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Healing with Horses Ranch – Manor, TX

healing-with-horses-ranchAt Healing with Horses Ranch, the goal is not just to touch lives, but to change lives. Their focus is to teach and improve independence and resilience through the horse’s unique power and ability to benefit mind, body, and soul.


Patty D’Andrea founded Healing with Horses Ranch in 2001, combining her love of kids and horses and starting her therapeutic riding center in east Austin. Her vision to help others through the healing powers of the horse-human bond continues to change the lives of many riders each year.


Healing with Horses Ranch offers three services – Adaptive Riding, Equine-Facilitated Learning, and Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy. The programs are evidence-based, meaning that all equine assisted activities at their ranch are rooted in research and science. This scientific approach allows the professionals at Healing with Horses Ranch to pinpoint and address a wide variety of challenges and disabilities of the different riders.


Patty shares, “we are constantly refining and reiterating on our treatment programs.” Their facility “strives to set the standard for equine-facilitated therapy through collaborative research, instructor training program, and continued professional development for their staff.” This professional approach provides valuable information to the instructors and riders and deepens the effectiveness of the therapy.


Each lesson is unique, and each session is specifically designed to best support the rider’s individual needs and goals. Building a bond between the horse and the rider anchors everything they do – this bond is what makes this type of therapy so effective and what can transform the lives of the riders.


The programs are offered to three core populations – at-risk individuals, veterans, and people with disabilities. For at-risk individuals, the staff and horses work to use to use the power of the horse to build resilience and self-awareness. They help individuals work through unexpressed emotional pain and deal with their emotions. Patty shares that “this is the imperative first step in the emotional recovery process and has improved psychological healing in remarkably short periods of time.”


For veterans, the horses assist them in their transition back to civilian life. Veterans in the program focus on their bond and communication with the horse, and this type of bonding allows for a quicker recovery or quicker adaption to their circumstances. At Healing with Horses Ranch, veterans receive free services, always.


Visit the website below to learn more about Healing with Horses Ranch or to make a donation to support their programs.


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