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Double D Trailer Review posted on 4 Nov 2015

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Labelle, FL
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November 4, 2015
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I purchased a used Double D trailer after many hours of dedicated research. It took almost 15 months to locate a bumper pull 3 horse made by Double D Trailers. Now that I own it, I have not been disappointed. I love the SafeTack and so does my friends who have seen how it works. About my experience with purchasing/owning a Double D trailer: * Hands down, the BEST customer service EVER! fast response time, informative & helpful * Quality is top-notch My horses are stress-free when traveling and it shows when they load and unload with ease. I read about this in a review and I was hesitant to believe it. I am a believer. I cannot say enough about this manufacture and the pride they take in their work, product and customers. Thank you Brad and the team at Double D Trailers.

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