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Each episode of the Horse Trailer Post Podcast is designed to provide valuable insights and information on various aspects of horse care, riding, and safety. The podcast features frequent guests from different areas of the equine industry, including veterinarians, horse trainers, riding instructors, and other experts who share their knowledge and experience with the listeners.

The podcast covers a diverse range of topics, such as horse trailer safety, tips for transporting horses, maintaining horse trailers, and much more. Brad and his guests also discuss equestrian lifestyle topics, such as horse ownership, equestrian sports, and horse show competitions.

Whether you are a seasoned horse owner or just starting out, the Horse Trailer Post Podcast has something to offer. The podcast is engaging, informative, and provides an excellent platform for anyone who wants to learn more about horses and the equestrian lifestyle. Tune in to the Horse Trailer Post Podcast for a new episode every other week and join the conversation about all things horse-related.

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  • Brad Heath is the owner of Double D Trailers. With over 25+ years of experience in the horse trailer manufacturing and equestrian industry, he has unique knowledge to offer to horse enthusiasts. Learn more about Brad Heath.

Brad Heath is the owner of Double D Trailers and the main host of the Horse Trailer Post Podcast.

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Double D Trailers Podcast The Horse Trailer Post

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Episode 15: Boost Your Horse Riding Skills with Ridely: Nicole Graf Explains How 

Ridely - the app revolutionizing equestrian training. Discover how Ridely can elevate your horse riding experience with features like ride tracking, stat sharing, and online courses.

Episode 14: Sawyer Hennig: NCHA Champion’s Secrets to Success

Sawyer Hennig does it all! Tune in for the legislative powerhouse and NCHA superstar, in this must-watch Horse Trailer Post episode! Uncover the strategies behind her spectacular wins and get a glimpse into the discipline and dedication required for equestrian excellence.

Episode 13: Secrets of a 25-Year Horse Racing Veteran, Miles Henry

Miles Henry has become a leading voice in the world of horse racing. As a 2X equestrian author and industry expert, he shares his unique insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and invaluable knowledge about the sport. Visit his website: 

Episode 12: Discover the Secrets to Pain-Free Horse Riding with Restorative Exercise Specialist, Samantha

Dive into the world of restorative exercise with Samantha, the heart and soul behind Refined Riding. Discover how she's revolutionizing the equestrian world by bringing balance and healing to both horses and their riders. In this in-depth chat, we unravel her journey, techniques, and the magic that makes her approach stand out. Whether you're an avid equestrian or just a horse enthusiast, Samantha's insights on holistic well-being are not to be missed!

Episode 11: She Can Make a Horse Dance! Tips from an Expert Horse Trainer, Julia Williamson

Julia Williamson does it all! From teaching horses to dance to addressing common behavioral problems, she is affectionately known as "The Horse Whisperer". Julia offers expert horse tips and tricks in her episode. Learn more by visiting her website:

Episode 10: Everything About Horse Nutrition with Equestrian Nutritionist Dr. Jyme Nichols

Dr. Jyme Nichols is an ARPAS certified Professional Animal Scientist in the Equine discipline. Dr. Nichols is currently the Director of Nutrition for Bluebonnet Feed and Stride Animal Health. In this episode, Dr. Nichols dives into everything that horse owners need to know about horse nutrition. 

Episode 9: Renowned Equestrian Photographer Lauren Ann Pace

Lauren Ann Pace is a professional photographer specializing in Equestrian, Fine Art, and Western Lifestyle photos. As an equestrian herself, Lauren understands what it takes to truly capture the bond between horse and rider. Learn more by visiting Lauren's website:

Episode 8: Loci Robotics Owners Jeff Foote and Max Heres on 3D Printing

Owners of Loci Robotics, Jeff Foote and Max Heres share insight on the 3D printing industry and discuss the worlds first 3D printed horse trailer. Learn more about Loci Robotics by visiting their website:

Episode 7: Equestrian Fitness Professional Jamie Graham

Jamie Graham is a Certified Personal Trainer, Recreation Therapist, Youth Exercise Specialist, Equestrian Athlete and founder of Haybales and Barbells. Her business exists to provide affordable fitness programs to equestrians. Learn more by visiting her website:

Episode 6: Horsemanship Expert Phil Haugen

Phil Haugen has worked with over 1,000 horses and has over 30 years of experience with horsemanship success and practices a "Training Through Understanding" approach. He offers his expertise through courses, clinics, and mentorship programs. Learn more on his website:

Episode 5: Equestrian Athlete and Fitness Coach Siddartha Kreaden

Siddartha Kreaden is a World Champion Equestrian Athlete and Equestrian Fitness Coach. Learn her insight and knowledge on all things equine in this episode.

Episode 4: United States Equestrian Vaulting Athlete Haley Smith

United States Equestrian Team Athlete and 2X World Champion Haley Smith shares the ins and outs of the sport of equestrian vaulting.

Episode 3: Why This Firefighter Ditched His Aluminum Trailer: with Mike and Shelley Ehrmanntraut

Mike, a firefighter from South Carolina took a large animal rescue class and saw firsthand the dangers of aluminum horse trailers. Mike and his wife Shelley share their experience with their aluminum horse trailer and what made them decide to upgrade to a Double D Living Quarters Horse Trailer.

Episode 2: Horse Chiropractic Care: with Dr. Joren Whitley 

Dr. Joren Whitley, owner of Oklahoma Chiropractic has a pretty unique job. As a human and animal chiropractor, learn everything you need to know about horse chiropractic care in this episode from the expert himself. 

Episode 1: Horse Stories, Dressage, and Hunt Seat: with Rachael Kraft

Avid equestrian Rachael Kraft shares about her history with horses including dressage, hunt seat, horse trailers, and more! Most of the content on the Double D Trailers website has been written by Rachael. She is a skilled copywriter and graphic designer. Check out her website here:

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