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All of the services offered at Equine Dreams are absolutely free. It’s their goal to improve the quality of life for all the participants that come to their organization. That’s why they offer their services to the community at absolutely no charge. The Equine Dreams vision is for “all children, adults and veterans living with special needs to have a place to experience life-long learning in order to foster independence, regardless of ability and income.”


The Mason Family founded Equine Dreams in 1996, inspired by their son Andrew, who has Angelman Syndrome. This genetic disorder affects the nervous system and results in speaking problems, balance and movement difficulties, and other challenges. Therapeutic riding improves balance and mobility, among many other benefits, and it was the perfect solution for Andrew.


Over their 23 years of service, Equine Therapy has blessed the lives of many people just like Andrew. One little girl, Katelyn, started Therapeutic Riding when she was 4. At birth, Katelyn suffered a traumatic brain injury that impaired her vision and motor skills. Each year she has been working with Equine Dreams, her strength, confidence, and vision has improved. Her mom, Jamie says, “the improvement over the years has been remarkable. Words cannot express how much joy it brings me to see Katelyn riding, gaining strength, confidence, and independence.”


Equine Dreams offers not only Therapeutic Riding, but also Therapeutic Ground Skills, Sensory trial, a Veterans Program, Life-size horse simulator lessons, and even Miniature Horse Bedside visits.


Although it might seem a little shocking to see a horse indoors, the Miniature Horse Bedside visits provide a memorable and special experience. The specially trained miniature horses go to children’s homes, development centers, nursing homes, hospital programs, schools, and other therapy programs.


Recently, three miniature therapy horses visited Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. Dora Castro-Ahillen, the child life therapy coordinator at the hospital, shared that “the kids loved the horses. There are so many things our pediatric patients experience, but we can help create a prominent, positive memory for them.”


The miniature therapy horses are hand-picked and trained for indoor activities, and they love traveling and socializing. You can see the joy and happiness that the visits bring to the hospital patients, school children, and nursing home residents as well. Their faces beam with bright smiles as they pet, groom, and even accessorize their lovable miniature horse friends.


Learn more about the unique programs at Equine Dreams by visiting their website below.


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