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Living Quarters Horse Trailers

Trail Blazer 2 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters For Sale

Trail Blazer 2 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters For Sale

  • 7' short wall, available up to a 9' short wall
  • Vinl wrapped cabinets
  • Customizeable in a reverse load option
  • Layout may be customized to fit your specific need
  • Standard 80 inch width (no wheel wells in horse area), optional 8 ft width.
  • Z-Frame technology and Safetack Fiber-composite "no leak" roof system
  • Fold out sleeper sofa standard

$ 53,306.00 USD

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Safetack Reverse LQ

Safetack Reverse LQ

  • 3 Horse model, available for 2-6 horses
  • Standard combination forward and rear facing layout
  • Side entry or exit ramp
  • Perfect for large breed 17+ hand horses like Warmbloods with a 8 ft standard width.
  • 7 ft 8 in height standard for Warmbloods
  • 10 ft short wall standard, available up to a 13 ft short wall
  • Real wood cabinets with matching wood crown moldings
  • Choose your wood type and wall material.
  • Fold out sleeper sofa standard
  • Slide out available
  • Can change horse area size and change layout if needed such as which side your LQ door is located on. 

$ 80,715.00 USD

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Horse Trailers With Living Quarters 

A horse trailer with living quarters serves a dual purpose.  It protects your horses during travel and becomes a ‘home away from home’ for your family.  A custom horse trailer from Double D Trailers will provide your horses with the most innovative safety features in the industry.  It can also include a smartly designed living area with all of those personal little touches that will transform a space.

First, a word of caution:  Many new buyers get so caught up in designing a lavish human living area that they end up cutting corners on horse safety features.  We always recommend that you create the horse area first and focus on the human comforts second.  Our team will help you find the best layout and finishes that will match your wants and needs.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a custom horse trailer from Double D Trailers:

Double D Trailers Living Quarter Advantages

  • Wide Selection of Interior StylesYou can add your own unique flair to your trailer’s interior with a wide selection of sofas, recliners, flooring, counter tops, wall coverings, cabinetry, and fixtures.  If you can dream it, we can build it!
  • Flat Rate DeliveryHave your trailer delivered anywhere in the lower 48 US states for a flat rate of $395.  (Learn more)  Not in the United States? No Problem! There are also delivery options if you live out of the country.  Learn more about Double D Trailers in Canada and Australia

  • Top Horse Safety Features – Our trailers have the top safety features in the industry to minimize stress, protect against injury, and provide top comfort for your horses.  Some of these features include Rumber flooring, SafeKick walls, SafeBump ceilings, SafeTack layout, and Z-Frame construction.

  • Expert Designers for Custom LayoutsOur team will listen to your needs and draw to scale your new trailer plans.  Go ahead and challenge us!  We’ve never encountered a problem for which we couldn’t find a workable solution.

  • Save Money and Get the Features You WantBuyers from other companies often tell us how they end up spending more money on other brands.  They need to deal with repair hassles (read more below.)  Plus, they don’t get the custom features they want.  Need space for a motorcycle?  Do you want a gourmet trailer kitchen?  Is a surround sound system on your wish list?  Spend your dollars where they’ll give you EXACTLY want you want.

  • Expert Craftsmanship & Attention to Detail – Our customers have said time and again - the craftsmanship on our living quarters trailers is top notch.  We can make custom hardwood cabinetry, recessed lighting, and provide cleverly designed storage.  We seriously doubt there is any company in the US that is as detail oriented as us.  We pay attention to detail in quality and workmanship.  In addition, we pay attention to detail in the design process.  Is your gooseneck going to clear your truck tailgate?  Is your long competition jacket going to hang well in your new cabinets?  Is the sleeping area long enough to accommodate your 6’4” cousin?  We talk to you and make sure that all of these little things are covered.  This results in a trailer that is always going to meet or exceed your expectations.

Introducing our 2 Living Quarter Model Options

We currently offer two different living quarter horse trailers for sale.  Click on the model to learn more about its specific features and benefits.

Trail Blazer Living Quarters Horse Trailer – If you’re not sure where to start, we definitely recommend you check out this versatile model.  This 2 or 3 horse trailer can be built with a short wall ranging from 7’ to 9’ in length.  It is perfect for the horse owner who wants all of our top safety features like the “no leak” fiber-composite SafeBump roof system, Z-Frame technology, Galvalite skin, extra rear safety divider, and the SafeTack storage compartment for safer loading and unloading.  Best of all, this trailer lets you pick-and-choose from a range of additional upgrades like rear-facing orientation, 96” extra width for larger horses, and enhanced interior features in the living quarters.  

SafeTack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer – This trailer has all of the best features we have to offer with the ability to customize for two to six horses!  The spacious 10-13’ short wall customizable living quarters come standard with hardwood cabinets, wooden crown moldings, and Soft Touch Walls.  It also has a corner shower stall in the bathroom that is going to feel luxurious after a long day in the saddle.  This model comes standard as a combination forward or reverse facing trailer with a side door and ramp that will make a world of difference for your loading and unloading safety. In the horse area, it includes all of our top features like the “no leak” fiber-composite SafeBump roof system, Z-Frame construction, Galvalite skin, extra rear safety divider, and the SafeTack storage compartment.  Both of these top models are highly customizable, so if you have a question, please ask.

Safer Loading with SafeTack Design

All of our Living Quarters trailers are available with the SafeTack slant load design.  This eliminates the narrow (and scary) doorway found on most slant load trailers.  Instead, an enclosed SafeTack compartment swings open like a second door.  This leaves the rear of the trailer wide open for loading and unloading.

Take things one step farther on the Trail Blazer and SafeTack Reverse LQ trailer by adding a side door and ramp.  With this set-up, you can load your horses from the side and walk them into a rear facing stall. Then, walk them straight off the rear of the trailer to unload -- so your horses will never need to back up!

The video below shows two horses who used to give their owner, a woman named Penny, a LOT of trouble.  Now, watch as they load onto the SafeTack reverse load trailer in seconds.

Read more about Penny's story here.

Problems Buying From Other Manufacturers

At Double D Trailers, we approach horse trailers with living quarters differently than our competitors. Most horse trailer manufacturers do not install living quarters but rather send out their "shell" trailer to another company to have the living quarters installed.

The company building the "shell" isn't involved with the living quarters.  As a result, the newly installed living quarters may not "fit" just right.  You often end up with a cookie cutter design that is missing the features you really want or need. 

If you are working with a dealer, the dealer likely doesn't do the designing himself.  He has to rely on a living quarters company for drawings, so things may get lost in translation.

This method not only adds additional cost, but it becomes difficult for you to build your horse trailers.  Double D Trailers owner Brad Heath explained, “Most manufacturers are decent at cranking out repetitive work, but not so much on creating custom designs.”

In addition, if you ever have a problem with your trailer, service can be a hassle.  Suddenly everyone has the "It wasn't me syndrome.”  You’re often dealing with a dealer who didn't build your trailer (“It wasn't me!”), a trailer manufacturer who didn't install your living quarters (“Nope, I didn't do it!”), and a living quarter conversion company who didn't sell or build your trailer (“We only installed the interior. It’s not our problem.”)

Here’s just one example of how this can cost you money:  A trailer owner contacted Double D Trailers recently asking for help on a well-known "Brand X" living quarter trailer that had water damage from leaking.  The dealer that sold the trailer wouldn't help.  (After all, they didn't build the trailer, right?)  The trailer manufacturer that built the shell was willing to reseal the leaking roof, but refused to pay for the damage to the paneling ceiling that was ruined from water.  The living quarter conversion company wouldn't help out, since it wasn't their wrong doing.  Ultimately, the customer got stuck with a HUGE repair bill on a trailer that was still under warranty!

Learn How Double D Trailers Can Save You Money and Stress on Your Next Trailer Purchase

The Double D Trailers Difference:  How We Build Custom Trailers with Living Quarters

Buying from Double D Trailers is different.  We do our designing in house from the ground up.  Then, our building team who will construct your trailer to specification.

You never get the ‘run around.’  If it's wrong, we do our best to fix it.

We specialize in custom designed horse trailers.  This means you can tell us about your needs, budget, and special concerns and we will help you design the perfect trailer.  Just like building a house, you’ll get to pick out all of the finishing touches.  Everything will be built from the ground up with exceptional craftsmanship.

See the Difference:  How Double D Trailers Can Overcome Almost Any Design Challenge

Here is just one example of a happy customer who designed a living quarters trailer with Double D Trailers:

Dee Montenez of Texas had very specific needs for her new trailer.  She wanted a reverse load style, watering system, and the ability to haul her motorcycle along with the horses.  She wrote, “After months of researching trailers on the internet, I was fed up with the look of the aluminum trailers.” Dee was also concerned about the noise level of the aluminum trailers she'd tested.  She knew she wanted a different and safer style of trailer. 

Dee found Double D Trailers and began working with Brad.  “My experience on my custom build trailer with Brad was superb.  As a matter of fact, we never spoke on the phone not even once.  I started with an online quote, emails, social media, and texts.  There was some sense of peace of mind while making the deal with Brad.  A sense of trust. I sensed his honesty and integrity from the start and those values I do not take lightly.  I wanted a builder that would stand behind their work with customer satisfaction and not just a sale.  I got on my custom build trailer everything I wanted from start to finish.  Every selection was in detail and Brad was able to offer different ideas and choices taking in consideration the budget and availability of features.  I was not too familiar with the reverse loading but after watching videos of Brad explaining all the features and the different trailers it was a no brainer.  All I knew was, I did not want an aluminum trailer not a straight load trailer after watching video after video.  I took months to decide and researched A LOT.”

Now that she has her new trailer, Dee is very happy and plans to take it out at least once a month.  “I love every feature on my custom build trailer.  From the color selection to the appliances to the size to the horses area, television, radio, speakers, fan, ac, cameras, horses fans, lights, shower, hidden door, steps, side and rear ramps, screens on windows, windows, ....everything….The color selection on valances, sofa, floor and appliances.  The 6cft refrigerator and lifted cabinets.  The mirrors on headboard and steps to get on bed area.  What is not to like?  I chose everything very carefully.  It is a big investment. LOL.”

Read More Double D Trailer Reviews Here

How to Get Started:  6 Steps to Design a Custom Horse Trailer 

Step 1:  Submit a Customization Request Online –

Double D Trailers makes it easy to view trailer models and find the one that will work best for your needs.  Using the drop down menu above, view our 3 living quarter model overviews to get an idea of which trailer is best for you.

Be sure to consider your budget, horse needs, number of human sleepers, and any special storage requirements.  Click ‘View and Customize’ to see more information about any particular model.  Browse through our extensive list of photos, videos, and social media postings.

Click ‘Customize Your Trailer’ to get to the real nitty-gritty.  Here is where you can select specific features that you’ll want to include in your new trailer.  Once you view the summary, you can provide some basic contact information and click ‘Submit’ to send it to our team.

Step 2:  Detailed Pricing Estimate

Our team will review your customization request and look for any overlap issues.  For example, it is not possible to select a front stall door while also selecting a manger.  You will then receive a detailed pricing estimate.

Step 3:  Design Discussion with Our Experts

From here, you will get to refine the design by adding or removing features to establish the final pricing.  This process occurs through a series of ‘back and forth’ emails and phone calls with our experts.  We can also help you determine what type of vehicle and hitch will be necessary to safely haul the weight of your new trailer.

Step 4:  CAD Drawing

We will create a detailed CAD drawing showing the exact specifications and design of your new trailer.  This drawing is what the building team need to begin construction.

Step 5:  Approval and Start of Construction

Once you are comfortable with the drawing, order details, and pricing, the estimate is converted to an official order.  Construction on your trailer can then begin!

Step 6:  Final Finishing Touches are Determined

When building a house, you don’t choose the paint until the basic house design is established.  It’s the same way with a trailer.  Once the trailer construction is underway, you will discuss final color selections, fixtures, and other décor elements to bring your space to life.

That’s it!  After going through this process, your new trailer will be built.  We do the entire construction in-house without the use of any third party vendors.  This results in a trailer design with well-fitting components and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Start Building Your Dream Living Quarters Horse Trailer Today

Go ahead and take a look!  Click the ‘View and Customize’ button on any of the 3 living quarters models above to begin browsing through the trailer design features.  Remember, you can contact Brad with any questions as you get started on the process.

Click here to view a video of a recently finished living quarter horse trailer from Double D Trailers.

Click here to download a printable living Quarters brochure

Top Living Quarters Features Available


  • Two-Step Awning
  • Electric Awning
  • Gooseneck Cabinets
  • Cook Top 3 Burner Recessed
  • Cook Top Oven
  • Dinette in Place of Sofa
  • Dual Batteries
  • Ducted Air System
  • Maple Wood
  • Flip up Counter Extension
  • Folding Ladder
  • Furnace
  • On Board Generator Onan
  • Ten-Gallon Hot Water Heater
  • Electric Hot Water Heater
  • Mattress
  • Pocket Door
  • Power Cord
  • 30 lb. Propane Cylinder
  • Raised Panel Bath Door
  • 6.0 Cubic Size Refrigerator in place of 3.0 Size
  • Refrigerator Laminate
  • Refrigerator Raised Panel
  • Refrigerator Stainless
  • Screen Door on Dress Door
  • Radius Glass Shower Door
  • Slide Out
  • Soft Touch Walls
  • Stainless Cooktop, Range Hood and Microwave
  • Removable Pedestal Table
  • Tray Ceiling
  • Sound System Upgrade
  • Satellite
  • Vent with 12 V Fan
  • Vent with Thermostat Control and Rain Sensor
  • Wainscot and Chair Rail
  • Water Spigot
  • Western Hardware and Lighting Package

Examples of Some Standard Features:

  • Panel Cabinet Doors on all Cabinets, choose from various wood types
  • Hand Made molding
  • Drop down dinette or fold out sofa bed 
  • Lots of cabinet storage including a roomy closet in the bathroom
  • Decor lights and fancy light fixtures
  • Double D Living Quarters Quality throughout
  • Roomy Bathroom with convenient storage
  • Your Choice of Vinyl flooring with carpeted bedroom area
  • Pleated Day and night shades
  • 25' 30 amp power cord with 15 amp adapter
  • Ceiling Lights with wall switches
  • LP Gas leak detector
  • RVIA Approved E-gress window

Possible Appliances:

  • 13,500 BTU A/C with heat
  • Full length roll out patio awning up to 19'
  • 3 CU. Ft. RV Gas/electric refrigerator w/ freezer
  • Double  kitchen style sink, stainless or white
  • RV Style microwave 1.0 white or black
  • 6 gal. propane hot water heater, direct spark ignition
  • 2 burner cook-top with lid, your choice of color
  • Exhaust Hood for Cook top
  • 12V deep cycle battery and disconnect switch
  • 40 amp power converter with battery charger
  • Stereo CD player with inside speakers (it kicks)
  • 2 exterior waterproof speakers
  • Outside Antennae for stereo
  • Flat screen TV and roof antenna
  • Outlets thru out the trailer

Bath & Plumbing Features Available:

  • 30-50 Ga. Freshwater supply tank with 12-volt demand water pump super quiet pump
  • Dual wastewater holding tanks
  • City water hook up
  • (2) 20-lb. LP tank with cover
  • Top quality Thetford toilet with foot flush pedal and spray nozzle
  • 6-gal. gas water heater quick recovery, direct spark ignition
  • Storage cabinets
  • Linen and storage closet
  • Bathroom sink and vanity
  • Medicine cabinet over sink
  • Vanity bar light on medicine cabinet
  • Tank Monitors Standard
  • Roomy wrap around shower stall
  • Nice Privacy door to bathroom area

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