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Brad Heath, Double D Trailers Owner

Brad Heath has owned and operated Double D Trailers since 1997. Brad has firsthand experience of being a horse owner, and what goes into the day-in and day-out of the equestrian lifestyle. Growing up, his small-town family farm consisted of cattle, horses, turkeys, and more.

Pictured: Brad and his Dad Donald on a horseback ride on their family farm.

Dealing with livestock, Brad encountered many difficult-to-load horses. After going into the trailer manufacturing business and seeing customer after customer still battle with loading and unloading their own horses, Brad decided that there had to be a better way to do horse trailers.

He went to work to design a trailer that would be more efficient and safer for both horses and handlers. After years of brain storming and researching, Double D Trailers was awarded U.S. Patent #9132762 for the Safetack Reverse Slant Load Horse Trailer.

The unique trailer solution designed by Brad creates a more inviting and less stressful environment for horses and enhances the loading and unloading experience for handlers. The Safetack design has been a game changer in the horse trailer industry.

Today, Brad dedicates his time to working daily with clients to design their own custom horse trailer. Brad specializes in trailer design, safety, and innovation. His main goal is to help people create their dream horse trailers that will last them a lifetime. 

Rachael Kraft, Lead Content Contributor

Rachael Kraft is a professional writer and an avid equestrian with more than three decades experience working with horses.

For over five years, Rachael has been the lead content contributor for Double D Trailers. Rachael has “been-there-done-that” when it comes to loading a difficult horse, waking up at dawn for a day at the show, and using a trailer to haul cross-country. 

With knowing all of the ins and outs of horse ownership, all the way to the mechanical and technical aspects of horse trailers - Rachael works diligently to provide valuable viewpoints of the average horse person, along with well-researched content to help inform our readers. Rachael provides the "best of both worlds" when it comes to insightful, knowledgable, and useful horse related content. 

Most importantly, she is passionate about the safety features available on all Double D Trailers. 

Bernadette Broderick, Copywriter

Bernadette Broderick has been writing professionally since 1997. A marine mechanical engineering technologist, Bernadette has worked in engineering throughout her entire career. After several years, she realized her passion for clear and well-documented writing when she was asked to investigate and produce warranty claims.

From shipbuilding, non-destructive testing, and metrology to medical devices, she has produced technical documents, and edited and reviewed the works of professionals from engineers to microbiologists to PhD scientists in the areas as diverse as nuclear reactors to cutting-edge brain research. Her latest pursuit is a part-time pursuit of an undergraduate degree in industrial safety.

Her love of research and attention to detail has opened the doors to many incredible writing and editing projects. This writing and research - and her interest in all areas regarding safety and compliance - makes her an ideal person to write about technical details, materials, and safety.

She is also an avid animal lover, having had animals all her life. Her connection to them is one of mutual respect, fascination, and love, and she has helped animal rescue organizations for many years.

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