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Gooseneck Horse Trailers

2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer for Safer Travel: Front or Rear-Facing

2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer With Superior Towing Features

  • V-shaped nose design makes towing and turning easy, even with short bed trucks.
  • Insulated dressing room/sleeping quarters - perfect for show day naps and camping trips.
  • Fits large horses up to 17 hands with custom stall sizing on every trailer.
  • Easy 'walk-on and walk-off' layout and swing away SafeTack compartment in the rear for stress-free loading and unloading.
  • Trailer clean up made easy with 'no lip' dressing room door option for sweeping.
  • Front or rear-facing designs are available along with the addition of an extra side loading ramp.
  • Strong and durable design with patented Z-Frame Technology and Galvalite skin.
  • Factory direct pricing lets you get more value for your dollar.

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$ 39,527.00 USD
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3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer: Slant Load Forward or Reverse

3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer - Slant Load with Sleeping Quarters

  • Show day stall inside the trailer for grooming, tacking, or just letting your horse hang out.
  • Convenient sleeping quarters and dressing room perfect for camping or showing.
  • Safer towing with “V” nose design and a shorter wheelbase than other 3 horse trailers.
  • Patented SafeTack design provides the safest way to load and unload in a slant load horse trailer.
  • Forward or Reverse Load trailer designs available.
  • Factory direct pricing for more value on the features you really want.
  • Safety features and durability for a trailer that will stand the test of time.

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$ 44,630.00 USD
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4 Horse Slant Load Trailer for Sale: Forward or Reverse

4 Horse Slant Load Trailer for Sale: Gooseneck, Forward or Rear Facing

  • Lightweight, V-nose design — Easily tow this 4 horse trailer with a short bed, 3/4 ton truck.
  • Fully customizable — Fit your slant load trailer to haul 17+ hand horses.
  • Insulated dressing room and sleeping area — Grab a nap, take a relaxing break, or use it for convenient camping quarters.
  • Safer loading — Patented SafeTack compartment makes loading easy. Plus, an optional side ramp creates a "walk on / walk off" layout.
  • Innovative safety features — the whole trailer is 'horse friendly' and makes for a less stressful trip.
  • Available as a 4 Horse Reverse Slant or with regular front-facing configuration.
  • Factory direct pricing for better value.

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$ 52,990.00 USD
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2 Horse Straight Load Gooseneck Trailer: A Classic with a Modern Twist

2 Horse Straight Load Gooseneck Trailer: Customize Your Own!

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$ 35,337.00 USD
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3 Horse Straight Load Trailer | Double D Trailers

3 Horse Straight Load Trailer: 2+1 Gooseneck with Box Stall

  • Show day "box stall" with side ramp and loading door.
  • Z-Frame® technology to create a durable and strong chassis. 
  • Tubular head dividers to create more air flow and less stress on your horses.
  • A convenient walk thru door from the dress to the horse area.
  • SafeBump Roof® and SafeKick® Wall Systems to keep your horses protected

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$ 55,109.00 USD
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Benefits of our Gooseneck Horse Trailers For Sale

There’s nothing like a rejuvenating nap half way through a long day of showing.  Our gooseneck horse trailers combine the convenience of mobile sleeping quarters with top horse safety features.  You’ll get the ultimate package!

2 horse gooseneck trailer

Double D’s Gooseneck horse trailers are not only structurally sound and designed for your horses’ safety, they are also sold at a factory direct value price.

Is a Gooseneck Horse Trailer Right for You?

There are several factors to consider when choosing your type of horse trailer: 

  • Do you want a horse trailer sleeping quarters? Spending hours or days at a horseshow can be exhausting. One of the top advantages of a gooseneck trailer is the useful space that overhangs your truck bed.  This ‘gooseneck’ space is the perfect place to take a power nap or spend the entire night to avoid the expense of a hotel.  During camping trips, you can ditch the tent and stay close to your horses throughout the night. 
  • How many horses will you haul?   Determining how many horses you need to haul in your new trailer is vital information.  If you only need to trailer one or two, then a bumper pull horse trailer may be a good fit for you behind an adequately equipped tow vehicle.  If more horses make you merrier, then explore our gooseneck options.
  • What are your tow vehicle capabilities?  If you are planning to use your current tow vehicle, you’ll need to determine how much weight it can safely haul.  Ideally you would want to purchase the trailer first and purchase a new tow vehicle afterwards to safely handle the load.  However, this is not always possible.  If you are restricted to your current vehicle, then make sure it is able to handle a gooseneck trailer’s higher tow rating requirements.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should you exceed the manufacturer's rated tow capacity of your vehicle.  If you are confused or unsure, ask a specialist at Double D Trailers for help.

Learn more about our Bumper Pull Horse Trailers and Living Quarters Horse Trailers.

Advantages of Gooseneck Horse Trailers at Double D Trailers

Want to know what sets us apart from the competition?  Check it out!

  • Safetack swing out tack compartment by Double D TrailersSafest Rear Tack in the Industry: It’s no wonder many horses give their owners a "fit" loading on traditional slant load horse trailers.  These trailers usually have a stationary tack storage area blocking half of the trailer’s entry way.  This leaves a narrow and scary entryway for both horse and handler to use.  Even if your horse is brave enough to enter, the confined space can be extremely dangerous if something unexpected happens.  With our SafeTack design, the enclosed tack storage area can swing out like a second door leaving a wide open loading zone.  It makes the horses happier - which makes the humans happier.  
  • V-Style Aerodynamic Gooseneck: This design provides a greater turning radius behind your tow vehicle and increased gas mileage. Never purchase a gooseneck trailer that has a flat front as you may run the risk of damage to your truck in tight turning situations.  Returning home with the back glass of your truck shattered can put a damper on what should have been a fun trip.
  • Gooseneck Clearance: Have you ever seen a Gooseneck Horse Trailer being towed with the front end jacked up? Yikes!  Not only will your friends talk about you behind your back, but it can cause uneven tire wear and a bumpy ride for you and your horses.  At Double D Trailers, we insure you have adequate clearance over the tailgate of your truck so the trailer will tow level.  Plus, this will help avoid crushing your truck's side panel on uneven terrain. 
  • Custom Designed Trailers:  Each of our horse trailers is made to order.  You can customize the design to fit your specific horses, add special features, or remove items that you won’t need.  These customizations include things like increased head room over the sleeping area or your choice of exterior graphics and colors.  Make the trailer one of a kind to match you and your horses’ personalities.
  • Double D Trailers offers nationwide delivery.Nationwide Flat Rate Delivery:  Don’t worry if you don’t live close to our manufacturing facilities.  We won’t make you drive cross country to pick up your finished trailer.  We have flat rate delivery anywhere in the country.  Plus, we can arrange for delivery if you live in Canada or Australia.
  • Top Safety Features:  The SafeTack design is just one of our many innovative safety features.  We put you and your horses’ safety above everything else.  Check out information on features like Z-FrameRumber flooring, SafeKick, and SafeBump.
  • Factory Direct Pricing:  Get more ‘bang for your buck’ with our custom made horse trailers.  Buying a horse trailer online is easy. 
  • Expert Advice:  Do you have questions about buying a horse trailer or choosing the best materials?  Do you need help determining the hauling capacity of your tow vehicle and hitch? Just ask us! We’re glad to help.

Safer Loading With Our SafeTack Reverse Load Design

Our patented SafeTack Reverse design is perfect for horses who don't like to load.  Remember, horses don't like to walk into a dark and confining space.  And, they REALLY don't like to back up to get off the trailer.

Many of our customers appreciate the true walk-on-walk-off configuration of our SafeTack design.  It's helped horses across the country -- who used to take hours to load -- learn to load with ease.

This video is from our friend Penny.  Her horses used to take "at least one full hour" to load.  Now, watch them load without fear -- in a matter of seconds!

Read more about Penny's story here.

Get the Most Out of Your Gooseneck Horse Trailer

3 horse gooseneck trailerThe sleeping quarters at the front of your gooseneck trailer will become a shaded retreat on those long and hot days at the show.  Stock your area with cool beverages, a comfy mattress and supplies to get you through your day.

As with the rest of your new trailer, this private dressing room is completely customizable.  Many choose to add increased head room over the gooseneck sleeping area.  You can also add custom clothing hooks, storage compartments, or wall grid organizer panels to keep your equipment organized and clean. 

If camping is your thing, you will love using the gooseneck area as a home away from home.  You can leave the leaky tent at home and use the sleeping quarters for overnight trips.  An interior access door back to the horse area will allow you to easily check on your horses.

Stay cool with an overhead powered roof vent that will create a pleasant breeze.  Add an extendable awning to the side of your trailer to create a shaded area to enjoy the day.

Details that Make a Difference:  How We Raise the Bar for Horse Trailers

Oftentimes, it’s the ‘little’ things that make the biggest difference.  From hitch to bumper, we’ve looked at every detail to make it safe, easy to use, and durable.  Here are just a few of those little details that help us create a higher standard for horse trailers.

  • “Horse Friendly” InteriorNo horse likes a hot and dark trailer.  That’s why we’ve painted the interior of the trailer white to reduce reflected heat.  We maximized air flow with large windows and tubular head dividers. A fully insulated trailer and ceiling help control the temperature to prevent excess sweating and dehydration.
  • 2 horse gooseneck trailerZ-Frame TechnologyBrittle aluminum horse trailers are not strong enough to withstand the force of an accident.  They crumple like an old soda can.  Our patented Z-Frame design uses a special zinc alloy to provide superior strength in a lightweight design.  The walls of your new trailer are made of rivet-free 16-guage galvalite that is 5 times stronger than 0.04 weight aluminum.  Overall, you’ll get a lightweight trailer that is stronger than aluminum and provides the same durability.
  • Easy Window Latches – We’ve moved the latching mechanism on the trailer windows to a lower position so they can be more easily reached.
  • Self-Watering Tank - Add a self-watering tank system to your trailer so your horses can stay hydrated throughout the trip.
  • On-Board CamerasDo you want to keep an eye on your horses during the trip?  Add an on-board camera so you can watch them while you travel.
  • No Rattle Interior – We’ve secured all loose components inside the trailer to cut down on noise and stress for the horses.
  • Tail Lights – The trailer’s rear tail lights have been moved to a higher position for maximum visibility for following traffic.
  • Easy Lift RampsYou won’t strain your back lifting our spring-assisted ramps.

And so much more…

Hear from our Customers

Karen Jones of Newnan, Georgia had this to say about her new SafeTack 2 horse slant gooseneck horse trailer:

gooseneck 3 horse trailer“I love my new Double D Trailer.  First and foremost, I have never experienced personalized customer service of this caliber ....ever, for any product I have purchased. Brad made it so easy and a lot of fun to 'design' my trailer. He worked with me on my own ideas and gave his opinion on what would work and what wouldn't...what would look good and what wouldn't!! Brad arranged for my new trailer to be delivered from the factory in Wisconsin to my home in Georgia. The quality of the workmanship on the trailer is outstanding. I got their own patent pending reverse/forward facing SafeTack 2H Slant Gooseneck. Brad designed a hay/feed room for it and I enlarged the dressing room. I can't wait to haul my horses in it, it is so much roomier than either of my previous 3 trailers!  I have one problem loader that loves being able to walk forward in and OUT!   I highly recommend Brad and Double D for a great trailer designing experience, extraordinary customer service and a fabulous product!”

Terry and Nancy Jennings of Dunlap, TN were also relieved that their ‘problem loader’ was happier in their new 2 horse gooseneck horse trailer:

2 horse gooseneck trailer“Our “problem loader” walked onto the trailer the first time and every time since. I think the step up for him makes him commit to getting on, but the openness of the trailer is really what convinces him it’s safe to load. A lot of our friends have stopped by to see the trailer and they’ve all been impressed with the design features and fit/finish. We trailered home 13 hours and it pulled beautifully no issues, much easier to pull. I love the "Rumber" flooring, no slipping and much easier to clean out. The Safe Tack in the rear of the trailer is by far the best on the market. Easier to load your tack and tack up your horses when you arrive at your riding destination. We compared the Double D trailers to everything else on the market and there is no comparison in our opinion. We love our new trailer and look forward to many great adventures with our horses.”

Janet Wallace of Elbert, Colorado loves the flexibility of two loading options when camping with her 3 horse gooseneck reverse slant load:

“I love this trailer. The horses are very comfortable in it. The variable load/unload options are extremely handy. Many trailheads I trailer to have non trailer friendly parking lots. Being able to load from the side or back and unload either way makes it very safe. I know I will enjoy this trailer for many years to come. Thank You Brad and everyone at Double D.”

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How to Get Started:  Ordering Your Gooseneck Horse Trailer

All of our Gooseneck Horse Trailers come with a standard set of unique features. Our customers – and their horses – appreciate that we put so much emphasis on safety and comfort. With our gooseneck horse trailers for sale, you’ll be able to find the right model to safely and comfortably transport your horses and yourself.

Here’s how to get started…

Step 1:  Submit an Online Customization RequestUse the drop down menus at the top of this page to check out all of our gooseneck horse trailer models.  Click ‘View and Customize’ on a particular model to learn more about its features.  Then click ‘Customize Your Trailer’ to begin building your own personal design.  It’s easy to select features on your wish list and few the estimated cost to stay within a budget.  Submit the order with a few details about yourself and you’re on your way to a brand new trailer!

Step 2:  Our design team will get back to you with a Detailed Pricing Estimate to identify any potential problems with your submission.

Step 3:  At this point, you will begin a Detailed Back-and-Forth Conversation with our experts to refine the design and establish final pricing.  We can also discuss your truck’s towing capacity to make sure you can safely haul the trailer.

Step 4:  Next, you will receive a detailed CAD Drawing that will act as the blueprint for the trailer construction.

gooseneck horse trailer

Step 5:  If everything looks good, you can give your Final Approval and Construction Can Begin.  The trailer is now officially on order.

Step 6:  All of the Final Touches can be discussed after the trailer construction has started.  This includes things like selecting final color choices and finishes that make your trailer one of a kind.

One of the most exciting times for buyers is being connected with their delivery man.  He will drive your trailer right to your home for a flat rate delivery fee.  You get to give your final ‘thumbs up’ before the delivery man leaves. 

Then it’s time to load up the horses and start having fun!

Check out this video of a 3 horse gooseneck horse trailer.

Download this FREE printable pamphlet with more information about our gooseneck horse trailers 

Top Features on Gooseneck Trailers

  • Z Frame Technology
  • 2”x 8” Pressure Treated Pine Flooring on 16” Cross Members
  • Walk Thru Door to Horse Area
  • EZ Lube Durable Never Adjust Brakes, 12,000 lb axle suspension
  • Full Height Rear Doors with SafeTack Design
  • 24” Diamond Plate Gravel Guard at Nose
  • Running Board Step Down Dressing Room Side
  • Carpet in Dressing Room Floor
  • SafeTack® Slant Load Design
  • Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jack (NOTE: Jack has two speed gearing on this trailer)
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • Extra divider on rear stall to prevent horses from backing out when rear doors are opened
  • Spare Tire underneath gooseneck
  • Z-Frame® slant dividers with hand made padding and safety quiet slam latches
  • 24” Walk Through from your dressing room to your horse area
  • Horse Area Roof Vents, one per stall aluminum
  • Custom hand made padding on dividers and slant wall
  • 30” Dress Door Factory Built (more durable than a conventional RV/Camper style door)
  • SafeKick® Wall System
  • Heat Reflective SafeBump® Roof System with Fiber Composite One Piece, No Leak Panel
  • Insulated side walls in horse area for maximum temperature protection and safe, quiet ride
  • Floor Mats in Horse Area
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug
  • Warranty Options

Click “See Pricing” above to get started looking our gooseneck horse trailers for sale.

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