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Our Most Popular Models

  1. Gooseneck 3 Horse Safetack Reverse
  2. Safetack Reverse Bumper Pull
  3. Living Quarter Trailer

Two Horse, Three Horse, and Four Horse Gooseneck Trailer Models

  1. NEW!! 3 Horse Slant Load Gooseneck
  2. 2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer
  3. Safetack (Three Horse Slant Gooseneck with dress)
  4. Safetack (Four Horse Slant Gooseneck with dress)
  5. Sportabout (Gooseneck Two Horse Trailer with Dress)

How to Load Onto a SafeTack Trailer

  1. NEW!! The Safetack Reverse Horse Trailer
  2. How to load a horse in the SafeTack Reverse
  3. Safetack Reverse horse loading with a once "problem" horse

What to Look for When Shopping for a Horse Trailer

  1. Chassis and Flooring
  2. Exterior Sheets Video 
  3. Horse Trailer Accidents--Learn What happens in a wreck?
  4. Roof type and wall liner
  5. Safest Rear Tack Design
  6. Padding
  7. Drop down Windows
  8. Latches and Hardware
  9. Learn how SafeBump Roofs are made on Horse Trailers
  10. Divider Latches
  11. Horse Trailer Review of an Aluminum Trailer Living Quarters
  12. Aluminum Horse Trailer Review
  13. Do you know the temperature of your Trailer Roof?
  14. How to Use Our Customization Tool

Living Quarter Horse Trailer Models

  1. Safetack Rawhide EX (10' short wall 8' wide Kitchen Area Custom Living Quarter Horse Trailer)
  2. EquiCraft Exterior Video
  3. EquiCraft Living Quarters Interior
  4. Safetack Trail Blazer (Two Horse Gooseenck Slant Living Quarter 7' short wall Living Quarter)
  5. Safetack Trail Blazer (Two Horse Gooseenck Slant Living Quarter 7' short wall exterior)

Two Horse and Three Horse Bumper Pull Trailer Models

  1. NEW!! 3 Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull Trailer
  2. Safetack (Bumper Pull Two Horse Slant Load with Dress Exterior)
  3. Safetack (Two Horse Slant Load Bumper pull Horse Area)
  4. Safetack (Bumper Pull Three Horse Slant Load with Dress)
  5. Townsmand (Two Horse Straight Load Bumper pull, no dress)
  6. V-Sport (Bumper Pull Two Horse Straight Load, no dress)
  7. Bumper Sport (Two Horse Bumper pull Trailer, with dress)
  8. Two Horse Slant Bumper Pull Trailer with Dress
  9. Three and Four Horse Bumper pull Stock Trailer

Options to Consider on Your New Trailer and Explanations

  1. HOSS Wall panel Organizer Grid Panels
  2. Two step awning in place of standard awning
  3. Three Cubic feet size refrigerator
  4. Living Quarters Slide Out
  5. Ducted Roof Air Conditioner, Soft Touch Ceiling
  6. Front Stall Access Door
  7. Handmade ladder to bed area
  8. Hidden Shower door
  9. Hydraulic Jack and Dual Battery Option
  10. Feed Mangers with outside Storage
  11. Removable Pedestal Table
  12. Rear Flood Light with Remote Switch
  13. Screen Door (Retractable)
  14. Fold out Sleeper Sofa and Window Shades
  15. Front Stall Storage Partition Gate (often referred to as a stud gate
  16. HiTie Trailer System

Client Video Submissions

  1. Safetack Reverse LQ Client Demo
  2. 2 Horse Trail Blazer LQ Client Demo
  3. Safetack 4 Horse Gooseneck Client Demo
  4. Safetack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Client Demo
  5. Kid Demonstrating Loading onto a Double D Trailer
  6. 3 Horse Bumper Pull Client Demo

3D-Printed Horse Trailers

  1. NEW!! Interactive Tour of the 3D-Printed Horse Trailer by Double D Trailers 
  2. NEW!! Sit Down Interview with Brad Heath: What Led to 3D-Printing a Horse Trailer? 

Q&A Videos with Double D Trailers Owner Brad

  1. How to Select the Right Tow Vehicle, Benefits of Reverse Load Trailers, Straight Load vs. Slant Load Trailers
  2. Are Gooseneck Trailers Safer than Bumper Pull Trailers? 
  3. The Equestrian Podcast Double D Trailers Feature
  4. Horse Trailers for Warmbloods 101
  5. Is Aluminum the Safest Trailer Material?
  6. Bumper Pull Horse Trailers with Living Quarters
  7. How to Keep Your Horse Cool While Traveling
  8. How to Easily Load and Unload an Anxious Horse onto a Horse Trailer
  9. State of the Horse Industry Post Covid
  10. Hate Backing Your Horse off the Trailer? Try This...
  11. Driving Tips for Smoother Trailer Hauling
  12. Why the Safetack Trailer Design is the Safest Trailer for Loading Horses
  13. How to Find the Best Truck to Tow Your Horse Trailer
  14. Are You Hauling a Safe Weight?
  15. Protect Your Horse from Injury While Hauling 
  16. Tips to Keep Your Horse Safe While Towing
  17. The Reverse Load Horse Trailer: Why This is the Best Trailer Design
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