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Each episode of the Horse Trailer Post Podcast is designed to provide valuable insights and information on various aspects of horse care, riding, and safety. The podcast features frequent guests from different areas of the equine industry, including veterinarians, horse trainers, riding instructors, and other experts who share their knowledge and experience with the listeners.

The podcast covers a diverse range of topics, such as horse trailer safety, tips for transporting horses, maintaining horse trailers, and much more. Brad and his guests also discuss equestrian lifestyle topics, such as horse ownership, equestrian sports, and horse show competitions.

Whether you are a seasoned horse owner or just starting out, the Horse Trailer Post Podcast has something to offer. The podcast is engaging, informative, and provides an excellent platform for anyone who wants to learn more about horses and the equestrian lifestyle. Tune in to the Horse Trailer Post Podcast for a new episode every other week and join the conversation about all things horse-related.

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  • Brad Heath is the owner of Double D Trailers. With over 20+ years of experience in the horse trailer manufacturing and equestrian industry, he has unique knowledge to offer to horse enthusiasts. Learn more about Brad Heath.

Brad Heath is the owner of Double D Trailers and the main host of the Horse Trailer Post Podcast.

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Double D Trailers Podcast The Horse Trailer Post

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Episode 2: Horse Chiropractic Care with Dr. Joren Whitley 

Dr. Joren Whitley, owner of Oklahoma Chiropractic has a pretty unique job. As a human and animal chiropractor, learn everything you need to know about horse chiropractic care in this episode from the expert himself. 

Episode 1: Horse Stories, Dressage, and Hunt Seat

Avid equestrian Rachael Kraft shares about her history with horses including dressage, hunt seat, horse trailers, and more! Most of the content on the Double D Trailers website has been written by Rachael. She is a skilled copywriter and graphic designer. Check out her website here:

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