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Rising to the Top: Sawyer Hennig's Inspiring Journey in the Equestrian World

Last updated March 18, 2024 by Brook Norris

Sawyer Hennig, a remarkable figure in the equestrian world, share her journey with us. Sawyer's path is a true testament to passion, dedication, and perseverance in the diverse world of horse riding.

From Cutting Horses to TV Stunts: Sawyer's Eclectic Equestrian Journey

Sawyer's journey in the horse world is a whirlwind of achievements and diverse experiences. Growing up with a natural affinity for horses, Sawyer started her equestrian journey with cutting horses and quickly expanded her skills to include an impressive array of activities, including participating in the National Finals Rodeo and performing stunts on the TV show "Dallas." Her ability to adapt and excel in various aspects of horse riding is a reflection of her deep-seated passion and commitment to the equestrian world.

The Intricacies of Cutting and the Bond with Horses

Sawyer explained the intricate sport of cutting, where the horse and rider work in tandem to isolate a cow from the herd. This discipline showcases the horse's instinctual behavior, agility, and the deep-seated bond between horse and rider. Sawyer emphasized the importance of trust in this partnership, highlighting that not every horse is suited for every rider, and finding that perfect match is crucial to success in the sport.

Achieving the Dream: Winning Triple Crown Events

Sawyer shared her remarkable achievement of winning two Triple Crown events within hours of each other, a feat that she described as living a dream. This accomplishment not only underscores her skill and dedication but also showcases the pinnacle of success in the cutting world. Her deep connection with her horses, especially Ricky Bobby, played a significant role in these victories.

A Career in TV Stunts and the National Finals Rodeo

Sawyer's foray into the world of TV stunts on "Dallas" and her role as a flag girl at the National Finals Rodeo added unique dimensions to her career. She spoke about the challenges and excitement of working in television, providing insights into the dedication and hard work behind each scene. Her time at the NFR, carrying sponsor victory laps, required immense trust in the horses she rode, highlighting the unpredictability and excitement inherent in equestrian sports.

Advice for Aspiring Equestrians: Hard Work and Perseverance

For young riders aspiring to carve out a career similar to hers, Sawyer's advice was straightforward – start from the bottom, work hard, and seize every learning opportunity. She stressed the importance of perseverance, networking, and continuous learning, regardless of one’s level of success.

As for her future plans, Sawyer is taking a well-deserved break before preparing for upcoming competitions. Her approach to not setting rigid goals but rather enjoying the journey and learning from every experience is a valuable lesson for anyone in the equestrian field.

Sawyer Hennig's journey is an inspiration to all in the horse world, demonstrating that with passion, hard work, and an open mind, the possibilities are endless. Her story is a reminder to cherish the bond with our equine partners and to embrace every opportunity that comes our way in this incredible journey of horse riding.

Listen & watch Sawyer's episode below!

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