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3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer – Slant Load with Sleeping Quarters

The Double D 3 horse gooseneck trailer is built with unparalleled safety features and durability. The light and airy interior act as a calming shelter for anxious horses. The tubular head dividers are made of Z-Frame, which means they are stronger yet lightweight to prevent scrapes and bruises. The “V” nose design and shorter wheelbase make it easier to tow than other gooseneck horse trailers

As with all Double D horse trailers, this model comes loaded with our patented SafeTack design for the easiest and safest loading and unloading of any trailer on the market. 

3 horse gooseneck trailer for sale with standard load-out starts at $40,181. Read more: 3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer Standard Features

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