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2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer With Superior Towing Features

The popular SafeTack 2 horse gooseneck trailer offers several premium safety features you can’t find anywhere else! Unlike other gooseneck horse trailer designs, this model has a V-shaped nose for easy towing. At just 4,600 pounds, it can be hauled easily even by a short-bed truck. Available in either forward or reverse-loading layouts and supports a full walk-on-walk-off experience, this 2 horse gooseneck is a great-sized model for both new and experienced trailer owners who want a  reliable and safe design for the road. Once inside, your horses will be protected by the strong and durable Z-Frame structure, SafeBump roof, and SafeKick walls.  They’ll load without stress past the SafeTack rear tack compartment, which swings out like a second door. This SafeTack 2 Horse Gooseneck trailer for sale provides the perfect retreat for a long day at a show or a weekend camping trip with your friends.  The fully insulated gooseneck dressing room includes an area for sleeping and the ideal spot for a quick refresh before heading back out for adventure. Customize your very own trailer using the tools below starting at $32,412.  Or, click on a tab to learn more about the unique safety features and browse standard features.
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