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4 Horse Trailer For Sale Gooseneck Slant Load Forward or Reverse Facing

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    • Lightweight V-nose design can be easily towed with a short bed 3/4 ton truck.
    • Fully customizable slant load trailer that can be fitted to haul up to a 17+ hand horses.
    • Insulated dressing room / sleeping area for a relaxing retreat or convenient camping quarters.
    • Safer loading with SafeTack compartment, optional side ramp, and "walk on / walk off" feature.
    • Innovative safety features designed to make the whole trailer ‘horse friendly.’
    • Available as a 4 Horse Reverse Slant and as regular front-facing configuration.
    • Factory direct pricing for better value.
    • View a similar trailer model in your local area.

Safer Towing with this 4 Horse Slant Load Trailer

Let’s face it.  Most 4 horse straight load trailers can be incredibly long and difficult to haul.  Windy gravel lanes or tight parking areas are enough to push your nerves to the breaking point. 

Our 4 horse gooseneck trailer solves this problem by efficiently fitting 4 horses and a spacious dressing room on an overall shorter wheel base.  This makes towing and turning your trailer both easier and safer. 

The 4 horse trailer for sale from Double D Trailers is built with a slant load configuration to make the most out of every foot of length.  Since the trailer is custom made for your particular horses, animals up to 17+ hands will be able to load and travel comfortably.

The aerodynamic V-shaped nose design on this trailer provides plenty of clearance during turning even with your short-bed truck.  Its Z-Frame technology provides superior strength without excess weight, so this trailer can be towed with most 3/4 ton trucks. 

Customize the Features on Your 4 Horse Trailer

4 horse gooseneck trailerDouble D’s trailers are different from the competition models because each trailer is built-to-order.  Just tell us how many horses you have, their sizes, and what kinds of features you want. We’ll build a trailer to match your specific needs. 

Many slant load trailers have stalls that are too short for larger horses.  We solve this problem by adding extra space on individual stalls to match your horses’ sizes. 

You can also choose from a wide range of features like individual water dispensers, on-board cameras, Rumber flooring, fans, and custom trailer colors or graphics.  Make the trailer your own so it can proudly represent you and your horses. 

Our trailers are sold for factory-direct prices so you will get more value for your dollar.  Pay only for the features you want and save on the features you don’t need.

Safer Loading with the SafeTack 4 Horse Gooseneck Trailer

Another common concern with traditional slant load horse trailers is safety in loading.  Other trailers often have a stationary rear tack storage area that leaves a narrow doorway for loading and unloading. 

First of all, horses don’t like this.  Nervous loaders see the dark doorway as a ‘trap’ from which they can’t escape.  Second, this confined area places the horse handler in danger should anything unexpected happen. 

Placing a terrified 1,200 lb horse against a 150 lb handler doesn’t usually end well…

gooseneck horse trailer

Some slant load horse trailers will advertise that their tack storage area is ‘collapsible’ for loading and unloading.  This seems great until you go through the hassle of removing all of your tack, grooming supplies, and rakes from the compartment, collapsing it, loading the horses, and then repacking the tack compartment. 

What a pain!  Plus, this method isn’t practical if you need to unload in an emergency.

Double D Trailers has solved this problem with the creation of the patented SafeTack design.  Our enclosed tack storage area swings out like a second door for loading and unloading.  You and your horse will be left with a full-width loading area that is friendlier for the horses and safer for everyone.

Once loaded, there is even room for you to fully turn around to walk your horse straight off the trailer.  The SafeTack compartment eliminates the dangerous loading situation and still keeps your equipment in a convenient and safe storage compartment.  Learn more about our patented SafeTack technology.

Optional Reverse Slant Load (Rear-Facing) 4 Horse Trailer Design

Take this ‘walk-on/walk-off’ idea one step farther with the addition of a side loading door and ramp.  Load the horse onto the double wide side ramp and walk them back into a stall for rear-facing travel.  Then, simply swing the divider open and walk the horse straight off the rear ramp to unload. 

Here's a video to show what it's like to load onto one of these trailers:

Many studies have shown the benefits of horses traveling in a rear-facing trailer configuration.  It has been shown to be less stressful for horses. 

gooseneck horse trailer

 Learn more about rear-facing horse trailers.

This side ramp also provides additional accessibility.  Other slant load trailers require you to unload all of the horses in order to reach the front loaded animal.  Our design allows you to access each horse individually for safety and convenience.

A side door and ramp also means you can use the front interior space of your horse area as a mobile stall.  This area will be perfect for tacking up in the rain or just letting your horse relax on show day.

Customize Your Dressing Room on this Gooseneck Horse Trailer

4 horse trailerAs with the rest of the trailer, the dressing room / sleeping quarters is going to be fully customizable.  This shaded retreat is the perfect place to recharge in the middle of a long showing weekend. 

Or, if you’re planning to camp with your horses, you can use this compartment as your ‘home away from home.’  Leave the leaky tent and air mattress in the garage!

Instead, you can enjoy a comfortable mattress, powered roof vents, plenty of space, and even air conditioning if you want.  The entire compartment is fully insulated so it will stay cool and airy. You get to decide what features you want inside. 

Do you need extra hooks for your equipment?      
How about a wall grid organizer? 
Maybe you want a storage bench for sitting? 
Would you like to add an extendable awning for an extra shaded space outside?

We’ve looked at every detail. 

We even removed that annoying ‘lip’ at the door’s threshold.  This removes a trip hazard and makes it easier for you to sweep out the dressing room interior without the use of a dustpan!

You can also use an interior access door back to the horse area to make use of the whole trailer.  Install an optional ‘cowboy/cowgirl’ shower in the rear horse area for more privacy on longer trips

Remember, all of your tack, sweaty blankets, and grooming supplies can be stored back in the SafeTack compartment.  That means this front dressing room is left free for your human use.  .

Top Safety Features on This 4 Horse Trailer for Sale

Safety is a top priority here at Double D Trailers.  That is why your horses are protected by Z-Frame Technology.  The inner skin is 16-gauge galvalite material, which is stronger and more durable than 0.040 grade aluminum. 

Aluminum horse trailers tend to be brittle and will not hold up well in accidents.  Our SafeTack 4 horse gooseneck trailers are built to handle the worst while providing a comfortable environment for your horses on each and every trip.

4 horse trailer for saleAfter your horses have loaded, they will be surrounded by strong Z-Frame partitions covered in custom 2” handmade padding.  They will be able to see their full surroundings thanks to the large windows, bright white interior, and tubular head dividers.  This lets claustrophobic horses feel more at ease.

The environment inside the trailer will remain a safe temperature thanks to the insulated fiber composite SafeBump ceiling and overhead roof vents.  Single layer aluminum roofs can turn a trailer into a dangerous oven.  Our extra attention to ventilation and temperature will ensure that horses do not become overheated or dehydrated on long trips.

The interior walls of this 4 horse gooseneck trailer for sale are covered by SafeKick material.  It’s a Polylite rubber and plastic composite that is designed to flex when impacted.  This protects your horses’ delicate legs and also protects the trailer from damage.

Many aluminum horse trailers have metal floors that can corrode over time with the potential for disastrous holes to form.  Our 4 horse gooseneck trailer for sale comes standard with pressure treated 2x8” pine boards.  Or, you can choose to upgrade to synthetic Rumber flooring for lasting durability and easy cleaning. 

Rumber is a recycled material that transfers less noise, heat, and vibration up from the highway into your horses’ legs.  This reduces leg fatigue and lets your horses arrive at the destination ready to go.  (By the way - you won’t need to use mats with Rumber flooring.  To clean, simply hose it out and let air dry.  Easy!)

How to Get Started:  Begin Customizing Your New 4 Horse Trailer Today!

There’s no reason to wait.  Go ahead and click the “Customize Your Trailer” button below to begin browsing the feature options and begin designing your trailer.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our design experts to learn about safety features or discuss towing options.  We’re always glad to help.

When you’re ready, be sure to “Submit” your customization request so we can get started on your new trailer!  

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Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


Weight (without added options) 6300lbs
Overall Box Length 21'6"
Overall Trailer Length with Gooseneck 29'
Dress Side 48" short wall x 96" long wall
Inside Height 7'4", optional 7'6"
Stall Length 117" diagonal, 92" divider length
Stall Width 40" on center measured at window, 31" approx between pads
Coupler 2 5/16" adjustable height coupler
Wheels Powder coated gray, optional aluminum
Tire Size 235/75R16 (E) Radial
Brakes 4 wheel
LED Turn Signal Lights on Rear (2) Standard up high
Windows in Gooseneck
(2 - sliding with screens)
Windows in Stall Area
(1 per horse - dropdown with bars)
Windows on Butt Side
(2 - sliding with screen)
Saddle Racks 4
Bridle Hooks 4
Custom Hand Made Padding on
Dividers and Slant Wall
2" Standard
Interior Tie Rings per Stall 1
Exterior Tie Rings per horse 1
Lights in Horse Area on Remote Switch 3
Lights in Dress Area on wall mount switch 2


  • Z Frame Technology
  • 2”x 8” Pressure Treated Pine Flooring on 16” Cross Members
  • Walk Thru Door to Horse Area
  • EZ Lube Durable Never Adjust Brakes, 12,000 lb axle suspension
  • Full Height Rear Doors with SafeTack Design
  • 24” Diamond Plate Gravel Guard at Nose
  • Running Board Step Down Dressing Room Side
  • Carpet in Dressing Room Floor
  • SafeTack® Slant Load Design
  • Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jack (NOTE: Jack has two speed gearing on this trailer)
  • Marker Lights on Fender
  • Extra divider on rear stall to prevent horses from backing out when rear doors are opened
  • Spare Tire underneath gooseneck
  • Z-Frame® slant dividers with hand made padding and safety quiet slam latches
  • 24” Walk Through from your dressing room to your horse area
  • Horse Area Roof Vents, one per stall aluminum
  • Custom hand made padding on dividers and slant wall
  • 30” Dress Door Factory Built (more durable than a conventional RV/Camper style door)
  • SafeKick® Wall System
  • Heat Reflective SafeBump® Roof System with Fiber Composite One Piece, No Leak Panel
  • Insulated side walls in horse area for maximum temperature protection and safe, quiet ride
  • Floor Mats in Horse Area
  • Rechargeable Emergency Breakaway System
  • 7-Pin RV Style Plug


  • (8) Year on Structure
  • (2) Year bumper to bumper
  • (1) Year on non-Double D Manufactured parts

Want options? We've got many. Customize this trailer now with options.


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Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

Get More Info! You can click on the title of each option to view details and photos for each option.

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