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How Sam Kennard Turned Her Passion for Horses into a Profession

As the founder of Brooks Creek Equine, Sam Kennard has tailored her approach to breeding, training, and educating others to meet the rigorous demands of the equine world, emphasizing quality, nutrition, and behavior.

Sam highlights the importance of comprehensive care and understanding equine needs. She emphasizes that her work is not just about training horses; it's about fostering a holistic approach to equine health and well-being.

Listeners will benefit from Sam's unique insights, including:

  • Performance Horse Insights: How she evaluates and trains high-quality performance horses, focusing on pedigrees, behavior, and overall health to ensure top performance and longevity.
  • Holistic Care Tips: Sam shares her approach to equine nutrition and behavior, offering practical advice on how to maintain a healthy and happy horse through a balanced diet and proper care.
  • Breeding Expertise: The importance of careful breeding practices, selecting the right horses to improve performance traits and maintain genetic diversity in the equine industry.

Sam's personal stories, coupled with her innovative approach to horse care, make this podcast a must-listen for anyone involved in the equine world. Her dedication to quality care, holistic health, and her commitment to the equestrian community are just some of the reasons her work stands out in a crowded industry.

Watch or listen to Sam's episode below! 

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