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Celisse’s School of the Equestrian Arts – Mobile, AL

celisse-school-of-the-equestrian-artsCelisse’s School of the Equestrian Arts offers adaptive therapy and therapeutic riding to both children and adults. But unlike other therapeutic riding facilities, CSEA’s programs revolve around equestrian theatre. In this unique approach, students learn through games, storytelling, and pretending. The training techniques that would be used in a theatre environment are used to teach the foundations of riding.


Krystin Celisse Barrett developed this unique approach alongside her husband, Jason. Krystin has been a professional equestrian since she was 16 years old. She has a background in Equestrian Theatre and is PATH certified. Jason is also a professional horseman with a long history of working alongside people with special needs. He’s even ridden horses as a movie stuntman.


In the spring and fall, CSEA offers therapeutic horseback riding lessons for individuals with special needs. In the summer, they partner with many other local non-profit organizations and provide horseback riding for over 600 children and adults with special needs. Over the years, they have worked with the Girl Scouts, the Mobile Regional School for the Deaf and Blind, the Coast Guard, and Southern Equine Expo.


The horses at CSEA are trained to do it all. The 9-horse herd is an exciting mix of professional stunt horses, movie horses, circus horses, and therapy horses. They don’t have an easy job – the combination of therapeutic riding and theatre arts is enough to keep everyone busy. The horses need to stay exercised and strong to be able to endure hundreds of hours of professional training every year and to perform to their fullest ability. They are kept in the best condition possible so that all clients can have a positive, safe experience.


One autistic boy who came to CSEA was riding with Krystin for about a year. He was non-verbal and very hyper-active. Krystin noticed his ability to mimic drum beats, and thought that trick riding would be perfect for him. And it was. He learned how to count his horse Romeo’s beats while sitting in all different positions. He learned how to balance in the stirrup, stand on the side of the horse, and even stand on top of the horse while trotting.


Krystin shares that now, this little boy “performs with Equestrian Chaos, in front of over 350 people, with lights, sounds and a screaming crowd.   He patiently waits backstage, dresses in an epic steampunk costume, and performs right alongside the rest of the performers, dazzling those who dare to watch.”


Visit the website below to see the Equestrian Chaos video and learn more about CSEA’s incredible programs.


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