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Gaining Wisdom in the Equine World: Miles Henry Shares the Value of Patience in Horse Racing

Last updated March 18, 2024 by Brook Norris

We had the pleasure of hosting Miles Henry, the owner of HorseRacingSense.com. Miles shared his personal journey in the equine world, starting from his early days in Louisiana with quarter horses to running a successful horse racing website.

The Value of Patience in Horse Racing

One of the key insights Miles offered was the importance of patience in the horse racing industry. Reflecting on his experiences, he emphasized how crucial it is to understand and respect each horse's individual growth and development process. He recalled his early days when the lack of patience led him to prematurely push horses, a mistake he learned from over time.

Miles's journey in horse racing is a testament to the dynamic nature of the industry. From buying yearlings to adapting to their unique growth patterns, he highlighted how each horse presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. His approach underscores the importance of adaptability and understanding in horse training and racing.

Technological Advancements in Horse Care

Miles also touched on the significant advancements in horse care, particularly in medical technology and supplements. He shared how tools like the Polar heart rate monitor have revolutionized the way horse fitness is evaluated and monitored, playing a crucial role in determining a horse's readiness for racing.

Additionally, Miles discussed the evolution in horse chiropractic care, reflecting on how these advancements have significantly improved the health and performance of racehorses. He provided a glimpse into the world of horse racing, where the combination of passion for horses and technological advancements leads to remarkable achievements.

Advice for Aspiring Horse Racing Enthusiasts

For those considering entering the horse racing industry, Miles had a straightforward message: do it for the love of horses, not for financial gain. He candidly shared the risks and uncertainties inherent in the industry, advising that passion should be the driving force behind one’s involvement in horse racing.

Miles's journey is a rich tapestry of experiences in various facets of horse racing. His insights provide valuable lessons not only for those in the horse racing industry but for anyone passionate about horses. His emphasis on patience, adaptability, and continuous learning resonates across all aspects of horse care and training.

Miles shared his future plans, including the continuation of his routine of integrating yearlings into his team annually. He also mentioned his latest book aimed at first-time horse owners, broadening his reach and sharing his wealth of knowledge with a larger audience.

To learn more about Miles Henry’s insights and experiences in the horse racing industry, visit his website at HorseRacingSense.com, and explore his published works, including the "Equine Business Bible" and his guide for first-time horse owners.

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