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3 Horse Slant Trailer: Forward or Reverse Facing - Bumper Pull

SafeTack 3 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

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3 Horse Bumper Pull
The SafeTack 3 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer solves the common issue of this particular size - limited access to your horses. This model uniquely combines safety and convenience with features like individual horse loading, side exit doors, and customizable ramps. Standard features include our patented SafeTack design and other trademarks such as SafeBump®, SafeKick® wall system, and Z-Frame® technology.
3 horses
Flat rate delivery nationwide. 8-year warranty on structure. 2-year warranty bumper to bumper. 1-year warranty on non-Double D Trailers manufactured parts.

Base Price: $32,584.00
Forward Facing (Standard)
1x15.2 hands or under ($0.00)
*Not including taxes or shipping

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Weight (without added options) 4140 lbs
Overall Box Length 18’
Interior Panels Safe & Durable 16 Gauge Galvalite
Inside Height 7' 4", optional 7'6"
Stall Width 40" measured at the windows. Approximately 31" perpendicular between dividers
Coupler 2 5/16" Ball
Wheels Powder coated gray, optional aluminum
Tire Size 225/75R15 (D) Radial
Suspension 9,900 lb capacity independent suspension with EZ Lube never adjust brakes
LED Turn Signal Lights on Rear (2) Standard up high
Windows in Dress 20"x24" (2 - crank out with screens)
Windows in Stall Area 24"x30" (1 per stall - dropdown with bars)
Windows on Butt Side 20"x51" (2 - sliding with screens)
Saddle Racks 3
Bridle Hooks 3
Custom Handmade Padding on Dividers and Slant Wall 2" Standard
Interior Tie Rings per Stall 1
Exterior Tie Rings per horse 1
Lights in Horse Area on Remote Switch 1
Lights in Dress Area 1


  • Z Frame Technology
  • 2”x 8” Pressure Treated Pine Flooring on 16” Cross Members
  • Walk Thru Door to Horse Area in slant wall (specify location and direction of swing)
  • EZ Lube Durable Never Adjust Brakes, 9900 lb capacity
  • Full Height Rear Doors with SafeTack Design
  • 24” Diamond Plate Gravel Guard at Nose
  • Running Board Step Down Dressing Room Side
  • Carpet in Dressing Room Floor
  • SafeTack® Slant Load Design
  • Side Wind Jack with sandfoot
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • Extra divider on rear stall to prevent horses from backing out when rear doors are opened
  • Spare Tire inside dressing room
  • Z-Frame Slant dividers with safety slam latches
  • Custom hand made padding on dividers and slant wall
  • 30” Dress Door Factory Built Door
  • SafeKick® Wall System Heat reflective SafeBump® Roofsystem in new leak proof fiber composite material
  • Insulated side walls in horse area for maximum temperature protection and safe, quiet ride
  • Floor Mats in Horse Area
  • Painted White Horse Area
  • Horse Area Roof Vents (One Per Horse)
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug


  • Side loading ramp for easier loading and safety.
  • On-board camera system to better monitor your horses while on the road.
  • Durable Rumber flooring that can be hosed out and does not require rubber mats.
  • 25-gallon water tank to keep your horses well hydrated during a long journey.
  • Individual stall sizes that can be adjusted to accommodate large breed horses like Warmbloods or draft horses. You choose your 3 horse trailer dimensions!
  • Patio awning or exterior porch light for more comfortable camping.
  • Hay bale holders, pods, or racks so you don’t have to store the hay in your vehicle.
  • Custom storage features for your forward dressing room to keep things organized.
  • Trailer graphics and colors to match your personal sense of style.

Why Choose Double D Trailers

Distinct Advantages of Our SafeTack 3 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

  • Towing: Aerodynamic design for easy, safe towing with various vehicles, including an optional camera system for horse monitoring.
  • Loading/Unloading: Wide rear entryway and gentle ramps for stress-free horse loading and unloading.
  • Horse Comfort: Excellent ventilation and visibility, with protective features like leak-proof roofing and flexible wall systems.
  • Reverse Loading: Optional reverse hauling configuration to reduce horse stress during travel.
  • Dressing Room: Customizable dressing room with storage and air conditioning options.
  • Tack Storage: Innovative, swing-out SafeTack storage compartment for easier horse entry.
  • Customization: Personalizable features including flooring, stall sizes, and exterior design
3 Horse BP Trailer interior
What Customers Have to Say
  • I loved working with Brad and his team. I love the safety tack. Brad is always looking for ways to keep human and equine safe. After winning many horse trailers, and a father as a welder, uncle as a trainer, I knew what I did NOT want. I am the envy of many of my trail-riding friends, especially those that bought big , and now that fuel is expensive they are stuck hauling big rig for day rides. I camp out of my little rig with no problem, The standard insulation kept me comfortable while camping in 28 degree weather last fall. horse is also comfortable , he is not sweaty when I unload him I show off the safety tack all of the time. Brad made it easy buying. Please check his schedule out, and maybe you will be lucky enough to be close enough to see a trailer. Last year he was equine affaire in Ohio. I added water tank, rumber flooring, electric jack, awning, and screen door. My haflinger that was hesitant to load in typical rear tack, walks right in. . Brad, I try and show it off every chance I get. I am in central Ohio if any one wants to see it.
    - Linda Stout

  • I had a totally positive experience with ordering and delivery of my Double D trailer. Brad and Kaleb provided a seamless experience. They are knowledgeable, informative, professional. They give needed advice without trying to upsell. I felt totally confident dealing with them. My trailer was delivered by the lovely Kelly, who took the time to acquaint me with the trailer's features. The trailer appears very well-made, with attention to quality and detail. I think the folks at Double D care about the quality of their product, the safety of the horses and the satisfaction of their customers.
    -Susan Rone

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Frequently Asked Questions

What safety features does the SafeTack 3 Horse Slant Trailer offer?

It provides individual horse loading and unloading with side exit doors and ramps for safety and convenience.

Can Double D Trailers accommodate large breed horses?

Yes, we offer customizable height and width options for large breed horses' comfort and safety.

What are the loading and unloading options for the Double D 3 Horse Slant Trailer?

The trailer includes a SafeTack storage compartment and optional side loading door and ramp for easy, stress-free loading and unloading.

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