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About Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers manufactures Horse Trailers for sale in the U.S. with the highest safety standards for both horses and humans.

Double D Trailers horse trailers featuring their exclusive patented SafeTack design

We are a pioneering brand in the trailer manufacturing industry, known for our exclusive patented designs, such as the SafeTack, and other innovative models.


Double D Trailers is excited to introduce a new benchmark in trailer technology and customization with its latest horse trailer model: the SafeTack Reverse Carbon.


Double D Trailers' 3D-printed model - SafeTack Reverse Carbon

Double D Trailers Horse Trailers

At Double D Trailers, we don’t just build trailers; we engineer experiences. 

Each Double D Trailers Horse Trailer model is meticulously designed, manufactured, and customized to ensure the highest quality and safety, and is designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. 

Our lineup includes a diverse range of horse trailers, including custom-built horse trailers, bumper pull horse trailers, horse trailers with living quarters, and gooseneck horse trailers.

We provide a variety of sizes and styles to suit your transportation needs, whether you prefer slant load, straight load, forward facing, or reverse load configurations.

Double D Trailers LQ trailerDouble D Trailers living quarters interior

The Double D Trailers Personalized Process

Do you dream of designing your perfect horse trailer without the hassle of multiple trips to dealer lots?

Double D Trailers’ unique online build-to-order process means you can create your dream trailer without leaving the comfort of your home. This approach eliminates the need for time-consuming visits to multiple dealers, offering you a convenient, direct, and personalized experience.

Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to work closely with you, ensuring that every aspect of your trailer is tailored to your needs. The result is a high-quality, custom-built horse trailer that reflects your personal style and meets your functional requirements, all achieved through an efficient, online ordering process.

Safety and Innovation at the Forefront:

Double D Trailers cater to equestrians who value safety, innovation, and personalized design in their horse trailers.

Many of our safety innovations and patented technologies are born from real-life scenarios shared by our clients, ensuring that each trailer is not only customized to your specifications but also incorporates the latest in safety and design. Since 1997, our commitment to professional integrity and safety has driven us to continually identify and mitigate potential risks for both horse and handler.

Are Double D Horse Trailers Any Good?

“I think the folks at [Double D Trailers] care about the quality of their product, the safety of the horses and the satisfaction of their customers.”

- Susan Rone
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“My Haflinger that was hesitant to load in typical rear tack, walks right in. Brad, I try and show it off every chance I get. I am in central Ohio if anyone wants to see it."

- Linda Stout
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“I just took delivery of a 2021 [Double D Trailers] 2H reverse slant. I couldn't be more happy with this trailer! It is solidly built!”

- Maureen Hoague
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“We are very happy with our custom [Double D Trailers] 3 horse reverse load bumper pull... Everything else is perfect, the one and only issue we (thought) we had, Brad offered to cover the repair cost no problem. When we took it in for repairs at our local shop, it turned out to be a non issue. The repair man spent more time complementing the trailers build than working on it.”

- Adriane Meeus
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Join Our Community of Satisfied Equestrians

Become a part of a growing community that trusts Double D Trailers for their transportation needs, experience the convenience of online customization, feel the confidence of unparalleled safety features, and the pride of owning a trailer that’s truly yours.

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Double D Trailers Trademarks

Double D Trailers holds patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent includes 70-year copyright protection on the unique shape of our SafeTack swing-out saddle compartment. Our SafeTack Reverse horse trailer design stands as a testament to our dedication to safety and innovation.

Beyond this, Double D Trailers proudly owns several key horse trailer safety trademarks: SafeTack®, Z-Frame®, SafeBump®, and SafeKick®. These names are not just labels; they represent our commitment to providing our clients with a safe and reliable horse trailer, backed by years of research, development, and real-world testing.

These groundbreaking technologies and solutions are a result of analyzing actual incidents and feedback from our customers. They were invented or significantly improved upon since our first models in 1997.

Discover the difference with Double D Trailers – where safety meets innovation.

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Who Owns Double D Trailers?

Brad Heath is the founder and owner of Double D Trailers. He is the visionary behind the company, combining his passion for engineering with a deep commitment to horse safety and owner comfort.

Read more about Brad Heath

Brad’s vision for Double D Trailers is not just about leading the market in quality horse trailers. He aspires to continuously integrate cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices into his designs, anticipating future trends and needs. Under his guidance, Double D Trailers is setting new industry standards, driven by excellence and a dedication to positively impacting the equestrian community.

Who are the Double D Trailers Team?

Brad is supported by a dedicated team of experts, each bringing unique skills and passion to Double D Trailers.

Double D Trailers Team


Discover more about our team's expertise and commitment to excellence on our Meet the Team page.

Double D Trailers Over The Years

Year Milestone
2023 Launched the 3D-printed horse trailer model.
Launched the Horse Trailer Podcast.
2022 Launched the 1 Horse Bumper Pull with Living Quarters.
2015 US Patent #9132762 awarded for the SafeTack Reverse Trailer Design.
2013 Built the first SafeTack Reverse trailer.
2009 Launched Z-Frame, SafeKick, and SafeBump; rebranded "Tack-Around" to SafeTack.
2008 Moved to a 52,000-square-foot facility to support product growth.
1998 Introduced Tack-Around, an early version of SafeTack.
1997 Built the first-ever Double D Horse Trailer. 
Started construction of a new factory and equipment in Pink Hill NC for the sole purpose of manufacturing horse trailers
Pre-1997 Opened in Sept. 1994 as a dealer selling other brands of trailers.


Where To Find Double D Trailers

Our services and impact span nationwide, but our main design hub is nestled at 7719 Market St., Wilmington, North Carolina. This hub is the birthplace of our trailer designs, where innovative ideas are transformed into the safe, high-quality horse trailers that travel roads all over the country.

Our reach extends across the entire United States, connecting us with a diverse and passionate community of horse enthusiasts. No matter where you are located, our custom-built horse trailers, known for their safety and innovative design, are accessible to you.

Double D Trailers is actively involved in the equestrian community and frequently exhibits at prominent events such as the Horse World Expo and the Western States Horse Expo. These events provide us an excellent opportunity to meet our customers, showcase our latest trailer designs, and demonstrate our commitment to the equestrian lifestyle.

Be sure to check our events calendar to see where we will be next and come visit us! No matter where you are in the US, discover the unique Double D Trailers experience at one of our events or through our widespread service network.

7719 Market St., Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, 28404

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