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Ask Double D trailer owners

Double D Trailers is different from other trailer manufacturers. 

Instead of relying on dealers with dusty sales lots, we work directly with customers to design and build one-of-a-kind horse trailers that match your particular needs.  This factory-direct business model saves you money and ensures you get the exact trailer features you want and need.

Since you won’t find our trailers on any sales lots, you, like many of our potential customers probably want a way to see a Double D Trailer up close before buying.

Seeing a trailer in person will let you climb on board, test out the patented SafeTack design and see the horse friendly interior for yourself.  You can check out the high quality of our living quarters and imagine how your own Double D Trailer design would look and feel.

We created this handy tool so you can see our trailers in person!  It’s easy to use, too! 

Just type in your zip code and it will generate a list of Double D Trailers in your general area.  Click on a trailer you’d like to see and we will automatically send a message to that owner to see if they are willing and able to meet with you.

Many of our current customers love showing off their trailers and they are happy to arrange an informal meeting with you so you can see the trailer and ask questions. Find out what it’s like to design a horse trailer with Double D Trailers from someone who’s been through the entire process.

(You may also want to check out our lengthy list of testimonials and trailer stories for more customer experiences.)

If you’re ready to get started, simply type in your zip code above and we’ll help you find a Double D Trailer to tour in your area!

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