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How to Find the Right Saddle with Kitt Hazelton

Kitt Hazelton brings over two decades of specialized experience, helping riders, particularly in the English discipline, find the right saddle.

Throughout the podcast, Kit emphasizes that a good fit isn't just about avoiding discomfort; it's about enhancing the overall harmony between horse and rider. She outlines common signs of poor saddle fit, such as visible irritation on the horse, behavioral signals like pinned ears or reluctance to move, and performance hindrances during rides.

Expert Tips from the Field

Listeners will gain from Kit's extensive knowledge, including:

  • Identifying Poor Fit: How to spot immediate signs of discomfort in your horse.
  • Adjustments and Choices: The importance of choosing the right saddle for different riding disciplines and understanding how saddle needs evolve as your horse progresses in training.
  • Maintenance Advice: Kit advises on regular checks and adjustments to maintain an optimal fit, ensuring your horse’s health and performance are not compromised.

Kitt's anecdotal experiences, combined with practical advice, make for an invaluable resource for all equestrians, from novice riders to seasoned competitors.

Watch or listen to Kitt's episode below! 

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