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Double D Trailer Review posted on 25 Apr 2014

Harry and Cathy Wildgen
City and State
Kettle Falls, Washington
Approximate Date of Delivery
April 25, 2014
New or Used
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Additional Comments
Cathy used the custom made trailer only once last year for a clinic down south by Spokane. It was everything she expected and the systems performed flawlessly. We are both so very pleased with what you did for us and would highly…yes highly recommend Double D to anyone seeking a trailer with living quarters. Your manufacturing process was one in which you and your team kept us advised all along the way, and when we had a small cosmetic issue with the paint, you arranged for someone to drive out here to our ranch to spiff up the logo on the front of the trailer. So, a good unit and good service is what your organization is all about. We could not be more pleased. Brad, thank you and your team for this experience. Harry & Cathy Wildgen Kettle Falls, Washington
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