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Everything You Need to Know About Aluminum Horse Trailers

In this insightful audio-only episode, Double D Trailers owner Brad explores the various aspects of using aluminum in horse trailers, discussing its strengths, durability, and issues with corrosion. He begins by highlighting the inherent lightweight nature of aluminum, which contributes to its popularity as it allows for easier towing and better fuel economy. However, Brad points out that while aluminum trailers are resistant to rust, they are susceptible to corrosion, especially when exposed to certain environmental conditions.

Brad dives into the structural integrity of aluminum trailers, noting that while they offer substantial durability, they can be prone to dents and might not absorb shock as well as steel trailers in the event of an accident. He stresses the importance of understanding the trade-offs between weight and safety, emphasizing that the lighter material might compromise the trailer's overall strength compared to heavier materials.

Throughout the episode, Brad offers practical advice on maintaining aluminum trailers to mitigate corrosion issues. He advises regular inspections and maintenance routines that can help extend the lifespan of the trailer and ensure it remains safe for transporting horses. Brad’s comprehensive discussion provides valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of aluminum horse trailers, equipping listeners with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their trailer needs.

Listen to the episode below!

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