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SafeBump® Roof System

Like most horse owners, you probably worry about the safety and comfort of your horse while they're being transported in the trailer. When it comes to the horse trailer roof, most of us immediately think of the risks of head injuries. Introducing the SafeBump® Roof System from Double D Trailers – a groundbreaking solution designed to address your concerns head-on. Our unique fiber composite roof provides superior protection and comfort for your horse, ensuring peace of mind during travel.

Learn more about how SafeBump® stands apart from conventional roofing materials and schedule a discovery call with our team to explore customizing your trailer with the SafeBump® Roof System.

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SafeBump Roof SystemUnderstanding the SafeBump® Roof System

Temperature Control in Your Horse Trailer

Unlike common mill-finish aluminum roofs that turn trailers into ovens, the SafeBump® Roof uses fiberglass as part of its construction, significantly improving insulation. This design choice keeps the interior of your trailer comfortable in both summer and winter, preventing the stress and dehydration that can occur in excessively hot conditions.

Enhanced Safety in Rearing Situations

We recognize that rearing is a common concern for horse owners. The SafeBump® Roof, made from a single molded piece of fiber composite material, offers flexibility and strength to protect your horse's head in such scenarios. We also include a rear header pad as a standard feature, adding an extra layer of protection.

Protection in the Event of an Accident

Understanding the fears associated with trailer accidents, the SafeBump® Roof integrates Z-Frame tubing support every 16 inches. This forms a protective cage around your horse, vastly improving safety compared to the thin, potentially hazardous mill-finish aluminum roofs.

Watch the video below to see the SafeBump® Roof in production at the Double D Trailers factory. 

Durability and Maintenance Ease

The SafeBump® Roof is not only sturdy but also designed for minimal maintenance. Unlike aluminum roofs that require regular resealing, our fiber composite material is leak-proof, seamless, and resilient against the elements. It’s an investment in lasting quality, keeping your horse trailer dry and free from moisture-related damage.

When it comes to choosing a horse trailer roof, the SafeBump® Roof System checks all the boxes – temperature control, safety during rearing, accident protection, and durability. Its innovative design reflects Double D Trailers' commitment to equine safety and owner satisfaction. Double D Trailers owner Brad Heath proudly states, “It's truly the 'safest' and 'best' roof available on the market today!”

Concerned about your horse's safety and the durability of your trailer roof? Contact us today to discuss how the SafeBump® Roof System can elevate your horse's travel experience, ensuring they're protected, comfortable, and secure, no matter the journey.

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