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All About Double D Trailers

Double D Trailer’s Mission Since 1997:

To provide safe and innovative horse trailers, shifting the entire equestrian world one horse at a time.

What are Double D Trailers values?

Safety and innovation.

Collaboration with our clients.

Shifting the market’s consciousness where it concerns safety for both horse and handler.

Welcome to the Double D Trailers site. We’re delighted you decided to stop by.

Our goal is to help you create the horse trailer of your dreams, and we want you to have it for a lifetime.

You probably have some questions. We love questions, so we decided to identify the 10 most common things we think you’d want to know about us. 

Read on to find out who we are, what makes us do what we do, and most importantly, how you can design and build your own Double D trailer! 

Who are Double D Trailers?

The company incorporated in September of 1994 with three equal partners, all family members.  We started by selling other brands of horse trailers, but we quickly realized nobody ever wanted what we had on the trailer lot.  Customers always wanted a different color, or a trailer with different features than what we had.

We decided to start building our own trailers and provide customers with a better product and service.  More importantly, we decided to custom build our own trailers to meet our customer’s specifications because we were dealing with them directly. 

In 1997, our first Double D Trailer was built!

history of double d horse trailers

The team at Double D Trailers is dedicated to making choosing and purchasing your dream horse trailer as simple as it can be. Meet the Double D Trailers team

Choose the Double D Trailer You Want Now: Horse Trailers for Sale

If you’re interested in learning more about our history, you can read about it here: Double D Trailers History.

What makes Double D Trailers different?

At Double D Trailers, we work directly with you to create your dream horse trailer. This intimate relationship is unique because we collaborate with you one-on-one - we have no dealers. 

Professional integrity is our motivation. Our horse trailers are the result of our dedication and commitment to safety since 1997.  We mindfully identify safety hazards for both horse and handler, and continually seek solutions to eliminate these risks through safe, innovative, custom-built horse trailers. Many of these hazards originate from horse trailer owners and real-life situations that we have learned about over the years. Our solutions and patented technologies are the result of problem-solving collaborations with our partners – our valuable clients.

When faced with undeniable safety issues, we roll up our sleeves, pinpoint the issues, and innovate. Naturally. 

Does that mean you thought about my horse too?

In the beginning of our journey, we heard handlers using other types of trailers  mentioning repeatedly that horses did not want to load beside the rear tack, did not want to back out, or just plain panicked during transit - stomping and shaking the trailer.   Rattling dividers and loud vibrating walls combined with low ceilings, narrow doorways and small windows were ripe for creating a poor hauling experience and making a horse anxious about trailering. And we’re pretty sure that those handlers were pretty anxious too. 

We decided to do something about it.

Why are you different from other manufacturers?

At Double D Trailers, we offer our clients a safe and reliable horse trailer based on years of research and development. Our proven and patented technologies exceed current industry standards. Many manufacturers claim to build a safe horse trailer, but we’re the only manufacturer with the patents to back it up. 

We are proud of our contribution to protecting you and your horse with the following: 

These technologies and solutions have been invented - or improved upon - following actual incidents since 1997. 

Read more: How Double D Trailers Are Built 

How do I design my trailer?

Our process is very simple. Just complete a few details in our trailer finder, and you’ll have the basics of your trailer. We make it easy for you to identify your preferences without having to spend much time discussing it with the manufacturer or designers.

Let's start with how many horses you need to haul?

1 Horse
1 Horse
2 Horse
2 Horses
3 Horse
3 Horses
4 Horse
4 Horses

Next, select the trailer style




  • Gooseneck trailers work well for hauling three or more horses, if you are towing with at least a 3/4 ton size pick up truck, and you have a need for sleeping inside.
  • They are not easier or more difficult to tow than a bumper pull.
  • Reverse loading is very popular and with a gooseneck three horse version (or higher) a double side ramp can be installed for independent access to each horse.
  • Part of our onboarding process is to collect your vehicle specs and we will insure your load is safe
Bumper Pull

Bumper Pull


  • Bumper Pull trailers are best suited for hauling one or two horses (three max) and if towing with a full size SUV or half ton truck.
  • You may have heard gooseneck trailers are safer than bumper pulls which is a common misconception.
  • A bumper pull trailer is just as safe as a gooseneck, provided it's being towed behind an adequately equipped tow vehicle.
  • Part of our onboarding process is to collect your vehicle specs and we will insure your load is safe, you are in good hands
  • Combination forward and or reverse loading is available in a two or three horse bumper pull.

Do you need a cozy place to sleep?

YES! I need sleeping quarters with amenities.

Due to safety reasons, we offer a bumper pull 1 horse with living quarters. But for 2 horses or more, you will need a gooseneck

Considerations with sleeping area

  • A living quarter trailer "LQ" will be equipped with running hot water, a toilet, place to bathe, kitchen with appliances and seating area along with sleeping.
  • Anything with a LQ installed should be in a gooseneck if you are hauling two or more horses
  • If you are looking a bumper pull and want a LQ anything higher than a 1 horse is unsafe. We offer a 1 horse LQ in a bumper pull which is very popular

No, I do not, or I may rough camp.

Considerations for rough camping or no camping

  • All of our Safetack slant load models are equipped with a front tack room. This can be used for storage but in the event you need to rough camp overnight or take a nap at a day show you can.

Not Ready to Customize?

Drop us your name and email with questions and we will respond quickly

(Works great for sending quick questions, no automated spam, and only a human responds to your question)

Once you’ve decided on a model (or two!), you build your trailer virtually. You will see the price as you decide on each option. You don’t have to stick with any option, so dream a little!

Won’t a custom-built horse trailer cost more?

Our horse trailer design interface contains many choices. First, you’ll choose the number of horses you’ll travel with, then the type of trailer (bumper or gooseneck), or one with living quarters.

Then comes the fun part. You choose the features that are most important to you. As you build out your trailer, you will see the various prices appear. You can change your selections to fit your budget or start over as many times as you like to see the results of the various options. You can choose the:

  • flooring

  • conveniences for your horses and for you

  • horse size

  • colors and,

  • much more.

Our patented safety features are included in every horse trailer we build. These features such as SafeTack, SafeBump, SafeKick and Z-Frame construction are standard on every Double D Trailer. You don’t need to select them because we have already done that for you. 

At Double D Trailers, your safety - and that of your horse - shouldn’t be an option. We believe it should be standard on a horse trailer, and we build them that way. 

Is it true that you love getting questions from customers?

It’s the highlight of our day. Seriously. There’s nothing we love more than answering your questions about Double D Trailers. 

Just try us.

How come your clients love you so much?

Since 1997, we’ve delivered over 3,000 horse trailers and have had customer after customer tell us how much they love them, and more importantly, how easy it is to load and unload their horses. 

But, hey…don’t take our word. Here are a few testimonials:  

 double d trailer customer testimonial


What Sets Our Customer Service Apart from the Competition?

5 Ways We are Making a Positive Impact on the Horse Community

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Ok, I’m in! How can I get my own Double D Trailer?

You can design your trailer and determine the price in a few easy steps.

  1. From the Double D Trailers home page, click “Start Designing Your Trailer”.

  2. Choose the number of horses you want to transport (from one to four).

  3. Choose from a gooseneck, or bumper pull trailer. (Don’t know what the difference is? Click here.) 

  4. Determine whether you need living quarters’ accommodations or not. 

  5. Click on the trailer suggestion we offer. If there is no suggestion, start over with some other options. Or, contact us for more information.

  6. Customize your trailer from the vast list of suggestions we offer. On the right-hand side, you will see the price of your trailer appear as you choose the various options.

Once you have completed your design you will see “Review My Trailer”. You can review your choices and make any changes to obtain the final price. 

Enter your contact information, and we’ll be in touch. A copy of your trailer details will be sent to you for safe keeping upon submitting.

If you are unable to complete your design, you can always submit your unfinished order and we'll help you finish it off.

Finally, once you place your order, your trailer will be delivered to your doorstep. If you’re not happy, we’ll take it back. No questions asked. 

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