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Capturing Equestrian Grace: The Art of Horse Photography with Lauren Pace

Last updated March 18, 2024 by Brook Norris

Based in California, Lauren specializes in equestrian fine art and Western photography, capturing the unique bond between horses and their humans.

Lauren's Equestrian Journey and Photographic Passion

Lauren was born into a horse-loving family, with parents who met through showing horses. Her own journey began early, starting to show horses at four. Lauren recalls her beloved first show horse, which she had from age six to 24, highlighting the deep emotional connection that develops between a horse and its rider. This bond, along with her love for photography, eventually led her to equestrian photography.

The Emotional Connection in Equestrian Photography

Lauren emphasizes capturing authentic, romantic images that showcase the profound bond between horse and rider. Her approach is to create an atmosphere where both horse and human feel comfortable, allowing for natural, heartfelt moments to be captured.

Lauren's Unique Photographic Style

Lauren's style is defined by her use of natural light, particularly during the golden hour. She prefers backlit settings, where the sun is behind her subjects, creating a soft, dreamy effect. However, she also experiments with direct light, bringing a sense of strength and power to her images.

Creating Memories and Capturing Bonds

One of the most rewarding aspects of Lauren's work is creating lasting memories for her clients. She reflects on the importance of capturing these moments, especially with senior horses, acknowledging the emotional weight these sessions can carry. Lauren shares a poignant story of a client who lost her horse unexpectedly, underscoring the significance of preserving these precious memories.

Advice for Aspiring Equestrian Photographers

Lauren emphasizes the importance of building a portfolio and gaining experience. She advises budding photographers to practice and experiment with different styles and settings. She also discusses the technical aspects of her work, including her preference for Canon cameras and specific lenses, like the 135 2.0 and the 70-200 2.8.

Content Retreats for Equine Photographers

In addition to her photography, Lauren has ventured into educational retreats for photographers. These retreats provide an opportunity for learning, networking, and portfolio expansion, focusing on various aspects of equestrian photography.

Lauren's Invitation to Capture Your Equestrian Story

Lauren is open to traveling for photoshoots and encourages those interested in capturing their bond with their horses to reach out. She highlights the joy and fulfillment in traveling to different locations and meeting fellow horse enthusiasts.

Lauren's work in equestrian photography is not just about capturing stunning images; it's about preserving the timeless connection between horses and their humans. Her passion for both horses and photography shines through in every piece she creates, offering a glimpse into the magical world of equestrian life.

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