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Healing Hoof Steps - Crestview, FL

healing hoof steps FLNarissa Jenkins is the proud owner of Healing Hoof Steps Equine Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding in Crestview, Florida since 2014. Narissa has a 6 horse herd of her own at home, and she has over 25 years of equine experience. Narissa and her staff and board of directors team are passionate about addressing and improving the mental, emotional, behavioral and developmental struggles within their local communities. Although there is a great demand in Florida for equine-assisted mental health services, Healing Hoof Steps is the only facility within a 500 mile radius that provides the services that they do. They are a 501(c)3 organization that offers mental health counseling services with Licensed Mental Health Counselors using the EAGALA Model (www.EAGALA.org) as well as a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Program (www.PATHIntl.org) all in one central location. Their organization has been featured and verified in Psychology Today. To say that the Healing Hoof Steps organization is a hidden gem is quite the understatement.


Equine assisted therapy is utilized all over the world to help people who simply feel "stuck". This type of therapy harnesses the healing power of horses along with the knowledge of mental health professionals and merges the two into one superpower of treatment. There are an array of conditions and situations able to be addressed at their facility with their equine assisted mental health services. For example, depression/anxiety, P.T.S.D or other trauma, grief, at-risk youth, grief, ADHD, family counseling, autism, developmental or physical disabilites, and more. Their services cater to everyone from individuals, couples, families, groups, at-risk youth, and through their newly launched program HoofSteps4Heroes; veterans. The current services offered through Healing Hoof Steps are therapeutic riding services (conducted by PATH certified instructors), first responder services, T.R.A.C.S (for at-risk youth), dealing with depression and anxiety, couples workshops, women and family services, corporate team building workshops, and veteran services.


Due to being the only facility of their kind covering such a broad need across their area, the need for expansion is very imminent at Healing Hoof Steps. If you would like to get involved with or make a donation to this organization, you can contact them below.





3942 Jace Drive, Crestview FL 32539



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