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Understanding Your Horse's Personality with EqPI: Insights from Kaitlin Hendry

Last updated March 18, 2024 by Brook Norris

We're thrilled to introduce our guest, Kaitlin Hendry, the brains behind the innovative EqPI (Equine Performance Identities) test.

Kaitlin, an experienced HR professional and lifelong equestrian, recognized the potential of applying William Molton Marston’s psychological trait theory, originally designed for humans, to our equine companions. She embarked on a journey to adapt this theory into a practical tool for understanding horse behavior and personalities.

The EqPI test, a pioneering initiative in the equestrian world, offers a comprehensive behavioral assessment through a simple online survey. By identifying and analyzing the frequency of specific behaviors in horses, EqPI creates a detailed personality profile. These insights into a horse’s nature can illuminate their unique needs, whether they require more autonomy or seek guidance and support.

But why is understanding your horse’s personality so crucial? Kaitlin explains that meeting these identified needs is not just about enhancing the horse’s quality of life; it's a smart business decision for professionals in the equestrian industry. Addressing these needs proactively can reduce stress, prevent behavioral issues, and avoid associated costs.

The EqPI test examines four behavioral spectrums: Independence (previously called dominance), Extroversion, Stability, and Structure. Each spectrum offers a range, from low to high, helping to paint a comprehensive picture of the horse’s disposition. For instance, a horse with low independence and high extroversion may respond better to training and trailering in the company of a trusted equine friend.

Kaitlin’s dedication to continuous improvement and feedback has led to an impressive accuracy rating for the EqPI test. Her future plans include a 360 assessment to further enhance the accuracy by incorporating multiple perspectives on a horse’s behavior.

Whether you’re an amateur rider, a professional trainer, or simply a horse enthusiast, understanding the personality of your equine partner is invaluable. It fosters a deeper connection, improves training effectiveness, and ensures the well-being of these magnificent creatures.

To discover more about EqPI and how it can transform your relationship with your horse, visit Kaitlin’s website, equineperformanceidentities.com.

Listen & watch our episode with Kaitlin below! 

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