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Insights from Double D Trailer Owners

Last updated May 3, 2024 by Brook Norris

Meet two seasoned horse owners and Double D Trailer enthusiasts, Jamethiel and Adriane. Join us as we explore their journey, revealing invaluable insights for all horse owners and trailer enthusiasts.

At Double D Trailers safety isn't just a feature; it's our promise.

> Adriane states in the interview "He [my horse] was the first reason I ever looked into Double d [trailers]. The idea of him getting hurt in a trailer accident always bothered me."

We put the needs of your horse at the forefront of every design decision. Our approach is uniquely horse-first.

> Jamethiel shares, "I think I did six different quotes from six different companies, and there were several things that either nobody else did, or they didn't do it as standard, or they were like, 'What is that?' So, the reverse load was the top one, the Rumber flooring was another, the SafeTack box was another. Just also the whole nature of Double D is a horse-first company. A lot of other trailer makers, not to bash them or anything, but they do the human comfort first, and then the horse comfort and horse loading and everything seems kind of secondary, especially on the LQs. But Double D was the one that starts with what the horse needs. That bright white tack area, all the comfort features, everything—the vents, the drop-down doors, the fiberglass roof—everything was just all horse-first, and that's what you need when you're putting 20,000 miles on your animals in your trailer. That concept right there."

From Passion to Practicality: Their Equestrian Journey: Jamethiel and Adriane both share a profound connection with horses. Jamethiel's journey began with a unique purchase of her first horse using a high-interest credit card, highlighting the lengths to which horse enthusiasts go for their passion. Similarly, Adriane's narrative spans from teenage years spent working with horses to her family's full embrace of the equestrian lifestyle.

Choosing Double D Trailers: A Decision Driven by Safety and Innovation: Adriane recalls her extensive research when preparing for a significant cross-country move. Safety for her horses during the long journey was her top priority, leading her to the innovative SafeTack Reverse design of Double D Trailers. She praises the trailer's ample storage space and reverse loading feature for their enhanced safety benefits.

For Jamethiel, a reliable trailer is essential. As an endurance rider, she values a trailer that guarantees both comfort for her horses and ease of loading. After less-than-ideal experiences with other trailers, she turned to Double D Trailers, attracted by their commitment to prioritizing horse comfort and offering customizable features.

Tailored Features and Uncompromising Safety: Jamethiel and Adriane discuss various features like Rumber flooring, SafeTack boxes, and the option to increase trailer height for navigating challenging terrain. Jamethiel's account of her horse self-loading into their Double D Trailer underscores the comfort and ease these trailers offer.

Safety emerges as a theme throughout their stories. The owners recount how the trailers' thoughtful design and features have averted potential accidents and injuries. With robust construction, innovative safety elements like the swing-out tack area, and efficient dividers, these trailers are built with the horse's safety as a priority.

Jamethiel and Adriane offer advice and suggestions for prospective trailer buyers. They emphasize the importance of fully understanding each feature's practicality and application. Their real-life experiences serve as a testament to the care and quality inherent in every Double D Trailer.

For horse owners considering a new trailer, this podcast episode features a wealth of information from real users. Jamethiel and Adriane's narratives are more than endorsements; they are genuine examples of how the right trailer can profoundly impact the equestrian experience.

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