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Bumper Pull Horse Trailers For Sale

Bumper Pull Slant Load Horse Trailers

The SafeTack 1 Horse Trailer Bumper Pull Model by Double D Trailers

Single Horse Trailer for Sale Safety and Comfort for You and Your Horse

  • Save Money with a cost effective single horse trailer.
  • Easier Towing and more tow vehicle options since this trailer is lighter and smaller.
  • Fits Large Horses up to 17-hands with custom sized stalls.
  • SafeTack Design means safer and easier loading with an enclosed tack storage area that swings out like a second door.
  • Custom Dressing Room is perfect to store your equipment and even sleep overnight with an optional mattress.
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$25,115.00 USD

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2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer - Fully Customizable Slant Load Design

  • Lightweight Z-Frame technology means this trailer can be towed by most properly equipped SUVs vehicles.
  • Customizable stall sizes for ponies up to 17+ hands.
  • Safer loading with the patented SafeTack design and optional side ramp.
  • Reverse or forward facing configurations available to match your horses’ preferences.
  • Horse Friendly’ interior with a SafeBump Roof® and SafeKick® Wall Systems to avoid injuries while traveling.
  • Spacious dressing room with customizable features perfect for a quick change of attire or equipment storage.
  • Expert advice on hauling, materials, and design options available.  Have questions? Just ask Brad, owner of Double D Trailers
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$27,134.00 USD

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1 Horse Bumper Pull LQ Trailer

One Horse Trailer With Living Quarters

SafeTack One Horse Trailer with Living Quarters: Perfect for the equestrian on-the-go

  • Z-Frame Technology for a strong yet lightweight design 
  • Easy to tow with a half ton pick up truck or full size SUV.  Tongue weight of only 600 lbs and trailer weight of 5,100 lbs.
  • Standard size stall will support a horse up to a 15.2. Or, enlarge for a 16.2 thoroughbred or 17 hand warmblood. 
  • Customize features tailored to your specific hauling requirements and needs. 
  • One Piece Fiber Composite SafeBump Roof system (It can't ever leak.)
  • SafeKick® Wall System
  • Ideal for one person and one horse
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$53,963.00 USD

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3 Horse Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

3 Horse Slant Trailer: Forward or Reverse Facing - Bumper Pull

  • Rear and side ramps available for "walk on/walk off" feature and individual horse accessibility.
  • Superior towing safety with a shorter wheelbase, wedge V-shape nose, balanced load, and lighter tongue weight.
  • Advanced horse safety with SafeTack slant load configuration and optional bulkhead window so you can “see” your horse while traveling.
  • Customizable dressing room with a convenient peep-through door from the dress to the horse area.
  • Variable Stall Sizes available to fit small, regular sized, and large breed horses – up to 17.0+ hands high.
  • Rear Facing Horse Trailer Design available (Often referred to as riding backwards or reverse load)

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$32,584.00 USD

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Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailers

Townsmand 2 Horse Trailer by Double D Trailers

Bumper Pull 2 Horse Trailer: 2024 Townsmand Model

  • Our most affordable trailer model with half-height tack storage under horse manger.
  • Small and lightweight design makes for easy and convenient towing.
  • Z-Frame® technology to create a durable and strong chassis.
  • Tubular head dividers to create more air flow and less stress on your horses.
  • A convenient walk through door out the front of your trailer
  • SafeBump Roof® and SafeKick® Wall Systems to keep your horses protected.

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$22,147.00 USD

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2 Horse Straight Load Trailer

Straight Load Horse Trailer for Sale - Easy Towing for Two Horses

  • A classic! Perfect for a two-horse team. Bumper pull. Dressing room included.
  • Includes all of our top safety features: Z-frame TechnologySafeBump RoofSafeKick walls, Insulated horse area, and more!
  • Add a side walk-through ramp for "walk on, walk off" loading.
  • Upgrade to Rumber flooring for an easy maintenance option.
  • Fully insulated horse area and dressing room standard at no extra cost
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$24,312.00 USD

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2 Horse Straight Load Trailer by Double D Trailers

Two Horse Bumper Pull Straight Load: Quiet, Rivet-Free Design

  • Z-Frame Technology to create a protective cage around your horses.
  • Rivet-free walls remove metal-on-metal noise and warping due to heat.
  • Z-Frame tubular head dividers allow more air flow, less stress on your horses
  • V-Nose shape for a spacious front walk in tack room
  • SafeBump and SafeKick® Wall System

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$23,389.00 USD

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Safest Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

3 horse bumper pull trailerIf a gooseneck trailer gives you goosebumps, then a bumper pull horse trailer may be a perfect option.  Whether you are planning to tow with a small-size SUV or a larger pick-up truck, these trailers are best for those who want to ‘hitch up and go.’

Safety is likely your biggest concern as you look at new bumper pull horse trailer.  Here at Double D Trailers, we have the most innovative safety features on the market.  Our goal is to create beautiful custom horse trailers designed specifically for your own personal needs.

Choose from a variety of straight load and slant load designs each packed with quality craftsmanship, individualized options, and safety features crammed in from hitch to bumper.

Top Benefits on Double D Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Check out some of the top benefits you’ll find with Double D Trailers:

  • Custom Designs by Experts – Do you have an enormous horse?  Do you need room for a carriage?  Is a trailer awning a ‘must-have?’  Have your trailer built to suit your specific needs.  Go ahead and challenge us!  We can add square footage, customize horse features, and accommodate almost any request.
  • Top Safety Features - We are committed to building the safest bumper pull horse trailer to protect both you and your horses during travel.  (Read more on safety next.)
  • Expert Advice for Hauling – Our towing specialist can help you determine if your vehicle is adequate to haul your new trailer.  Plus, our trailers are available with weight distribution systems.  Learn more: How to determine your horse trailer weight for safe hauling
  • Variety of Models - Choose from our selection of bumper pull horse trailers for sale to haul from 1 to 4 horses.  Or, check out our gooseneck horse trailers and living quarters horse trailers.
  • Flat Rate Nationwide Delivery – We can deliver anywhere in the US for a flat rate of $395.  Delivery can also be arranged for residents of Canada Learn more: The Double D Trailers Difference
  • Trade-In Deals – We do accept trade-in deals so you can save money on your purchase.
  • Nationwide Warranty Service Program & Guarantee – If something isn’t working with your trailer, we will send one of our trusted mechanics to your home to make it right.

Safety Features on Double D Trailers Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

2 horse bumper pull trailersDouble D Trailers is different from the other brands because we put an enormous emphasis on safety.  Features like SafeTack layout, SafeKick walls, Z-Frame structure, Rumber flooring, and SafeBump ceilings all work in harmony to protect both you and your horse during travel.

We think about the little things that will make a trailer feel like a safe space for your horse:

Is the trailer interior bright and airy?
Are the interior dividers firmly secure to prevent stressful rattles during travel?
Are the trailer materials and paint colors going to create a safe and comfortable interior temperature on the hottest of days?
Does the horse handler have room to safely maneuver around the horse during loading and unloading?

Is this trailer going to protect your horse in the case of an accident?

These are just a few of the questions we ask each time we create a custom bumper pull horse trailer for one of our customers.

>>> Let's discuss! Schedule a FREE video chat with our staff now.

Top Safety Features on Our Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Here are a few of our top safety features:

  • SafeTack Design – Available on slant load models.  This design eliminates the dangerous narrow loading doorway found on other conventional slant load horse trailers.  An enclosed and lockable tack storage area swings out like a second door to allow a full-width opening for loading and unloading.
  • SafeKick and SafeBump - Durable composite materials on the walls and ceiling will protect your horse from injury.
  • ‘Green’ Design – We’ve nixed the use of many harmful chemicals in our manufacturing process.
  • Reverse Load Trailer Models – Studies have shown that there are benefits to backwards travel for horses.  Check out our patented Reverse SafeTack horse trailers.
  • Tubular Dividers – Increase air flow and visibility with see-through tubular head dividers.
  • Quiet Interior – We’ve worked to eliminate interior rattles and transfer of road noise that can stress your horse.
  • 100% Fully Insulated – Enjoy comfortable temperatures in both winter and summer months with full insulation from front to rear.
  • Rumber Flooring – Aluminum floors can corrode and weaken with time.  This superior material provides lasting durability and easy cleaning.  Plus, it reduces noise and vibration for your horse to lower stress levels and prevent excess leg fatigue.
  • Z-Frame Construction – Our patented design offers superior strength over aluminum to protect your horses in case of an accident.  The 16 gauge Galvalite skin is 5 times stronger than 0.040 aluminum for an overall lightweight trailer.

Looking for an aluminum trailer? There is a better and safer option! Aluminum Horse Trailer Alternatives

Can’t Decide Between a Slant Load and Straight Load Horse Trailer?

2 horse trailer slant loadEach type of trailer configuration has its own advantages and disadvantages.  First, think about how you plan to use your new trailer.  How many horses are you planning to haul?  Are you going to need a dressing room or tack storage area?

Straight load trailers tend to cost less and often allow more room for larger horses.  However, many horses are hesitant (or can refuse) to "back out" of a straight load.   Plus having to drop in a butt bar behind an unruly horse can be dangerous for the handler.

Our slant load horse trailers have eliminated many of the safety concerns typical for other brands.  Since Double D Trailers specializes in custom horse trailers, these stalls sizes can be adjusted to fit your particular animals.

Slant load horse trailers make better use of space with a shorter wheel base.  It is often easier to include features like dressing rooms on these models while preserving driving maneuverability. Read more about straight vs. slant load models here.

Easier and Safer Loading with our SafeTack Design

There's usually a really good reason why your horse won't walk onto your horse trailer.  Chances are he's frightened of the confined space.  When you add the narrow door on a slant load trailer, things look even scarier!

We’ve created the SafeTack design to eliminate the narrow (and ‘scary’) door found on most slant load designs.  Instead, our SafeTack models have an enclosed tack storage area that swings out like a second door.  This allows a wide open entry way for loading and unloading with additional escape doors and horse ramps available on the sides of the trailer.

If you choose to add a side door and ramp, your trailer suddenly has a true walk-on-walk-off configuration.  In other words -- your horses will never need to back up off the trailer!

Many of our customers have found huge improvements in their horses when using our trailers compared to their older models.  In fact, our friend Penny (whose horses are shown in the video below) used to take at least a full hour to load her one horse.  Read more about Penny's story here.

Read more about SafeTack horse trailers here.

Get Your Dream Dressing Room on a Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

Just because you only have a 2 horse bumper pull horse trailer doesn’t mean you can’t have a spacious dressing room.

Our designs allow for the addition of spacious front dressing rooms where you can store overnight supplies, show equipment, food, and chairs.  Your saddles and sweaty blankets can be stored separately in the locked SafeTack storage area at the rear of the trailer.  This will cut down on smell and leave you plenty of room for human comforts.

Customize your dressing room by adding extra hooks for a hammock or special equipment.  You could even including a cot or mattress for hassle free camping.  Add a roll out patio awning to transform your trailer into a mini shaded retreat for you and your horses.

If you are looking for full living quarters complete with plumbing and kitchenette, check out our living quarters horse trailers for sale.  NOTE:  We do not build bumper pull horse trailers with living quarters because they can be dangerous to haul.

Hear From Happy Double D Trailers Customers

Nancy E. of Cedar City, Utah purchased a warmblood sized 2 horse bumper pull trailer with a dressing room.  She shared, “Great, great service!! Although it was scary ordering on line (never having seen the trailer) but it is everything DD said and more!! Could not be happier with an "unseen" product.”

Safety was a main priority in ordering a trailer for Christy I. of Atlanta, GA.  She purchase a SafeTack 2 horse bumper pull trailer with a dressing room.  “I LOVED all of the safety features and options that Double D has included. I wanted to know that my horse was as safe as possible on the road and I feel that Double D Trailers has created a very safe product that provides as much protection as I can get in a Bumper Pull.”

2 horse bumper pull trailer

Curt and his wife in Abilene, Kansas looked at a wide variety of brands before settling on Double D Trailers.  When asked about their specific needs, Curt replied, “Safety, Safety, Safety....The fact that it was a really well built and great looking trailer was a plus too. The excellent customer service right from the beginning was incredible. We were kept updated constantly, and our needs were the priority not Double D's needs. We found that refreshing.”

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How to Get Started: Ordering a Custom Horse Trailer from Double D Trailers

Ordering your new bumper pull horse trailer from Double D Trailers is easy.  You’ll be connected quickly with our top designer, Brad Heath, to discuss your particular needs.  Here are the basic steps for how to get started:

Step 1:  Submit a Customization Request Online - Explore the trailer models at the top of this page under the slant load or straight load drop down menus.  Click the ‘View and Customize’ button on any particular model to see a detailed overview, feature options, photos, videos, and floorplans.  Once you’ve chosen a model, click the ‘Customize Your Trailer’ to select specific features and generate a summary.  Fill out the form and click ‘Submit.’

Step 2:  Detailed Pricing Estimate - Once you submit your customization request.  Our team will review your selection and look for any feature conflicts.  For example, it is not possible to select both a front escape door and a manger.  We will next send a detailed pricing estimate.

Step 3:  Design Discussion with Our Experts - You will then begin an ongoing conversation with our experts to refine the design and establish the final pricing.  We can help you add in special requests or remove unneeded features to stay within a budget.

Step 4:  CAD Drawing - A highly detailed CAD drawing will act as the construction blueprint for our building team.

Step 5:  Approval and Start of ConstructionOnce you are happy with the final design, pricing, and order details, the estimate is converted to an official order.  We will begin construction on your new trailer!

Step 6: Final Touches - Any decorative features like outside graphic and color can be determined after the trailer construction has begun.  From here, you can sit back and relax until your brand new trailer is delivered to your driveway.

As we said….Easy, right?

Read more about building a custom horse trailer with Double D Trailers.

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Top Features on Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

  • Z Frame Technology
  • 2”x 8” Pressure Treated Pine Flooring on 16” Cross Members
  • Rumber Flooring
  • Walk Thru Door to Horse Area in slant wall (specify location and direction of swing)
  • EZ Lube Durable Never Adjust Brakes
  • Full Height Rear Doors with SafeTack Design
  • 24” Diamond Plate Gravel Guard at Nose
  • Running Board Step Down Dressing Room Side
  • Carpet in Dressing Room Floor
  • SafeTack® Slant Load Design, allows for entire back of trailer to be open for loading and unloading. Very safe
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • Extra divider on rear stall to prevent horses from backing out when rear doors are opened
  • Spare Tire inside dressing room
  • Z-Frame Slant dividers with handmade padding and safety slam latches
  • Horse Area Roof Vents, one per stall aluminum
  • Custom handmade padding on dividers and slant wall
  • 30” Dress Door Factory Built Door
  • SafeKick® Wall System
  • Heat reflective SafeBump® Roof System in new leak proof fiber composite material
  • Insulated side walls in horse area for maximum temperature protection and safe, quiet ride
  • Floor Mats in Horse Area
  • Horse Area Roof Vents (One Per Horse)
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug
  • Warranty on Structure, Bumper-to-Bumper, Non Double D Manufactured Parts

Please see individual model descriptions for specific features, warranties, and pricing.

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