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Double D Trailer Review posted on 19 Jun 2017

Carol Peat
City and State
Flagstaff, Az
Approximate Date of Delivery
June 17, 2017
New or Used
How do you feel about the process of ordering your trailer online?
Extremely Satisfied
How do you feel concerning the time it took to complete your trailer?
Somewhat Satisfied
Did your delivery process go smoothly?
Over the Moon Happy
How do you feel about the quality and construction of your trailer?
Over the Moon Happy
Please describe how and why you came to Double D Trailers.
Internet research, videos which are very comprehensive, a friend had one for her Morgan horses
What were your specific trailer needs and search criteria?
2 horse bumper pull, lightweight, safe, airy, nice ride for horses, attractive and roomy.
Why do you feel Double D Trailers was the best deal on the market for you?
Quality, safety features, site told entire construction process, saw a friend's trailer and was very impressed
What other trailers did you evaluate during your shopping process prior to purchasing from Double D Trailers?
None! We had previously, but none compared in features and safety. Your online videos are very helpful in deciding to make the purchase
Why did you purchase from Double D Trailers versus the other companies or brands you researched?
All of the above, mostly the ramp and Safetack box
Would you recommend Double D Trailers to others?
Additional Comments

None. I love it, and the horses are very comfortable in it. This fits my needs perfectly.

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