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Meet the Team Behind Double D Trailers

Our team at Double D Trailers is hard at work everyday to bring each of our customers closer to getting the horse trailer of their dreams. We go the extra mile to ensure we produce the safest horse trailers using our patented technologies and publish accurate, useful information to owners and enthusiasts.

Brad Heath

Founder and Designer

Brad is the owner and head designer of Double D Trailers. Read more: About Brad Heath and how Double D Trailers started

Kalib Norris

Trailer Design Specialist

Kalib Norris is the lead trailer design specialist at Double D Trailers. Kalib has 10+ years of experience working in customer service and sales, with multiple management position roles. After marrying Brook, Kalib was introduced to the world of horse trailers and became passionate about the safety aspects of Double D Trailers. He has since joined the team, and he works daily with customers to assist them with creating the horse trailer of their dreams. Read more: Kalib Norris' full profile

Rachael Kraft

Lead Content Contributor

Rachael is an avid equestrian for over 30 years and a professional writer for over 10 years. Read more: Rachael Kraft’s full profile

Brook Norris

Digital Marketing and Administrative Communications

Brook Norris is the head of digital marketing and administrative communications at Double D Trailers. Brook graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in digital marketing and advertising. She is responsible for keeping up with the Double D Trailers social media and managing any online administrative tasks. Fun Fact: Brook is Brad’s daughter! Read more about Brook Norris and her involvement at Double D Trailers.

Martin Nikolaev

Copywriter and Automotive Expert

Martin is a skilled copywriter who has a passion for the automotive industry. With years of experience under his belt in both fields, Martin has honed his craft and become a knowledgable writer source in the industry. Martin has worked with major car manufacturers, dealerships, and parts companies, learning the ins and outs of the industry. Martin brings a unique skillset to Double D Trailers, providing our readers with information regarding safety aspects in the horse trailer industry. In his spare time, you can find Martin tinkering with his own car or taking it for a spin! Read more about Martin Nikolaev and his background.

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