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Eight Must Haves for the Humans in Your Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Maybe it’s cheating to take horse trailers with living quarters to horse gatherings, but who wouldn’t rather sleep in a nice warm, dry bed instead of a tent when a sudden spring storm decides to drop thousands of gallons of water in the middle of the night?  No matter what the other horse fanciers say, if you travel very long distances with your horse, even minimal living quarters are a necessity.  Before you settle on a horse trailer, though, make sure it includes these must have items:


A private toilet.  When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.  Although toilets are a little extra work, it’s more than worth it to avoid sometimes questionable porta potties and limited campground bathrooms.  Don’t even think twice about any living quarters horse trailers that list a toilet as an option.

Climate control.  For most people, this is going to mean both heating and air conditioning, but that will largely depend on where your travels take you.  There’s nothing like air conditioning to suck the humid air right out of your living quarters and heating with anything besides a central furnace can be dangerous in tight spaces.

Storage.  The more, the merrier when it comes to places to stash your necessary supplies.  Look for living quarters that utilize all the available wall space possible for cabinetry -- if the seating has hidden storage under the cushions, so much the better.  You can really compromise on floor space in horse trailers with living quarters if there are plenty of spots to tuck everything.

Multiple power sources.  You may be able to find a place to plug in at your favorite campground, but if you travel much the chances are good that you’re going to find yourself without power one of these days.  Solar panels and generators are excellent backups, providing much-needed power to run your air conditioner and water pump. 

Appliances.  You’ve already sprung for the living quarters, don’t skimp on the basics.  A mini refrigerator, smooth cooking surface and microwave will make it easier to eat healthy meals while you’re away from home. 

A shower of sorts.  You really, really want a shower if you’re going to be gone for more than a weekend.  It doesn’t have to be fancy and it doesn’t even have to be indoors -- a cowboy shower will work in a pinch -- but by the third or fourth day without a shower you’ll be begging for a heavy rain and a bar of soap.

An extra large propane tank.  If you opted for appliances and a furnace, it’s a good idea to add an extra large propane tank.  Adding this little luxury will spare you the hassle of trying to refill your tank while on the road.

110 volt outlets.  Yes, outlets can be optional equipment in horse trailers with living quarters -- so make sure you ask, especially if you’re building a custom horse trailer.  You might not need very many, depending on the size of your living quarters, but better too many than too few.


Once you’ve made your own list of must have items for your living quarters, give us a call to start designing your custom living quarters horse trailer.  We build each of our trailers from the ground up, giving us the opportunity to create the perfect trailer for you.  Take a look at our basic floor plans on our website, then give us a call at 1-888-244-2029 for a custom quote.

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