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2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer - Fully Customizable Slant Load Design

The SafeTack 2 horse bumper pull trailer is the safest two horse trailer on the market today. Our patented SafeTack design allows you and your horse more room to safely enter and exit the trailer – making your horse (and you) much happier!

The SafeTack two horse bumper pull trailer also uses our patented Z-Frame technology. This makes for a sturdy, secure, and surprisingly light-weight trailer that can be towed by most properly equipped SUVs. 

This bumper pull trailer model has features both you and your horses will love: 

  • For you, this bumper pull trailer offers a spacious dressing room, ample storage, and an easy-to-access tack. 

  • For your horses, this two horse trailer will provide a “horse friendly” interior with top safety features like the SafeBump roof, SafeKick walls, forward or reverse facing floor plans, and customizable stall sizes. 

Customize to your heart’s content and enjoy factory-direct pricing. 

Customize your very own trailer using the tools below.  Or, click on a tab to learn more about the unique safety features and browse standard features.

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