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Is a bumper pull or a Gooseneck Horse trailer right for me?

If you own a horse trailer, you may wonder sometimes if it would be worthwhile to switch from a bumper-pull horse trailer to a gooseneck horse trailer.  Reasons for making this change can vary, but for those of you considering it, it may help to know how the two trailers differ.

The biggest difference between a bumper-pull horse trailer and gooseneck horse trailer is the placement of the hitch on your tow vehicle. For a bumper-pull, the hitch is welded to the tow vehicle’s frame at the rear bumper (thus the name bumper-pull horse trailer, also known as a tag-along.) The hitch should be sturdy enough to support and pull the weight of the horse trailer when it’s fully loaded.
For a gooseneck horse trailer, the hitch is installed in the bed of the tow vehicle, which means that you’ll be towing with a pickup truck. The hitch is welded underneath the bed of the truck so it won’t come loose. The hitch ball screws into this and can be removed as necessary.

As I mentioned before, since a gooseneck hitch is installed in the bed of the tow vehicle, you’re pretty much limited to towing with a pickup truck. However, length of the pickup bed is not an issue (in case you were wondering if it was); both short and long beds can house a gooseneck hitch.

On the other hand, because many bumper-pull horse trailers are lighter today due to the materials they’re made of, they’ll tow nicely with many of the sport utility vehicles currently on the market. Just be sure that the manufacturer states in the owner’s manual the maximum weight the vehicle can safely pull. That way, you’ll know if the vehicle is suitable for hauling the trailer you have in mind.

You’ll also notice differences in driving when towing a bumper-pull versus a gooseneck. Bumper-pull horse trailers typically follow the wheels of the tow vehicle when turning corners. Gooseneck trailers cut in on turns because they have a smaller turning radius. So if you’re accustomed to how a bumper-pull travels behind you, you’ll have to pay attention when you first start hauling with a gooseneck to avoid taking down a mailbox here and there.

If you want to learn more or have specific questions concerning bumper-pull or gooseneck horse trailers, contact us now. We’re here to help!

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