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Trailer Finder: Use This Tool to Tailor Your Next Horse Trailer

Tired of searching endlessly through horse trailer classifieds and driving to dealer’s lots? Save time (and money!) by shopping and comparing online. Use our Trailer Finder tool below to make your serach simpler and get the exact horse trailer you want.

If you already have your mind set on a specific model, you can head straight to our inventory page to see all available Double D Trailers horse trailer models.

Let's start with how many horses you need to haul?

1 Horse
1 Horse
2 Horse
2 Horses
3 Horse
3 Horses
4 Horse
4 Horses

Next, select the trailer style




  • Gooseneck trailers work well for hauling three or more horses, if you are towing with at least a 3/4 ton size pick up truck, and you have a need for sleeping inside.
  • They are not easier or more difficult to tow than a bumper pull.
  • Reverse loading is very popular and with a gooseneck three horse version (or higher) a double side ramp can be installed for independent access to each horse.
  • Part of our onboarding process is to collect your vehicle specs and we will insure your load is safe
Bumper Pull

Bumper Pull


  • Bumper Pull trailers are best suited for hauling one or two horses (three max) and if towing with a full size SUV or half ton truck.
  • You may have heard gooseneck trailers are safer than bumper pulls which is a common misconception.
  • A bumper pull trailer is just as safe as a gooseneck, provided it's being towed behind an adequately equipped tow vehicle.
  • Part of our onboarding process is to collect your vehicle specs and we will insure your load is safe, you are in good hands
  • Combination forward and or reverse loading is available in a two or three horse bumper pull.

Do you need a cozy place to sleep?

YES! I need sleeping quarters with amenities.

Due to safety reasons, we offer a bumper pull 1 horse with living quarters. But for 2 horses or more, you will need a gooseneck

Considerations with sleeping area

  • A living quarter trailer "LQ" will be equipped with running hot water, a toilet, place to bathe, kitchen with appliances and seating area along with sleeping.
  • Anything with a LQ installed should be in a gooseneck if you are hauling two or more horses
  • If you are looking a bumper pull and want a LQ anything higher than a 1 horse is unsafe. We offer a 1 horse LQ in a bumper pull which is very popular

No, I do not, or I may rough camp.

Considerations for rough camping or no camping

  • All of our Safetack slant load models are equipped with a front tack room. This can be used for storage but in the event you need to rough camp overnight or take a nap at a day show you can.

Not Ready to Customize?

Drop us your name and email with questions and we will respond quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which horse trailer is best?

    Trying to find a horse trailer is tricky. The type of model you select depends on how many horses you need to haul and how you plan to use the trailer. Decide between a straight load vs. a slant load design, bumper pull vs. gooseneck hitch style, and a living quarters horse trailer vs. a trailer with just a dressing room. This Horse Trailer Finder tool and article on what to look for when buying a horse trailer may help.

  • How much does a brand-new horse trailer cost?

    You would pay between $2,000 and $30,000 for a used or mass-produced trailer model.  A custom horse trailer costs around $29,900 for a two horse bumper pull trailer or $60,000 for a basic living quarters horse trailer. The price depends on the type of trailer, materials, size, and features. A great custom horse trailer with a strong focus on safety features is an investment you can enjoy for years to come.  Use this Horse Trailer Finder tool to find the perfect model.

  • What size trailer do I need for my horse?

    First, decide how many horses you need to haul.  Then, look at the actual size of your horses. Horses who are 15.2 hands and under do well in a standard slant load trailer with a 7’4” height and 80” width. A warmblood horse trailer works well for horses up to 17 hands tall and has a 7’6” height and 90” width.  Even larger breeds might need a 7’8” height or the legal limit of 102” width for their trailer. Each stall can also be customized if you own horses of various sizes.

  • How do you find a horse trailer?

    The old way to find a horse trailer was to head out to a dusty sales lot and haggle with a salesman. But, this method gives you limited options and you end up paying more for your trailer. Get more ‘bang for your buck’ by ordering a custom made trailer online with Double D Trailers. Pick and choose from the top safety and comfort features. This factory direct sales model means you can pick a model from the comfort of your own home and get a fantastic trailer delivered directly to your farm.

  • Do horses prefer slant or straight load trailers?

    Many horses prefer Safetack slant load trailers because they have a wide open area for loading and unloading. This configuration is much safer for both the horse and the owner. Many straight load trailers have a narrower loading area and use a dangerous butt bar to secure the back of the horse. Slant load trailers also have a shorter wheelbase and can be easier to haul.

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