trailer with a dressing room.

Many people make the mistake of checking their truck’s towing capacity, seeing a large GVWR value, and assuming they are good-to-go. They forget to check the tongue weight capacity of their hitch

Hitches are only rated to pull a certain amount of weight and handle a specific vertical tongue weight.  This is the weight of your trailer’s front section, or tongue, if you were to walk up to the front and physically lift it off the ground.   The tongue weight can be calculated using the trailer’s weight, body length, and axle position. 

Use this handy tool to make the calculations for you.

For example, we found one woman who owned a bumper pull living quarters horse trailer built by another manufacturer.  Using the trailer’s weight, length, and axle locations, we were able to calculate that the tongue weight on her trailer, when empty of horses, was around 1,700 lbs.  

The hitch on her Ford F-150 truck was only rated to carry 990 lbs.  When she added another 2,200 lbs. of horses into the mix, she was likely exceeding her hitch’s maximum capacity by almost double!  This is a very dangerous situation.

Most hitches, even with weight distribution bars, are only rated to haul around 1,500 lbs. of vertical tongue weight, so this trailer is bad news regardless of who tows it.

Now, before you ask… No, you cannot just get a larger hitch!

Your truck has a certain payload it can handle based on the braking capabilities, engine size, transmission, tires/wheels, and chassis.  So, even if you have a larger hitch, the payload of your truck may still be exceeded.  Exceeding this payload can cause significant damage to your vehicle – especially if overloaded consistently

2. Horses cause variability in the weight distribution.

If putting living quarters on a bumper pull horse trailer is such a bad idea, why are enormous bumper pull RVs so common on the road?  Do these camping enthusiasts have some sort of secret that horse people don’t know about? horse trailer

Actually yes…their secret is that they are not hauling horses.

Adding horses to a bumper pull vehicle adds in a great deal of variability.  RV designers can easily look at the placement of features in relation to the trailer axles to perfectly balance the load.  Their goal is to achieve a 15% tongue weight.  This means a 5,000 lb. RV would have an ideal tongue weight around 750 lbs. that is easily handled by many hitches.

Brad Heath, owner of Double D Trailers, helped explain the difference between RVs and horse trailers.  “On a horse trailer that has an empty weight of 5,000 lbs., we can also work to achieve a 15% tongue weight.  However, this load distribution is completely thrown off when we add 2,200 lbs. of horse to the mix.”

“If the horses are standing in front of the axles,” he continued, “then the tongue weight increases significantly.  If they are standing behind the axles, then suddenly, you are at risk for a negative tongue weight that results in a swaying load or unstable driving conditions.”

Despite this fact, many horse trailer manufacturers have continued to build bumper pull living quarters horse trailers to meet the demands of consumers.  It’s been a major point of concern for Brad who values horse trailer safety above all else in his business.

3. You will have reduced steering and handling in your tow vehicle.

You may be wondering, "What’s the big deal if I exceed my hitch rating by a few hundred pounds.”  Does matching the tongue weight to a proper hitch really matter that much?  The answer is, “YES!” 

If you have a trailer that is pushing down too much on the rear of your tow vehicle, you are at risk of a complete hitch failure.  Brad explained, “There is a very good reason that vehicle manufacturers post limits on weight, and it’s to ensure safety…plain and simple.  If you exceed that limit, it’s unsafe!”

Next, an excessively heavy load pushing on the rear of your tow vehicle also serves to lift the front end of your tow vehicle up slightly off the road.  It’s just like a see-saw.  Push down on one side and the other side goes up.  This slight raising of the truck’s front end is enough to impact the steering on your tow vehicle.

4. You can’t always trust a seller to be honest.

bumper pull horse trailer

If these trailers are so dangerous to tow, then why do people keep buying them? 

Unfortunately, many consumers are simply misinformed…okay, let’s be blunt…they’re lied to.  Sellers take advantage of inexperienced buyers and convince them that their truck can handle the load with no problem.

For years, Brad has been puzzled as to why companies continue to build these horse trailers knowing in good conscience that uneducated users are dangerously towing.  In order to get to the bottom of the issue, he did a little bit of undercover investigation to talk with the sellers of these dangerous trailers.

He concluded, “It was disheartening to find out that dealers would say everything but tell the truth when it comes to tongue weight!”  Let’s take a look at three real-life cases where the sellers either didn’t know or outright lied to the potential buyer about the safety of their trailer. 

They tried to avoid answering questions and gave as little information as possible to try to reassure the buyers that their trucks could handle the trailer’s weight.  

Know the Dangers: Bumper Pull Living Quarters Trailers Cases 

Case #1 – A Seller Who Didn’t Know Her Horse Trailer Was Unsafe

Brad approached a woman named Laurel who was advertising her trailer for sale on a popular online horse trailer sales forum. He pretended to be a man who was interested in buying her bumper pull trailer with living quarters.

Right away, Brad asked for the tongue weight of her trailer so he could ‘ensure his tow vehicle was adequate.’  She explained that she purchased her trailer from a dealer in Virginia and had asked him the same question.  “I did ask the dealer the same question and he shrugged his shoulders, looked at my diesel Silverado HD Duramax and said, ‘You got no worries, honey!’”unsafe horse trailer

Eventually, Laurel agreed to weigh her trailer at a weigh station and reported back with a tongue weight of 1,520 lbs. when the trailer was empty.  With horses on board, the tongue weight would increase by several hundred pounds.  Laurel’s Duramax truck and hitch was only rated to carry a maximum of 1,500 lbs. vertical tongue weight with a weight distribution system. 

It’s lucky she never had an accident while hauling her horses.  Each time she loaded up; she was exceeding the maximum carrying capacity of her hitch.  She could have been in a serious accident, all because the dealer took advantage of her lack of knowledge. 

Case #2 – A Seller Who Lied About the Tongue Weight of Her Bumper Pull Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

Jackie was also advertising her trailer on an online popular horse trailer sales forum.  When Brad (again posing as a potential buyer) asked about the tongue weight of the trailer, she replied, “I have pulled the trailer for years with an F150.”  With much prodding, she finally shared the sticker on her truck’s hitch and Brad was astonished by what he saw.unsafe trailer loads

Her trailer was the same brand as Laurel’s but was 14” larger in width.  Using the trailer weight, length, and axle locations, Brad was able to estimate that her tongue weight was at least 1,700 pounds unloaded with no horses. 

If that’s not shocking enough, Jackie’s hitch photo showed that her truck and hitch were only rated to carry a maximum of 990 pounds, YIKES!  This means she was exceeding the hitch rating by almost double the stated maximum capacity. 

Surely, she didn’t know of this danger when she was trying to sell the trailer?  Actually, yes, she did.

Jackie’s response…” Yes, I am aware that I have been exceeding the limit, hence the selling of the trailer.” 



Buyers beware!  This lady will say anything to sell her trailer. 

Case #3:  A Dealer Who Tried to Mislead the Buyer

Finally, we can take a look at a dealer named Bill in Ohio who sells bumper pull trailers with living quarters every day.  Brad (posing as a potential buyer) asked him what the tongue weight was on his trailer to which Bill replied, “The hitch weight is about 800 lbs.”

Brad replied that this seemed low and added that his truck had a hitch rating of 1,500 lbs. with a weight distribution system.  Bill replied, “I have sold these to people with a 1,500 with no problem.”

Brad again insisted that he know the exact tongue weight and the dealer finally admitted, “The tongue weight on an 8 wide is 1,574 pounds…”

This dealer was doing everything he could to skirt the question but finally had to admit that his trailer had an extremely heavy tongue weight that exceeds the maximum hitch rating of almost any half-ton truck on the market. How can he sleep at night? 

What’s the Alternative? 

Living quarters horse trailers are certainly wonderful to own.  They give you a warm and dry place to sleep after a long weekend showing the horses or traveling cross-country.  It’s like a home-away-from-home.

Many people like knowing they’ll have a warm and dry place to sleep for the night without the hassle of packing a tent or finding a nearby hotel.  Plus, it’s downright convenient to shower off the mud of the day and cook a hot dinner right in your trailer.

One Horse Bumper Pull with Living Quarters

We’ve had many customers ask us for bumper pull living quarters over the years. We understand the appeal. If you’re a single person or just an equestrian that’s constantly on-the-go, you need an easy and quick option for your horse trailer. So, we set out to design the first and only safe bumper pull with living quarters. 

The one horse bumper pull with living quarters model is a light-weight 5100 lbs., and has a tongue weight of only 600 lbs. This means that it can be pulled with a half-ton truck or even a full sized-SUV. The shorter wheelbase on this model will make it easier to maneuver. 

This bumper pull living quarters model is different from anything else out there on the market today. While hauling this model, you won’t experience two common problems with most bumper pull living quarters options: a see-sawing trailer or an excessively heavy tongue weight.

Why is This Bumper Pull Trailer with Living Quarters Safer than the Others?

As we mentioned above, a 2 horse bumper pull with quarters trailer is unsafe. We do not build these models, and we do not suggest purchasing them. you know that 2 horse bumper pull horse trailers with living quarters are very unsafe.  We definitely do NOT recommend them or build them.

The primary problem with the 2 horse bumper pull living quarters is weight distribution. The weight of the living quarters will skew the balance of the trailer over the wheels.

With a traditional two horse bumper pull with living quarters design, there is too much variability with horse positioning while hauling. The average horse weighs around 1,000 lbs., so it’s easy to see how just small amounts of movement in where your two horses are standing could throw off trailer balance in a major way.

A lot of trailer salesmen will tell customers that they are able to move axle positioning to solve the issue of an unsafe weight distribution in these 2 horse bumper pull living quarters models. The reality is that there is no safe place to position the axles on these models to guarantee safety. There is not a way that you can guarantee where the 2 horses will be positioned during travel.  

Over the years, we’ve seen many consumer complaints and stories about experiencing unsafe driving conditions with the 2 horse bumper pull living quarters models. 

All of the safety issues that you just read above in the 2-horse bumper pull with LQ section, we solved when we designed this trailer model. 

Let’s summarize the differences…

Bumper Pull Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

The one-horse bumper pull trailer with living quarters is really advantageous for anyone who wants the luxury of being able to spend the night in your trailer, with the hook up and go convenience of a bumper pull. 

Is the Safetack One Horse Trailer with Living Quarters Trailer Right for You?

First… Let’s state the obvious. 

The one horse bumper pull with living quarters will be a great option for you if you’ll only be hauling a single horse.

Also, if you’re a frequent traveler or camper and need a place to sleep, and you’re looking for a mini home-away-from-home to travel with your horse. 

When it’s just you and your horse, a bigger gooseneck trailer with living quarters is likely going to be overkill.

This single horse trailer comes with basic living quarters features to make sure you’re fully equipped on your traveling endeavors:

            • Cooking Area

            • Dining Area 

            • Toilet

            • Place to Sleep 

            • Air-Conditioning

            • Refrigerator 

            • Cowgirl Shower

Download this floorplan (PDF Document)

The one horse bumper pull with living quarters is ideal for any equestrian that’s on-the-go. It has everything to meet the basic needs of a single traveler. Plus, if you’re traveling with a group, you can always pack your camping supplies and use the trailer as the amenities for showering, using the restroom, and cooking.

Shop the Safetack One Horse Bumper Pull Living Quarters Trailer now

Stock Trailer with Living Quarters

A stock trailer with living quarters is a very popular option among many consumers. However, these trailers are really ideal for those that own cattle, not horses. We don’t offer any stock trailer models here at Double D Trailers, the main reason being safety. When it comes to stock trailers for horses, there are 3 safety issues that you should consider if you’re thinking about purchasing them for your horse.

    1. Temperature Regulation – Most consumers are drawn to stock trailers because of the misconception that they will keep a horse cool when it’s hot outside. This simply is not the case. Rather, the fact is that the building material of a trailer is what will have the biggest impact on the inside trailer temperature. Stock trailers are often not insulated, which means that your four-legged friends are exposed to the outside temperatures during travel.

    2. Roadway Noise – Have you ever driven down the road with all of your windows down – and then a loud truck or motorcycle whips by? Usually in that situation it quickly ruins our breezy summer drive, and we roll up our windows quickly due to the road noise. Stock trailers cause the same experience for your horse the entire time that they are in the trailer. The excess roadway noise can raise your horse’s cortisol levels, causing them to be stressed while traveling. 

    3. Increased Injuries – Just like your horse will be exposed to the outside temperature during travel in a stock trailer, they will also be exposed to debris. Any debris that you are traveling on, including roadway debris, can be kicked up while driving and injure your horse – particularly their eyes. In addition, we have seen horses experience leg injuries in stock trailer due to the side slats being spaced too far apart. 

    One Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

    Here at Double D Trailers, the best option for a one horse with a full LQ package will be our one-horse bumper pull with living quarters. This trailer model provides all the benefits of a living quarters trailer, in a one-horse configuration. 

    Plus, it’s a bumper pull – so you’ll be able to just hook up and get on to your next adventure. 

    More Reasons to Consider a One Horse Bumper Pull Trailer with Living Quarters

    1. Easier to Tow

    As we mentioned before, this is a relatively small trailer at only 15.5 feet.  Since we are leaving out a second stall, we can reduce the length by 3.5 feet compared to a two horse trailer.  This shorter length results in more visibility and easier maneuvering compared to a longer trailer.

    2.  More tow vehicle options.

    If you were to buy a two horse gooseneck trailer, you would be a bit more limited in your selection of tow vehicles.  First of all, you would be forced to buy a pick-up truck to accommodate the gooseneck.  Second, a smaller trailer means you’ll also have a lighter towing load.  Again, this gives you more options when it comes to choosing your tow vehicle.

    3.  Save on gas and trailer cost.

    If you compare this single horse trailer with living quarters to a more typical 2 horse gooseneck horse trailer with living quarters, you will likely be spending less money for the initial purchase.  Plus, since it is a smaller and lighter load, you can save on gas as well.

    4.  Avoid the liability of towing a friend’s horse. 

    If you only own one horse, but you own a 2 horse trailer, then you may be used to friends constantly asking you for a ride.  Of course, this may be perfectly fine with you (assuming you enjoy your friend’s company).

    But anytime you transport a friend’s horse, you are opening yourself up to some potential issues.  What happens if their horse is injured during transport?  What happens if their horse damages your trailer?  Who pays for damage or vet bills?  Both of these situations can be a little tricky to handle.

    For that reason, you may prefer to have just a single horse trailer.  This way you can do your own thing and enjoy your friends’ company once you’ve reached your destination.  They can find their own ride to the event.

    5.  Safer loading and unloading with SafeTack design.safetack horse trailer

    Unlike a typical slant load horse trailer, our SafeTack trailer has an enclosed tack storage area that swings out like a second door.  This allows you to open up the entire rear portion of the trailer for loading and unloading.  For many horses, there is even enough space for the horse to fully turn around and walk off the back of the trailer in the forward direction rather than backing.

    This loading configuration has helped many nervous horses get over their fear of loading and unloading.  In addition, we’ve put a great deal of attention on the interior of the trailer to make it feel airy and light.  The horse area is fully insulated with a SafeBump roof and white interior to help control the temperature on hot days.  Plus, our trailers come with SafeKick walls, Z-Frame construction, and the option for Rumber flooring.

    6.  Customizable living quarters.

    Last, but certainly not least, is the living quarters.  This trailer design would use the “hang out living quarters” package with a cowboy (or cowgirl) shower rather than a conventional shower.  It then has room for a toilet, small cooking area, and 2-person dinette.  The table can fold down into a bed.  Finally, there is an interior door that leads directly back to the horse area.

    Shop the Safetack One Horse Bumper Pull Living Quarters Trailer now

    Two Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

    The two-horse trailer with living quarters models are the Trail Blazer and the Safetack Reverse LQ. Both of these trailers come with our patented swing-out Safetack design. 

    Shop the Trail Blazer Living Quarters Trailer now

    Shop the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer now

    Three Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

    At three horses, you will still have both the Trail Blazer and the Safetack Reverse LQ trailers to consider. Both of these trailers are customizable and available in a three-horse configuration.

    Shop the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer now

    Shop the Trail Blazer Living Quarters Trailer now

    Four Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

    If you will be hauling anywhere from four up to six horses, the trailer model for you will be the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer. This model is really the best for multi-horse hauling. At the same time, it’s a pristine trailer option. Not only does it offer top-notch safety, but it will provide you with the highest quality living quarter features. Every detail is completely customizable and up to you create the perfect horse trailer environment for you and your horses. 

    Shop the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer now

    Five Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

    A five-horse trailer with living quarters trailer is rare, but it’s definitely not something that’s out of our realm of expertise. Here are a couple photos from a previous 5 horse trailer with living quarters that we completed for a previous client.


    If you want to haul up to 5 horses and a time and still have a luxurious fully-decked out living quarters area, the Safetack Reverse LQ trailer model is the way to go.

    Shop the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer now

    Six Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

    A six-horse trailer with living quarters configuration is something that’s not common for us, but we would love to do it. Although we have built several standard 6 horse gooseneck trailers without living quarters.

    Our five horse living quarters design in the Safetack Reverse LQ model can easily be converted to add a 6th horse option to it. 

    If you will be hauling 6 horses and still want the living quarters, we will be more than happy to help you build your dream trailer design. 

    Be our first six horse trailer with living quarters client!

    Shop the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer now

    Small Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

    Many people are on the market for a “small horse trailer with living quarters”. This typically brings them to the market for bumper pull with living quarters trailers. These models are convenient, but unfortunately, they just are not safe. The safest and most efficient option for a small horse trailer with living quarters will be the one-horse bumper pull trailer with LQ.

    Shop the Safetack One Horse Bumper Pull Living Quarters Trailer now

    Custom Built Living Quarters Horse Trailer vs. Pre-Built Living Quarters Horse Trailer  

    At Double D Trailers, all of our trailers are custom-built to order. This comes with many benefits in all trailer models, but specifically with living quarters. 

    Let’s face it… a living quarters horse trailer is a big investment that will last you for the rest of your life. You’ll want to make sure that it is completely unique to what you want and need. 

    Custom vs. Pre Built Horse Trailers

    Trailers built today will easily last 25 plus years. So, it's important to invest in the long term and "get what you want" versus buying from a dealer lot where someone else made all the selections for you. Getting the custom features that you want is important...like Burger King, you can "have it your way". Need space for a motorcycle? Do you want a gourmet trailer kitchen? Is a surround sound system on your wish list? Spend your dollars where they’ll give you EXACTLY what you want.

    Our customers have said time and again - the craftsmanship on our living quarters trailers is top notch. We can make custom hardwood cabinetry, recessed lighting, and provide cleverly designed storage. We pay attention to detail in quality and workmanship. 

    In addition, we pay attention to detail in the design process. Is your gooseneck going to clear your truck tailgate? Is your long competition jacket going to hang well in your new cabinets? Is the sleeping area long enough to accommodate your 6’4” cousin? We talk to you and make sure that all of these little things are covered. This results in a trailer that is always going to meet or exceed your expectations.

    The Safest Horse Trailer on the Market: Why Choose Double D Trailers Over Other Trailer Manufacturers 

    A Different Approach to “Business as Usual” 

    We approach horse trailers with living quarters differently than our competitors. Most manufacturers do not install living quarters but rather send out their "shell" trailer to another company to have the living quarters installed.

    The company building the "shell" isn't involved with the living quarters. As a result, the newly installed living quarters may not "fit" just right. You often end up with a cookie cutter design that is missing the features you really want or need.

    If you are working with a dealer, the dealer likely doesn't do the designing himself. He has to rely on a living quarters company for drawings, so things may get lost in translation.

    This method not only adds additional cost, but it becomes difficult for you to build your horse trailers. Double D Trailers Owner Brad Heath explained, “Most manufacturers are decent at cranking out repetitive work, but not so much on creating custom designs.”

    In addition, if you ever have a problem with your trailer, service can be a hassle. Suddenly everyone has the "It wasn't me syndrome.” You’re often dealing with a dealer who didn't build your trailer (“It wasn't me!”), a trailer manufacturer who didn't install your living quarters (“Nope, I didn't do it!”), and a living quarter conversion company who didn't sell or build your trailer (“We only installed the interior. It’s not our problem.”)

    Here’s just one example of how this can cost you money: A trailer owner contacted us recently asking for help on a well-known "Brand X" horse trailer that had water damage from leaking. The dealer that sold the trailer wouldn't help. (After all, they didn't build the trailer, right?) The trailer manufacturer that built the shell was willing to reseal the leaking roof but refused to pay for the damage to the paneling ceiling that was ruined from water. The living quarter conversion company wouldn't help out, since it wasn't their wrongdoing. Ultimately, the customer got stuck with a HUGE repair bill on a trailer that was still under warranty.

    Safer Loading with the Patented SafeTack Design 

    All models we offer come standard with the SafeTack slant load design. This eliminates the narrow (and scary) doorway found on most slant load trailers. Instead, an enclosed SafeTack compartment swings open like a second door. This leaves the rear of the trailer wide open for loading and unloading.

    Take things one step farther on the Trail Blazer and SafeTack Reverse LQ trailer by adding a side door and ramp. With this set-up, you can load your horses from the side and walk them into a rear facing stall. Then, walk them straight off the rear of the trailer to unload -- so your horses will never need to back up!

    The video below shows two horses who used to give their owner, a woman named Penny, a LOT of trouble. Now, watch as they load onto the SafeTack reverse load trailer in seconds.

    Top Features on Living Quarters Horse Trailers

    A horse trailer with living quarters is completely different than a horse trailer with a standard dress. Why? 

    The options are pretty much limitless. Whatever you can dream of – we can add it to your horse trailer (and, customize it!)

    There are many features on the living quarters models from Double D Trailers that make them pop from the rest. To name just a few...

              • SafeKick Wall System
              • Safetack Design
              • Rumber Flooring
              • Z-Frame Technology
              • SafeBump Roof System

    and more!

    All of our trailers are covered under a 8 year structural, 2 year bumper-to-bumper, and 1 year non-Double D manufactured parts warranty. 

    Living Quarters Horse Trailer Interior 

    The living quarters horse trailer interior design possibilities here at Double D Trailers are endless. Check out these photos for examples on just how customizable the interior of your future custom living quarters horse trailer can be.


    Horse Trailers with Living Quarters for Sale

    When shopping for horse trailers with living quarters for sale, are a lot of consumers who ask us about purchasing repo horse trailers with living quarters, as well as used horse trailers with living quarters.

    While both repo and used horse trailers can be good options for those who are on a tight budget, we suggest against purchasing them in most cases for a few reasons. 

    #1 It's easy to get ripped off.

    Whether you're dealing with a bank for a repo horse trailer with living quarters purchase, or dealing with a private seller for a used horse trailer with living quarters purchase, both scenarios have one thing in common: all the seller cares about is money. They don't care that you get the best deal, or that the trailer is in good condition, or even if the trailer is safe for towing.

    #2 You can't always trust a seller to be honest about the trailer history. 

    When it comes to purchasing a horse trailer that has already been used by someone else and their horses, you'll never fully know what you're getting. Although we would hope that sellers are always 100% honest, we know that this just isn't reality. We have seen many cases of dishonest sellers who will say and do anything to close a sale. 

    #3 You're not getting exactly what you want. 

    When you're shopping for horse trailers with living quarters, you want to make sure that this investment will last you many, many years. The problem with purchasing a repo or used horse trailer is that there is no way you'll get 100% of the features that you want, or that you need. The only way to ensure you're getting a living quarters horse trailer that is completely tailored to you is to purchase a brand new custom-build horse trailer. 

    However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you have to buy a used horse trailer with living quarters to accomodate you until you're ready to purchase your own custom built living quarters horse trailer, check out this guide for buying the right used horse trailer

    Ready to browse horse trailers with living quarters for sale? There are 3 different models available from Double D Trailers to consider.

    Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Horse Trailer 

    Available in configurations to accommodate anywhere from 2-6 horses, this trailer is the top of the line. If you want all you can get in a horse trailer with living quarters and more, the Safetack Reverse LQ is the one for you. It’s a beauty and a beast.

    Shop the Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer now

    Trail Blazer 

    The Trail Blazer is the other gooseneck horse trailer with living quarters option that is available from Double D Trailers. If you feel like maybe the Safetack Reverse LQ is a bit too much for your liking and want a more standard option, the Trail Blazer will be a better fit. 

    Shop the Trail Blazer Living Quarters Trailer now

    One Horse Bumper Pull Trailer with Living Quarters

    Lastly, if you’re towing with a full-sized SUV or a smaller truck, or just want an easier-to-tow option for a single horse, the small one-horse bumper pull with LQ model provides the perfect solution.

    Shop the Safetack One Horse Bumper Pull Living Quarters Trailer now

    Still Not Convinced? Don’t Take Our Word for It!

    A core belief that we have here at Double D Trailers is that our customers say more than we ever could. At the end of the day, we can tell you all about the advantages of our company: the safety features, attention to detail, personalized experience, blah, blah, blah.; but no one can tell our story better than those who have walked through the process personally, and use our products on a regular basis.

    Here is what some of our customers have to say:

    “My horses love the features Double “D” Trailers has to offer that are not available on other trailers that I looked at. The big advantage is the swing out tack room on the back. When swung out, my horses see their stall area as inviting and not scary, so they are ready to jump on. I have not talked with my horses about it, but I am sure they like the padded stall sides and spring-loaded stall dividers that stay out of their way when they get on and off. They also like the big windows that gives them a cool breeze when open. The people like it when I fold down the windows so they can pet them. The rumber flooring is a special option that my horses love, and it is easy to keep clean. I don’t think any other company offers that.”

    Tom from Florida, purchased a Safetack 3 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer. Read Toms Full Review Here

    “We purchased another trailer sight unseen before, so the fear of ordering something online was not an issue for us. What don’t we buy online these days? Brad and his team take away any trepidation one may have. The ordering process is straightforward and clearly listed on the web site. There were no hidden charges or surprises. We picked out exactly what we wanted, and Brad emailed and texted suggestions and acknowledgments. The best part was being able to ask for EXACTLY what we wanted! An extra 50-gallon water tank underneath? No problem. A fender light to show braking and turn signals are working? No problem. Spring ties mounted with a step and handle where we want them? No problem. We got the feeling Brad enjoyed the process as much as we did. Designing the interior in the colors and features we wanted just added to the enjoyment. Can we put a shelf here? No problem. Can we add a cabinet door here? No problem. Slight problems were addressed immediately, and status updates were frequent and timely. The service and communication were better than what we experienced with a brick-and-mortar dealership.”

    Mike from SC, purchased a Safetack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer. Read Mikes Full Review Here

    “The trailer has exceeded our expectations; we can’t really think of anything that we would need to improve it. It looks great, is well built, has safety in mind – what more can you ask for?” BJ from Nebraska, purchased a 3 Horse Safetack Reverse Load Gooseneck Trailer. Read BJs Full Review Here

    Read More Double D Trailer Reviews Here

    6 Easy Steps to Design Your Own Custom Horse Trailer with Living Quarters (AKA – Where the Fun Starts)

    Step 1: Submit A Customization Request Online

    Here at Double D Trailers, our goal is to make the process of getting your dream horse trailer as simple and efficient as possible (And yes – we also want this to be a fun and enjoyable process for our customers!)

    Our website makes it easy to view trailer models, along with photos, videos, floorplans, and specs - and find the one that will work best for your needs.

    Be sure to consider your budget, horse needs, number of human sleepers, and any special storage requirements. Click ‘View and Customize’ to see more information about any particular model.

    Click ‘Customize Your Trailer’ to get to the real nitty-gritty. Here is where you can select specific features that you’ll want to include in your new trailer. Once you view the summary, you can provide some basic contact information and click ‘Submit’ to send it to our team and yourself automatically.

    Step 2: Receive a Detailed Pricing Estimate

    Our team will review your customization request and look for any overlap issues. For example, it is not possible to select a front stall door while also selecting a manger. You will then receive a detailed pricing estimate right to your email inbox!

    Step 3: Discussion with Our Experts

    From here, you will get to refine the design by adding or removing features to establish the final pricing. This process occurs through a series of ‘back and forth’ emails with our team of horse trailer experts. We can also help you determine what type of vehicle and hitch will be necessary to safely haul the weight of your new trailer.

    Step 4: Customized CAD Drawing

    The first appearance of your custom dream trailer! We will create a detailed CAD drawing showing the exact specifications and design of your new trailer. This drawing is what the building team need to begin construction. This is all done at no cost nor obligation on your part.

    Step 5: Approval and Start of Construction

    Once you are happy with the drawing, order details, and pricing, the estimate is converted to an official order. Construction on your trailer can then begin (Yay!) This is when your initial deposit is due.

    Step 6: Final Finishing Touches

    When building a house, you don’t choose the paint until the basic house design is established. It’s the same way with a trailer. Once the trailer construction is underway, you will discuss final color selections, fixtures, and other décor elements to bring your space to life. We have many selections and a majority of clients find that any upgrades to the interior aren't needed. Typically, decor has little effect on pricing.

    That’s it!

    Beep Beep... Here Comes Your Living Quarters Horse Trailer!

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority throughout your entire design and build process, and that certainly doesn't stop when it comes time for your trailer to be delivered. Our goal is for you to be involved in every single step of the process. Before your trailer ever arrives, you'll be sent two rounds of images.

              • The first round of photos (typically 50-80 highly detailed images) are sent for you to approve the shell of the trailer.

              • The second round of photos are sent once the cabinets and interior items are installed.

    Once all the photos are reviewed and approved by you, this is when final payment is due.

    Our delivery driver will contact you directly from their cell phone prior to delivery to set up a time that works best for you. (This includes after hours, Saturdays, and Sundays - our drivers deliver at YOUR convenience.) Most drivers are quick to drop the trailer and run. However, our drivers will stay around to ensure that you are satisfied and comfortable with your new trailer.

    On delivery, we have a 100% money back guarantee in writing. This means that you have ZERO liability in this purchase until the time you accept delivery and sign off. At that point, it's yours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to winterize a horse trailer with living quarters

    A: The most reliable solution is to simply remove the water. Drain the tank, open all valves (faucet, shower, etc.), drain the lines and blow the remainder out with an air hose fitting.  Next, remove the plug on the exterior to your hot water heater and drain.  Leave all lines open.

    What is the height of a horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: Typically the interior height is 7'8" in the horse area and the gooseneck bed area height is ample to sit up while in bed.  The overall height can vary depending on if it has a hay rack or generator.  But generally around 11' is the max height you will find.

    How much does a 3 horse with living quarters weigh?

    A: The most popular size is a 10 foot short wall in an 8 foot width.  Weight is 12,500 lbs. on average.

    Can a living quarters horse trailer be used as a camper?

    A: Yes. Horse trailers are RVIA certified and built using the same standards as campers.

    Is a living quarters horse trailer the same as a camper?

    A: Campers are most common for humans only while horse trailers are designed with human amenities and ability to safely transport horses.

    Are living quarters horse trailers safer than campers?

    A: Horse trailers are designed with a different structure than campers and safe for hauling a live load such as a 1,500 lb unruly horse.  Campers with hauling capabilities such as Toy haulers will not withstand a live load.

    Who makes the best horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: "Most" are built with human amenities as the priority and less emphasis on horse and handler safety.  Double D Trailers has top notch human amenities but also is known for being one of the safest for both horse and handler.

    How do you measure a short wall for a horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: Most trailers are slant loads with an angled wall dividing the horses and human portion.  Measure the shortest side of the living quarters starting at the angled wall and up to where the bed area starts. Generally the length of the sleeping area isn't included.

    What is the gross weight for a 4 horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: In a 10 ft short wall 8 ft width trailer weight is around 14,000 lbs.

    What is the best horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: Double D Trailers is known as being one of the better values with top ranking on customer satisfaction and horse safety.

    How long is a 4 horse slant with 12 ½ living quarters horse trailer?

    A: Horse area length is 17.5 ft plus 12.5 ft living quarters plus 7ft 6 in gooseneck = 37.5 feet front to rear.

    How tall is a living quarters horse trailer with racks?

    A: The top of the roof is 9'6" plus the height of the hay rack which is typically 1.5 ft or 11' overall height.

    How big of a generator do I need for a horse trailer with living quarters

    A: A Honda EU3000IS is the best generator for horse trailers.

    Who does side glider on horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: Most every trailer manufacturer offers slide outs including Lakota, Bison, Double D Trailers, 4-Star and others.

    How much does a 2 horse Double D Horse Trailer with living quarters weigh?

    A: Weights vary tremendously depending on Living quarter length, and trailer width. Minimum of 7,000 lbs up to 12,500 lbs.

    What kind of truck should I buy to pull two horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: In an 8' width with 10' short wall a 3/4 ton vehicle would be the minimum requirement.  

    What does a structural warranty cover in Double D Trailers horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: 8 years.

    How to replace a broken vent cover on a horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: Horse trailers use the same components as RV's. Any local RV repair center can supply parts and labor.

    How much does a Double D Horse Trailer with living quarters weigh?

    A: In a 2 horse and 8 ft width with 10 ft short wall 10,500 lbs.

    How strong of a truck do you need to pull a 3 horse gooseneck trailer with living quarters?

    A: It will depend upon the width and overall length but generally a single tire one ton diesel will handle many styles.

    Where to rent horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: There are a few vendors that offer small stock trailer rentals but no companies in the US offer rentals for living quarters.

    What size truck to haul three horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: It will depend upon the width and overall length but generally a single tire one ton will handle many styles.

    How much does 3 horse bumper pull trailer with living quarters weigh?

    A: An 8' width will weigh 8,100 lbs and have a tongue weight of 1700 lbs or greater.  Extremely heavy and not recommended in a bumper pull. A 3 horse with living quarters should be in a gooseneck for safety reasons.

    On a horse trailer with living quarters which side is the sewer hookup?

    A: The sewer hookup will typically be on the same side of the toilet, which is the deep end of the tank.

    How much does a 2 horse trailer with living quarters weigh?

    A: 10,500 lbs.

    How much does a 3 horse trailer with living quarters weigh?

    A: In an 8’ width and 10 ft short wall a 3 horse is 12,500 lbs.

    How to get financed for a horse trailer with living quarters

    A: Most dealers offer financing but if you are not purchasing through a dealer, use Southeast Finance in TN

    How tall and wide is a horse trailer with living quarters

    A: Horse area is 7 ft 8 inch interior, exterior is 9 ft 6 in height and width is 8ft 6 inches fender to fender

    How to build a 3 horse bumper pull trailer with living quarters dimensions

    A: 3 horse with living quarters should be in a gooseneck for safety reasons.

    What does a structural warranty cover in horse trailer with living quarters

    A: The structural warranty isn't related to the interior living quarter components such as cabinetry, plumbing or appliances. Those items are covered for one year by most manufacturers. Double D Trailers offers two years coverage.

    Where can I find living quarters horse trailer floor plans

    A: All major horse trailer manufacturers have floor plans on their websites.

    Can I make my own living quarters horse trailer floor plans?

    A: You can build in your own living quarters but the cross members have to be in the correct location for holding tanks, windows correct height and distance for cabinetry as well as door orientations and locations.  It's best to purchase with the living quarters already installed.

    Where to buy a horse trailer with sleeping quarters

    A: Featherlite and Lakota have a nationwide network of dealers with inventory in stock but if you need a custom build to order Double D Trailers and 4-Star are the best sources.

    What is the best option for a horse trailer with sleeping quarters?

    A: A must have is ducted roof air rather than a forced air unit.

    What is a 5th wheel horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: 5th wheels are commonly referred to in the RV industry while horse trailers are called goosenecks.  If you are in need of a true 5th wheel hook up like a camper, you can easily remove the bottom portion of the gooseneck coupler by slackening the set bolts and sliding in a 5th wheel pin.

    Who makes a 5th wheel horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: All horse trailer manufacturers can accommodate a king pin request, often called 5th wheel

    What is a semi horse trailer with living quarters?

    A: An 18 wheeler big rig with a trailer designed for hauling horses and living quarter amenities is a semi horse trailer

    Is a semi horse trailer with living quarters a good option?

    A: Not really as they are very long and expensive with special license requirements to operate.

    Unsure where to start?

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