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Case Studies by Double D Trailers

The team at Double D Trailers continues to listen to customers and evolve so that we continue to effectively address customer's needs as evidenced by these case studies.

Safetack Design: How We Eliminated the Dangers of Loading and Unloading Horses

Find out: Why Our SafeTack Design is the Safest Trailer for Loading Horses

 safetack case study

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Double D Reverse Slant Load Horse Trailers Help Reduce Your Horse's Stress Levels

Find out: Why the Reverse Load Trailer is the Best Horse Trailer Design

Reverse Facing Case Study

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Z-Frame® Technology: Double D's Solution to Rust and Corrosion While Protecting Your Horse

Learn more: What Makes Z-Frame the Safer Option Than Aluminum Horse Trailers

z-frame case study

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Our Journey Towards Realizing a Design That Actually Keeps Horses & Handlers Safe

Learn more: U.S. Patent Awarded for Double D Trailers' Safetack Design

safetack case study 2

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