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Barrel Racing, Equestrian Fitness & Nutrition with Sarah Van Vuren

Sarah Van Vuren is the founder of Barrel Racer Fit. Sarah’s journey from a competitive softball player to a PR professional, and now a fitness guru and barrel racer, offers a unique blend of athletic insight and equestrian expertise.

From Fitness to Barrel Racing: A Unique Blend

Sarah’s athletic journey began in her early teens with strength training for competitive softball, laying a foundation that would later influence her approach to barrel racing. After a hiatus during college, she returned to the sport and quickly realized the potential benefits of applying her fitness knowledge to enhance her riding performance. This epiphany led to the creation of Barrel Racer Fit, a program dedicated to helping riders achieve peak performance through tailored fitness and nutrition.

Workout Wisdom for Equestrians

In the podcast, Sarah emphasizes the importance of core strength, which is crucial for maintaining balance and stability while riding. However, she points out that barrel racing requires more than just a strong core; the lower back, glutes, hips, and legs are all pivotal in managing the dynamic movements of barrel racing. Sarah advocates for exercises that improve not only strength but also stability and mobility, such as single-leg exercises that engage stabilizer muscles crucial for maintaining posture and control during rides.

Nutritional Strategies for Peak Performance

Sarah discusses the critical role of nutrition in a rider’s performance, comparing the dietary needs of equestrians to the high standards of care we provide for our horses. She encourages a simple, uncomplicated approach to eating, focusing on adequate protein intake and avoiding the pitfalls of trendy diets. Her advice is clear: eat to fuel your body for the demands of training and competition, much like you would optimize a high-performance engine.

Watch or listen to Sarah's episode below! 

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